Suggestion Box

To avoid repeat suggestions – and for the sake of pre-emptive feedback about possible changes – this page is simply a place for me to publish my “Creepypasta To-Do List.” It will not always be current, as often I’ll prioritize actually doing things before listing them here.

The following items are currently being worked on:

  • Server move/upgrade has been finished; please report any bugs or broken site functions to me via Contact Us. Screenshots and as much detail as possible should be included if possible, please!
  • Redesigning the theme for Crappypasta; this is almost finished.
  • Possibly working on a new theme for the main site, depending on the current theme poll’s results.


The following items have been recently accomplished/finished: 

  •  Summer 2014 submission period has been fully processed and scheduled.
  • Halloween theme was implemented.
  • New DISQUS comment system was implemented and a team of comment moderators were appointed.

To-do list (in no particular order and with no ETA):

  • Run a contest for the community to design a few header images to rotate on the main site (prize suggestions would be appreciated)
  • Run a fan art contest that results in the community designing some possible Creepypasta merchandise (the winners would be paid for the right to use their work and given free merch, of course)
  • Related to the above: find a decent drop-shipping company and open a Creepypasta merchandise shop
  • Find another effing admin or, at the very least, reader already. Once again, this is NOT an invitation for people to volunteer or apply – I will approach people on my own.
  • Commission a Creepypasta iPhone app. As I don’t have the skills to do this myself, I would have to pay someone to do this, and upon some research this appears to be a rather expensive undertaking. It’s been suggested a lot, but will have to wait until a point where the site is bringing in significantly more money.
    • PLEASE DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN CREEPYPASTA.COM APP. I understand that many of you are just trying to “help” – but you end up actually hurting us when you do things like this. Please remember that this site runs 100% on advertising revenue, and when you provide a way for people to get our content without any of our advertisements, you are significantly hurting our ability to stay afloat. Furthermore, remember that when you create anything that fetches data from our servers, you’re using up the site’s limited resources. We’ve already had a bad experience with one person trying to create a “helpful” program – without asking first, of course – that instead wasted so much of our server resources that the site became almost unusable in its slowness until we got him to stop. Lastly, you do not have permission to use the work I’ve put into the site nor do you have permission to use the submitted stories. Even if you make the app free (because charging for an app that pulls content you had nothing to do with creating from a server that you don’t pay for would be some seriously dishonest bullshit), the fact remains: YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO THIS. If I discover that something like this is going on, I WILL attempt to get your app removed, for both the health of the site and for the sake of the authors who didn’t grant permission for such things to be done with their work.


On the flip side, here are some suggestions that will NOT be implemented, no matter how many people suggest them:

  • User profiles. This isn’t particularly necessary (DISQUS fulfills this function quite well), would eat up server space that we can’t afford, and would severely increase our vulnerability to certain exploits. Not worth it, not happening. PLEASE STOP BRINGING THIS UP.
  • Forums. Once again, server space is the main concern – forums are huge data hogs – but I also don’t see the point in creating a redundant forum (and thus wasting server space, increasing monthly operating fees, opening ourselves to further exploits, and adding even more to my workload) when others already exist. Check the sidebar links and join one of the already established Creepypasta or paranormal forums! There’s no reason that you need me specifically to run a forum, so please stop suggesting this.
  • Chat room of any kind. It’s repetitive, but server space is once again the big bad here. Also, it’s simply not something that I want the responsibility of monitoring in addition to everything else. If someone else creates a Creepypasta themed chat room or channel and takes full responsiblity for it, I’d be happy to link to it, but I want no part in running it.


Suggestions that I’m undecided on:

  • Running – or at the very least, helping to produce – a Creepypasta-themed podcast. I don’t think I’d make a very good host, so I’d have to find someone with a good voice and audio equipment to do the actual hosting. This could be run in a similar fashion as the Anything Ghost podcast, where the host reads select creepypastas aloud and maybe some Discussion Post questions/comments as well. It sounds fun, but would be a very large undertaking, which is why it’s currently residing in suggestion netherworld.
  • Let’s Plays of paranormal video games. This has been suggested a number of times, but I’m not really sure that it’s necessary. Aren’t there already plenty of people doing this?


Feel free to comment with more suggestions or feedback on currently listed ideas. If I really like a suggestion and find that it’s doable, I’ll add it to the to-do list. Of course, there are no ETAs on any of these improvements, so do not expect your suggestion to be used immediately or even in a timely fashion – this is definitely a “when I have the time and inspiration, it will get done” type of thing.

I do ask that you do not suggest things just for the sake of suggesting them – this is an issue over on the Crappypasta category page; people frequently seem more interested in getting their name acknowledged than they are in actually suggesting something useful.

Please do not suggest things that are already covered above or things that are already in existence; please also refrain from suggesting things that you don’t actually need me to be involved with. Remember that whatever you’re asking for will have to be added on to my workload, so if your idea can be put into motion without needing my permission or involvement, you do not need to ask me to do it for you. Things like creating your own chat room, forums, or collaborative writing group fall into this category. Take a moment to consider whether your suggestion is truly something that you need me to stop working on everything else for, or if it’s something that can be done with your own/already established resources.

Keep in mind the cost and effort of ideas before you suggest them. Remember that I’m one person and that this website already costs hundreds of dollars every month to keep up; I get the impression that many of you simply don’t grasp how expensive some of your ideas are. If something has been deemed too expensive, please don’t try to guilt me into doing it anyhow – the funds simply do not exist.

Of course, the exception to this rule is if your idea in any way requires my server resources (automatically fetching stories or any type of data from the site, for example) or if it involves needing permission of authors. Remember that when authors submit to this website, they only give THIS SITE permission to use their stories; if you decide to use their work for something else without asking them, don’t be surprised if you have to face consequences. Some of our contributors are attempting to establish careers as published writers, and if you attempt to use their work without permission, they may pursue legal avenues to make you stop – as is their right.

I may not reply to every suggestion – if I feel it’s repetitive or redundant or I simply have nothing to say in response, I may not bother.

Lastly, If I reject your suggestion, please do not take it personally.

NOTE: If you reply to this page with anything unrelated to the topic, I will not approve it. This page is for people to suggest legitimate improvements and ideas for the website; as such, I’d like to keep it clean of off-topic junk. That means that this is not the place for you to try and roleplay about Jeff the Killer or suggest terrible Rise of the Guardians creepypasta (really? ) or anything else beyond suggesting site improvements or event/contest ideas.

Seriously, guys, you’re on a website dedicated to reading creepy stories. Key word: reading. Please take the time to actually read what you’re replying to before you post.