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Arcadia, The Lost State

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The 51st state of the United States, Arcadia, was admitted to statehood on January 17th, 1977. Exactly 4 years to the day later, Arcadia disappeared along with all its residents, and all memory of its existence was erased from every mind in the world. Its precise former location is unknown, though there is rumored to be a map of the type sold in gas stations and convenience stores held under lock and key in the Library of Congress.

Also of note are claims of the sporadic delivery of mail from Arcadia, with modern postmarks, to several major American newspapers, the contents of which are said to be written in an entirely unknown and undecipherable language. Unfortunately, those letters to a one have been misplaced and are not available for examination.

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63 thoughts on “Arcadia, The Lost State”

  1. Three things.
    1: Wasn’t there actually a lost state named Arcadia? I’m not sure where, but I believe it was merged into Alaska to wipe suspicion from the public.
    2: If Arcadia does exist, it would probably be the 100th, with all these lost state rumors floating around.
    3:(Adressed to Badger) This is actually a good pasta, so bugger off.

  2. I’m sorry to hate, but how is this not on crappypasta? It’s just a false statement. It’s not a story. It’s not creepy. It’s simply a lame story someone made up.

  3. Andy Sixx's Future wife

    Look, the reason u r finding other places is because ur not useing the right key words . @Justin read that line over again.
    Sold at gas stations and convenient stores. Held under lock and key at the Library of Congress. But i guarentee Arcadia is real.
    To find it look up …. Arcadia ,the lost 51 state

    G’day everyone

  4. People still do know about Arcadia… but the Illuminati. And other high organizations do not won’t you to know about it…which is why it isn’t taught in historical lessons at Schools….Few people have knowledge of this so we our selves are intellectual people

  5. I feel as though I could do a fairly good re-write of this, to bad creepypasta submissions are still down; I have another story to submit as well

  6. ” “sold in gas stations and convenience stores held under lock and key in the Library of Congress.”
    So the Library of Congress has the gas stations under lock and key? ”

    -Exactly What I thought.

    Also, It’s just two paragraphs that seem like it’d be the start of a good story. There’s really not anything creepy about it, and it sounds like a mix of Atlantis and Roanoke Island. Maybe if there were more written it’d be somewhat interesting. I’d say I’d re-write it but this story was so boring that I lack interest in the topic now.

  7. January 17, 1977: Arcadia joins the Union.
    January 20, 1977: Jimmy Carter becomes President of the United States.

    January 17, 1981: Arcadia disappears from the Earth.
    January 20, 1981: Jimmy Carter is replaced as President by Ronald Reagan.


  8. SOoooooOOoo….it was erased from every mind on earth…but your telling us the story….does that mean you are an alien?

  9. This isn’t creepypasta. It’s two paragraphs that seem like it’d be the start of some long novel. There is nothing creepy about it, nothing even remotely odd about it. This work is bad and the author should feel bad.

    Seriously, it would be scarier if you wrote “BOO!” at the end of it.

  10. Bow To Your Sensei

    Also, of course you’re not going to find any info on it guys, NO ONE knows about it. I typed in Arcadia 51st state, and found no pages or articles on it, other than this story. Is this story real or not? No one knows.

  11. Bow To Your Sensei

    No, Justin, it means it’s the type of the map you find in Gas Stations and Convenience Stores.

    @21 There are many ways to do it.

    @9 There is supposedly a map of it in the library of congress, so chances are the author of this most likely worked with Congress.

  12. “sold in gas stations and convenience stores held under lock and key in the Library of Congress.”
    So the Library of Congress has the gas stations under lock and key?

  13. Uhhm. Question?
    If it was erased from all human minds, how the hell does the author know about it? Actually, how do any of the said people in the story know about it?

  14. Wow i cant even find anything about this on Thats a shame. i want this one to be true SO much. There IS an arcadia california.. and gods know that all of the wierdos come from california! (just kidding.)

  15. This seems like possible short story material. If my muse wasn’t totally dead right now, this would probably be rather inspiring.

  16. boaby(anonymous)


    I could eat that creepypasta all day. I want this to be real, Arcadia, letters in an undecipherable language just screams “ultimate weird fiction tale”.

    Good work Arcadia author/creator.

  17. The Unamed Person Formaly Known as "Noneya"

    This reminds me a little of something I heard in a TV show about a town called Roanoke that vanished.

    Like the whole settlement (it was back in colonial times) vanished and all that was left was a marking in a tree that said “Croatoan”.

  18. I really enjoy this one– the whole mysterious and unsettling factor is why I love creepypasta; the intrigue of something that seems impossible, but makes you want to go out and mull around the map section at a gas station.

  19. Hmm, a bit like Atlantis isn’t it…a whole city goes missing. Would be interesting to read a letter from ‘Arcadia’ if this one were true, just to add a an extra spook factor to it.

    1. there actually was a real arcadia along with several other states that were since joined into already existing states, found a book talking about it and showing its location at barnes and nobles

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