Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Understanding the Laws of Thermodynamics

This is only happening because of what we did. I regret it, but not because of the consequences. I regret it because I could have been good; I should have been kind. I think we deserve this. Think of it like [...]

January 24, 2019 Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Science Fiction and Aliens, Strange and Unexplained

The New Year’s Suicides

I usually spend every New Year’s celebration at home with a bottle of liquor as my only dependable company. Last year, I was doing just that while binge watching Supernatural. I remember checking my phone to see what time it [...]

December 30, 2018 Beings and Entities, Christmas and Holidays, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Folklore and Folktales, Monsters, Creatures, and Cryptids, Myths and Legends, Strange and Unexplained
A Quiet Friday Evening

A Quiet Friday Evening

It was around half past twelve at night when I stumbled home. I hadn’t really drunk, although most people of my age would have. My friends and I aren’t really drinkers, which I kind of like. We prefer to do [...]

March 30, 2018 Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Dreams and Nightmares

Dead Man’s Bluff

Dead Man’s Bluff By Shannon Higdon Jacob stumbled through the double-doors of the Atlantis Casino and into the crisp, night air; lurching to the closest decorative shrubbery where he proceeded to unload the meager contents of his stomach. He had [...]

December 7, 2017 Beings and Entities, Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Strange and Unexplained

Out of Hell

Home again after a difficult but very rewarding day of convincing people not to give up on the gift of life. Richard Burner often had to deal with pretty stubborn suicidal people, but so far he had always been able [...]

May 22, 2017 Deaths, Murders, and Disappearances, Madness, Paranoia, and Mental Illness, Medical and Hospitals, Strange and Unexplained