• Elaenor

    a little confusing, but very well done.

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  • Mrs. Tomlinson

    I didnt get the part with the figure since it transitioned quickly, but over all good and creepy! *Gold Star*

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  • Nighttouch


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    • Lady Lurker

      I interpreted it as just a manifestation of his own unsound mind. Obviously if he just abducted and tested on these people without remorse or realization that what he is doing is bad, he has mental issues. So him seeing a hallucination is not surprising. Cool rendition of what happens in a disturbed person’s mind.

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  • jackal

    well done, yet confuseing at times, i think im going to write a paasta

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  • 2scary4u

    not my fav but was an original thought and that def counts for something

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