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5 Activities for a Creepy Summer Night

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Are you looking for engaging activities for the creepiest night this summer? July has approached, and people have started thinking about exciting ways to gather with friends and enjoy summer nights.

In this blog, we’ll introduce 5 best ideas to enjoy the most frightening and spooky summer nights with your friends.

Top 5 Scary Activities for Summer Nights

  1. Flashlight Tag

Do you enjoy playing creepy action games with your friends in the dark? Then, a flashlight tag might be the most suitable activity to scare the hell out of your friends. It doesn’t matter whether you go somewhere in the woods or play outside of your house. Flashlight tags can fill you with various new insights and turn your night into an extraordinary adventure.

Playing this game requires darkness, at least 4 people, and flashlights. The idea is that one person in the group has to find others in the dark. Once they find someone, they should shine a light on them and say their names out loud. It means “tagging” someone. And afterward, this person becomes the one who has to “tag” others. The game ends when everyone is tagged.

  1. Scary Video Games

Unfortunately, playing in the woods isn’t always an option. So, if the weather forecast doesn’t support your hangout plan or you just prefer to stay at home, playing creepy video games might entertain all of your friends.

If you’re out of ideas, we’d suggest trying any of the most anticipated horror games of 2022, such as Choo-Choo Charles, Evil Dead: The Game, or Ghostwire: Tokyo. Just get your PlayStation, Xbox, or PC ready and organize a video game night! But if you’re not into video games, you might find poker, slots, or other betting games more entertaining.

  1. Ghost Hunting

Have you ever tried hunting ghosts on a dark summer night? Perhaps unsurprisingly, people who enjoy spooky stories often choose to explore local cemeteries, which can be especially fun at night. And as summer has arrived, gathering your friends in the evening and looking for ghosts in the cemetery might sound like a real adventure. 


Just don’t forget to take your cameras with you, grab voice recorders, and catch the ghosts! In the end, you might even find out that ghosts aren’t as scary as you initially thought they were.

  1. Bonfire of Horror Movies

What could be better on a bonfire night than watching horror movies with your friends? Watching scary movies together is always a fun activity. Regardless of the type of group and individual members, there’s always someone who will be petrified. 


And if you want to make your friends’ hair curl, then you should also choose the most frightening campfire movies. Just grab some snacks and marshmallows, set a picnic, and try to choose as many creepy movies as possible to have the best summer night ever!

  1. Psychic Reading

And the last but not the least creepy activity for a fun summer night that we’re about to suggest is psychic reading. Even if you don’t actually know how to read someone’s palm, exploring a few guides on the internet can easily help you to quickly become an expert and manipulate the information you already know about your friends. 

The key here is to understand the tarot cards and use your imagination. And once you’re comfortable with that, you have to choose the most suitable place, and that’s it – a creepy summer night begins!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, summer nights can be fun when you have friends who are always looking for adventure and fun in combination with horror. And if this sounds familiar to you and your friends, it means that it’s time for you to gather and choose the most appropriate activity for your group. Hope you’ll have as much fun as you expect!

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