Admin Update 6/29/2013 – Next Submission Period & Special Circumstances

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πŸ“… Published on June 29, 2013

"Admin Update 6/29/2013 - Next Submission Period & Special Circumstances"

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If you are waiting on a reply for a submission or are planning on submitting come July 1, please read this. JUMP TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE UPDATES.

As some of you have already surmised by what I’ve said over on Crappypasta and my limited activity in the various comments sections recently, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to give the site as much attention as usual. That said, I’m still on here every day moderating comments and getting pastas scheduled, so on that front you guys won’t notice any difference.

For those of you who are worried, yes, submissions will still reopen on July 1. HOWEVER, I have to make a special request for those of you who submitted during the last period but have not yet received a response: PLEASE HOLD OFF ON RESUBMITTING YOUR PASTA UNTIL I AM ENTIRELY FINISHED WITH THE QUEUE.

Basically, I am still not done with the batch of submissions from the last period. I’m hoping to be done within the first week or July – my tentative self-imposed deadline is July 8 – but I’ll be hoping to finish sooner. That’s why I’m asking that, if you submitted during the last open submission period and still have not received a response, DO NOT RESUBMIT THAT SAME PASTA. There’s a chance that I still haven’t gotten to the original submission – or simply haven’t gotten around to posting it on Crappypasta if that’s where it’s headed – and there’s absolutely no need for you to add multiple copies of a submission to the queue.

When I am done, I will make another announcement letting you guys know that I’ve finished and that it’s okay to send in your resubmits if you checked yes on crappypasta but still didn’t receive any response. Only then should you resubmit pastas if you still haven’t heard from me.Β 

Remember, if you checked NO on crappypasta, no response means that your pasta was not accepted and you DEFINITELY should not resubmit unless you’ve made rewrites. This is outlined in the FAQ. I’m tired of having the queue cluttered up by people ignoring this and sending resubmit after resubmit when they don’t make any changes and don’t check yes for crappypasta. Of course, I’m also tired of people getting placed on crappypasta and resubmitting the same rejected pasta over and over – I don’t always immediately catch this just because I read so many submissions that sometimes it’s hard to discern when I’m having deja vu because it’s a cliche or if it’s because I’ve actually read it before, but the readers over there are very good about noticing repeats. They’ll let me know and you’ll be banned. TL;DR – stop resubmitting if you haven’t actually rewritten.Β 

Of course, the exception to the “no resubmits until I’m done” rule is if you’ve entirely rewritten an old submission. In that case, please follow the rules outlined in the FAQ and I will delete your old submission and only read the new version. I’m not going to bother explaining that whole process again since you should have all read the FAQ before submitting… right?

Completely new pastas and rewrites of pastas that were already posted to Crappypasta are the only things you should be submitting from July 1 until I say otherwise.

I’m leaving comments closed on this announcement because I don’t want any of you to be tempted to ask me for individual pasta status reports. That is still not acceptable. If you ignore this and send a Contact Us request asking if I’ve read your pasta yet, expect your submission to be deleted as per the rules.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Edit 7/1: The publishers of the plugin we use to handle submissions just happened to release an update for said plugin today. Unfortunately, the automatic upgrade function wasn’t cooperating for some unknown reason, so I had to wait until I was home to manually upgrade and look over what had changed before submissions could be opened. Most of you were very patient while I was dealing with this, so thank you.

Edit 7/16: All submissions from last period have been read and sorted. Unfortunately, a solid 80% – if not more – of submissions were either trolls, rejected/no on crappypasta, flat-out rejects due to bannable/offensive content, or are waiting their crappypasta posting. This has created a unique situation:

  • I am having to read ahead in order to simply get a pasta per day published on the main site, and this is my priority. I don’t even work on posting stuff to crappypasta until I’ve found a pasta decent enough to go on the main site. This means that if it takes me a few hours just to find a pasta to schedule for the next day, I won’t have time to deal with any crappypasta posting/emailing because I need to eat, sleep, etc. So newly posted pastas on the main site are actually from the July 2013 period already; the last submission period did not have enough decent pastas for me to schedule far enough ahead that I could take any time off from looking for new pastas to focus on getting the rejected pastas in order.
  • Crappypasta readers have also made it clear that they prefer I don’t do massive spams of posts, so that they have time to read and critique each pasta. This means that I can’t dump pastas every single day in huge quantities. Rather, I will keep up the normal pace of 15-20 every few days and simply email people ahead of time who have been queued to end up on crappypasta. Once this is done, I’ll give the go-ahead for people to resubmit *ONLY IF* they checked YES on Crappypasta but received no contact from me. Please remember to check your spam folder before you resubmit, though, as I have many reports of my emails ending up there due to overzealous filters. Also note that if you entered your email address incorrectly, there is no way for me to contact you. I cannot magically know what your actual email account is if you just type a username in the email field.
  • Remember (since this STILL seems to be confusing people): if you did NOT check yes on crappypasta and received no response, consider your pasta rejected and do not resubmit it unless you do significant rewrites/edits. If you entirely rewrote your pasta, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE FAQ to submit your new version and have me delete the old version. If your pasta is entirely brand new, this post doesn’t relate to you in any fashion. At this point, the ONLY people who should be holding off on resubmitting are people who checked YES for Crappypasta, have not done any rewrites or edits, and have not yet received a response.

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