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Once again, is having a small Halloween raffle!

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Post-Its by Ciaran Lovejoy / CreepyPastaSr

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Discussion Post

Join us for the October 2014 discussion post - this month, we're talking all about Halloween!

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Humper Monkey’s Ghost Story


Humper-Monkey’s Ghost Story is the name of a long creepypasta story that originated from a military stories thread on The Something Awful Forums. It was supposedly written by Private Monkey, an 18 year old petty criminal who opted to join the US Army instead of being tried as an adult. It’s set in 1980’s Germany during the Cold War in an old Nazi hideout, which the US army took over after the Second World War.

This story is incredibly long, so for your convenience, I have set it up so that you can jump to the beginning of each chapter.… Read the rest

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