January 17, 2009 at 2:34 PM

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The trio of city workers stood six stories below the surface. Amidst the ancient network of iron, cement, and stone, they monitored the array of sensors and scanners that bedecked their protective suits. Traipsing through the dread stillness, they entered a chamber strewn with bones, debris, and long-since rotted organic matter. As the beams of their headlamps played across the rusted bolts and water-stained fixtures, they came to rest on a panoply of strange creatures attached to the walls.

They seemed like large, shelled insects the size of box turtles. From the bottom of the spiky domes protruded long, thorned tails that tick-tocked back and forth in the eerie silence. Agreeing that this was the source of the anomalies detected by the metropolis above, they decided to report back after a quick look at the blood-and-rust colored bugs.

The radio man fell to his knees complaining of a sudden migraine. The navigator, dropping his equipment, screamed that his teeth and bones were burning. The analyst, his legs buckling, consulted his equipment with failing strength.

His last coherent thought was a disturbing realization… “…They’re microwaving us!…”

Credited to Ravenflesh.