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Lawrence Clement and the Ferguson Room
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Lawrence Clement and the Ferguson Room

The following has been pieced together from primary and secondary sources found across Los Angeles County and elsewhere in California: Lawrence Clement (1870 – 1913) was a second-generation immigrant of France to the United States, and ...
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Cole stood alone on a hill in a world without color. There was fog all around him, and he did not know where he was. The boy could not see more than five feet ahead of ...
A hunter in the dark
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A Hunter in the Dark

Gunnar Viermetz, a hunter for a specialized organization, scanned the side door of his reinforced white van. He looked at his contract for details about the animal his bosses wanted him to hunt. It was large, ...
5 Weird Things to Do in Budapest for Your Extraordinary Experience
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5 Weird Things to Do in Budapest for Your Extraordinary Experience

Are you aware of the spooky side of Budapest? While it’s unquestionably one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, few people know that beyond its beautiful sights, the city hides some strange and eerie secrets ...
I hate my friends pet
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I Hate My Friend’s Pet

I've recently realized that the older you get, the fewer close friends you retain. You get so caught up with real-world stuff that you forget about the people who've made monumental impacts on your life. That ...
I Watch Security Cameras In An Old Government Building Part One
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I Watch Security Cameras In An Old Government Building – Part One

I have an idea of what you might already be thinking, how could something as boring as watching security cameras in an old government building for eight hours a night be worthy of a post on ...
Assistant to mister hastings
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Assistant to Mister Hastings

When most people are asked, “who’s your favorite actor?”, someone recognizable and beloved is almost always said. I’ve heard people say old favorites like Tom Hanks, up and comers like Daniel Kaluuya, and I’ve even heard ...
Gift of old
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Gift of Old

A young, dark blond woman with a backpack checked the list of stores in her hand. Of the seven names, she crossed out four. She checked her phone for directions to the antique store Gifts of ...
Three knocks
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Three Knocks

It was midnight, and Sam Kessler was trying to believe that he was alone. He crouched against a cold tile floor and peeked out from cracked blinds, staring into the impenetrable snowstorm outside. There was nothing, ...
Alien abductions are real and they’re worse than you think
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Alien abductions are real and they’re worse than you think

Most of you reading this account won’t believe my story. Hell, I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t lived through the horror. To the best of my knowledge, only two people have ever survived this hell and ...
Please help me. I'm scared, and I don't know what to do
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Please help me. I’m scared, and I don’t know what to do

I don't know else how to say this other than I just saw a titanic skeleton in the woods of Lassen National Park. I understand this place is usually reserved for fun, creepy stories, but I ...
Split reality
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Split Reality

August 13th, 2014 I’ve never, ever written in a journal before in my life, but after who I met yesterday I thought I might want to start one, for his sake and my own. I’ve been ...
The green
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The Green

The music cuts out and everyone stops dancing. The girl in front of him removes his hands from her waste and disappears into the crowd. As if from a distance, Richie hears the owner of the ...
I am a Block Warden trapped in a Hellish Realm
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I am a Block Warden trapped in a Hellish Realm

I sat on my hard, worn-out couch, chain smoking as I stared at the constant black and white static showing on my ancient television set. I’m so tired but cannot sleep. I can’t remember when I ...
The devils road
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The Devil’s Road

“That was It’s All Over Now by Molly Hatchet. Y’all, I reckon there’s nothing better than good old Southern Rock to soothe the soul on a stormy Sunday night. This is Sammy James, and I’ll be ...
Radio star
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Radio Star

If a picture spoke a thousand words, then a sound could speak millions.Simply watching murder was boring - it left nothing to the imagination. And expensive. God - they cost so much to get into one ...
The ringmasters troupe
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The Ringmaster’s Troupe

Have you ever heard of the Grand Circus of Mysteries? You can recognize us by the large banner set up over the entrance; a circular sign with several slightly faded looking clowns, magicians, leaping acrobats and ...
The reaker
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The Reaker

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you,” says Oliver to Peter, as they stand at the entrance of one of the many openings of the Clintwood City Sewage System. The entrance has a thick ...
The Brazilian blood trials
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The Brazilian Blood Trials

Hello, dear reader, whoever you may be. If you are reading this document, it is likely that I have been dead for quite some time. By the time you are reading this, I suspect that you ...
It likes chicken best
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It Likes Chicken Best

“Maya!” Natalie said as she walked through the door, grocery bags in either hand. “Maya, Peter, we’re home!”She walked into the kitchen, placing the bags on the counter as Logan followed in behind her with several ...
Hells library the secret atlas
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Hell’s Library – The Secret Atlas

Prologue (The Librarian) I’ll confess that it’s been very difficult for me to write this account, as I finally reveal my family’s dark secret to the world. A few years ago, I would never have considered ...
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