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Admin Update 12/15/2013: Submissions Opened & September/October 2013 Submissions Processed!

December 15, 2013 Announcements
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It’s December 15th, and that means that submissions are now open! I apologize for the longer-than-usual closed period, but it was a combination of factors: I had more submissions to go through than ever before, and I wanted to keep submissions closed during final exam season so that I didn’t add to the pressure in any way.

Submissions will remain open until January 10, 2014. If you don’t get your story finished by then, please don’t rush and submit it before you’re completely happy with it – there is no real deadline here, since we will have many more open submission periods in the future.

All submissions from the September/October 2013 window have been processed. If you did NOT receive a reply and you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you checked “yes” on the Crappypasta option, you are now free to resubmit. You do NOT need to check with me or ask for permission; at this point, if you checked yes on Crappypasta and received no reply, it’s safe to say that the submission form ate your story. It tends to do this on days where the plugin receives an upgrade, as sometimes that can cause data loss. Unfortunately, for now this is just something we have to deal with as the plugin we use, despite its issues, is still our best option. Connection issues on your end or on the site’s end can also cause submissions to not actually go through yet still generate a success message on the form, but this is rare.

  • The only exception to resubmitting: if your pasta dealt with graphic abuse (animal or human), suicide, and/or featured explicit pornographic situations – do me a great favor and do not resubmit. Your pasta was most likely completely rejected; you can see the part of the FAQ here that explains how some submissions can be considered over the line and are not eligible for Crappypasta or resubmits.

The only other request that I’d like to make is this: if you are going to check yes on the Crappypasta option, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE VISITED CRAPPYPASTA AND UNDERSTAND WHAT BEING POSTED THERE ENTAILS. We’ve had a huge upswing in people getting posted on Crappypasta and then having meltdowns and/or attacking anyone who leaves them feedback, and I am getting sick of seeing the people who take the time to critique people’s pastas for free getting harassed because the author didn’t understand that Crappypasta was a website explicitly for receiving criticism. Do not check the option just “so my story gets posted somewhere at least” and then get angry that said posting garnered negative feedback. If you cannot handle criticism and feedback that can be sarcastic and/or blunt, save us all the hassle and DO NOT CHECK THE CRAPPYPASTA OPTION.

That’s all – as always, thank you for your submissions and I look forward to reading what everybody’s cooked up this time around!

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