More Site Updates, Because Everything is Breaking

October 7, 2012 at 12:51 PM

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The new theme with the current color scheme seems to be overall well-received, though I did make some tweaks based on your feedback. The red links are now a darker shade, the font has been changed back to Verdana, and highlighting text is not longer that insane red-on-gray crapfest. If you have any more opinions about this topic, you may leave them on the related post – but it seems like the general consensus is that the new look should stick around.

Since I didn’t want to keep adding on to the theme change post with unrelated stuff, here’s a new post about some other changes that you’ve probably noticed.

  • First, and most importantly: as many of you noticed and informed me (thanks for that, and I mean it – I’ve had a lot going on IRL and I’m not sure when I would have realized the issue on my own) the form plugin that the site had been using to process both submissions and the contact page has, as of its most recent update, decided it will not play nice with our anti-spam plugin. Thus far, the plugin author hasn’t given any indication that he’s working on making them compatible – and since this site gets so much spam attempts, I’ve got to look for a new way to go about doing things because deactivating the anti-spam part is just not an option. I’ve tried a few things, but so far they all have at least one crippling issue that makes them unfeasible. So for now, submissions are closed while I try to come up with something that works. On the bright side, this should give me some time to catch up on my submission backlog, right?
  • You can now subscribe to posts/comment threads via email. So if you’re particularly invested in a discussion or pasta, you should be able to keep tabs on it much more easily.
  • Since the previous mobile theme got a lot of complaints and wasn’t working for most people, a new one has been implemented. You should be able to switch between the mobile and ‘real’ themes at the bottom if the site detects that you’re accessing via a mobile product. The new main theme may be more phone-friendly, but I understand that some of you wanted a bare-bones, less data intensive theme with the option to switch to the feature-heavy main version if you wanted. As before, I’m only previewing in Safari developer tools, so let me know if issues pop up in real-world practice.
  • Not an actual update yet, but a question: Do you guys want the ability to log in and comment via Twitter and/or Facebook? I personally find it to be an annoyance when sites want me to log in via some other social networking platform, but if you guys want that function badly enough, I am not opposed to seeing what I can do.

That’s about it. Beyond that, if you notice ‘Maintenance Mode’ pop up, don’t freak. That means I’m probably testing something out and just don’t want any interruptions or errors from people stumbling on the wrong thing at the wrong time. Wait a few minutes and try refreshing to see if I’m done!

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