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Are you Mr. Creepypasta / Parsec Productions / Victor Surge / any other relatively well known Creepypasta-related person?

March 5, 2016
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  1. Charles Bonnet Syndrome ★ 9.31 Rating (75 votes)
  2. The Well ★ 9.19 Rating (32 votes)
  3. Psychosis ★ 9.16 Rating (19262 votes)
  4. The Seer of Possibilities ★ 9.15 Rating (7460 votes)
  5. He Who Wanders ★ 9.15 Rating (406 votes)
  6. Bedtime ★ 9.14 Rating (11073 votes)
  7. Mr. Widemouth ★ 9.13 Rating (8729 votes)
  8. The Fairies ★ 9.13 Rating (2194 votes)
  9. Willow Creek ★ 9.13 Rating (532 votes)
  10. Razor Games ★ 9.13 Rating (598 votes)

    No. Creepypasta is a meme; there are going to be many people putting their own spin on how to archive and present it. I consider them part of our creepy extended family, for sure, but they’re not me.

    To make it clear, and are the only creepypasta-related projects I work on at this moment. Anything else? Nope.

    This means please stop sending me emails yelling at me about stuff that other sites are doing, or trying to get in touch with people unrelated to me. It makes you look silly, and I can’t help you with that kind of thing, anyhow.

    A special note about Mr. Creepypasta and other similar channels/websites, since this has been brought up by enough authors that I need to address it: no, we are not affiliated. No, we do not have any sort of contact so I cannot pass on messages to him “faster” or “easier” than the general public. No, I do not give him permission to edit/use work posted on the site. No, I do not have any particular/extra influence with him – if he has taken and edited your story, you have to contact him, not me. Since I do not claim ownership of your work, there’s nothing I can do legally about such situations – that power remains with the original author. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you on how to proceed if anyone steals, edits, and/or reposts your work without permission.

    • Here is what I CAN do: If someone  has stolen/edited your work and you wish to make it clear what has happened, you may contact me and have me edit your pasta to contain an author’s note explaining the situation. Here is an example of what I mean.
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    • A Lonely Machine ★ 9.06 Rating (32 votes)
    • At Your Command ★ 7.95 Rating (63 votes)
    • The Baptism ★ 7.82 Rating (60 votes)
    • The Costume ★ 8.45 Rating (78 votes)
    • The Disappearance of Otis Jiry ★ 7.93 Rating (128 votes)
    • Becoming a Killer ★ 8.85 Rating (208 votes)
    • The Dognapper ★ 7.28 Rating (170 votes)
    • My Sister Brought Home A Clown ★ 7.88 Rating (202 votes)
    • The Thing in the Window (Illustrated Creepypasta) ★ 6.79 Rating (110 votes)
    • The Hourglass Tattoo ★ 8.59 Rating (190 votes)


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