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20 Scary Horror Stories You Can Tell In Two Sentences

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From a young age, we loved scary stories. Ghosts, monsters, supernatural creatures, and haunted houses were the favourite topics of discussion of the company around the fireplace or the classroom on school trips. Maybe that’s why, as adults, we love scary, full of mystery and suspense, movie thrillers. Of course, it’s irrelevant that in every thriller we see alone at home, we will think more than 10 times to close it and see some comedy in its place. On the other hand, we do like also having some classic fun and watch comedies, play video games, or visit casinos. 

Someone on social media asked, “What is the scariest horror story you can tell in two sentences?” A few words can cause much more terror than you can imagine.


Here are our top 20 short horror stories.

  1. I woke up to annoying continuous noise as if someone was hitting an object on glass. At first, I thought the noise was coming from the window. But when I got up, I realized I was wrong. The noise was coming from the mirror.
  2. The last thing I saw was the time at the alarm clock, 12:07, just before I felt the creature’s long fingernails tucked into my chest while his other hand closed my mouth to keep my screams from being heard. I woke up relieved. Fortunately, it was another nightmare. My gaze went to the clock. The time was 12:07 … then I heard the closet door open behind me.
  3. Growing up with cats and dogs, I became accustomed to the sounds they make when they scratch the door of my bedroom with their fingernails while I sleep. Now that I live without animals, however, these sounds sound more frightening.
  4. All this time I have been living alone in this house, I swear I have closed more doors than I have opened…
  5. A girl heard her mom calling her downstairs. The moment she stepped on her foot on the first step, she felt a hand pull her up again. She was her mom. “I heard it too,” she told her.
  6. He asked me why I was breathing so hard. I did not do it.
  7. My wife woke me up last night to tell me that someone had entered our house. My wife was murdered by someone who had invaded our house 2 years ago.
  8. I woke up when I heard the baby laughing from the speaker while my wife was singing to him in a low voice. I smiled and changed sides to continue my sleep. As I reached out, I grabbed my wife’s hand.
  9. I always thought my cat had a problem. She was sitting there, motionless and staring at me for hours. Until I realized that he was not looking at me. He was looking right behind me.
  10. There is nothing more beautiful than a baby laughing. Unless of course there is no baby at home.
  11. I was having a pleasant dream when I was awakened by the sound of a hammer. I started screaming inside the wooden coffin but the sound of the hammer nailing the trumpets covered my voice.
  12. “I cannot sleep” she whispered to me as she was laying down next to me on the bed. I woke up frozen holding the dress she was wearing when we buried her.
  13. 13. I went to see if my daughter was sleeping. She was not sleeping. She looked at me and whispered to me in a low voice: “Dad, there is a baby under my bed”. To reassure her I told her I would look and if there was I would chase it. I bent down, looked under the bed, and saw my daughter saying to me in horror: “Dad, someone is lying on my bed.”
  14. You enter the house, exhausted after a long day at work and ready for a lonely relaxing night. You open the door, reach into the switch to turn on the light but another hand is already there.
  15. I was talking to my friend on Skype when he asked me who was the girl in the weird clothes standing behind me.
  16. She went upstairs to see if her child was sleeping. The window was open and his bed was empty.
  17. Do not be afraid of monsters, just look for those around you. Look if it is to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your nightstand, in your closet. But never raise your head to look for them high above your head. They do not like to be seen.
  18. My daughter does not stop crying and screaming all night. I visited her grave to ask her to stop, but that did not work either.
  19. After a long day, I entered my house and saw my wife sitting on the couch holding our child. I cannot say what scared me the most. The image of my dead wife holding our unborn child or the thought that someone broke into my house to let them in.
  20. There was a photo of me on my phone where I was sleeping. The problem, however, is that I live alone.
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