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Since it’s late for me and I’m feeling lazy, I am just copypasting from crappypasta’s ‘about’ page:


You’re probably wondering wtf this is, right? Let us try to explain.

Currently, we receive a whole lotta stories through’s submission process. While many of them are obviously approved and posted to the main page, many more are rejected due to the same few glaring issues:

  • Terrible grammar, spelling, lazy writing, an absolute lack of proofreading/editing – these are all issues that can cause even the most creative pasta ideas to be completely unreadable and unenjoyable. You may have ideas to rival the classics, but when you express them via a giant, typo-heavy wall of text, nobody is going to read far enough to realize that, sorry.
  • Blatant rip-offs and rehashes of famous urban legends and stories already published on the site. This tends to happen when somebody sees a certain pasta getting lots of positive feedback – they think, “I can do that” and proceed to send us a very thinly veiled “remix” of the original pasta. A good example of this would be how Dead Bart spawned a thousand knock-off attempts. Everything from My Little Pony to Family Guy now has its own version, but unfortunately, most of these copies are not very good. Plugging in your favorite cartoon + mysterious animator + clinical description of gore without adding anything new or interesting to the formula just results in people rolling their eyes and wondering whatever became of creativity.
  • Obvious trolls or attempts at burning people you know IRL with stories about them. We hope that you guys high-fived before you rode off drinking Hi-C on your tricycles or whatever it is the kids do nowadays, but for the most part we barely even process these before they’re discarded.
  • Authors who mistake by-the-book gore, skeletons popping out, “beautiful monsters” (think a 13 year old goth girl’s bad poetry for what we mean by that), and “THEM” watching you for actual creepiness. We’ll pass over lazy writing that depends on cheap cliches any day in favor or authors who put in some actual effort.
  • Stories that are not quite bad, but just lacking that certain something to make them truly delicious pastas.

We were getting so many requests for feedback, but when we’d log into the submission account and see 95 new submissions… even if we want to, there’s just no way that the two of us have the time and mental energy to give thoughtful critique to each rejected submission. Trust us, sometimes it’s hard to hold back when something is SO CLOSE to being approved – but we know that it’s a slippery slope and we need to pace ourselves. We can’t be all of the creepypasta fandom’s creative writing teachers, no matter how much we may love you guys!

So our attempt at a solution – and a mix between lol and actual helpfulness – is crappypasta. Here, we’ll post submissions that would otherwise have gotten tossed into our “crap festival” rejection folder and never looked at again.

Why? For a few reasons – here comes another list!

  • For the lulz. Because really, some submissions ARE just that bad.
  • So that people can comment, rate, and provide feedback on the stories that aren’t quite right, but could be postable to the main site with some editing and rewrites.
  • Sometimes we’re just wrong and might reject a story that actually wasn’t that bad.
  • Because you tried, and you deserve that gold star, dammit.

So that’s basically it. Don’t worry, every submission that is posted on crappypasta is here with the author’s EXPLICIT permission; we have a nifty little check-yes-or-no question about this site in the submission form.

If your submission is posted here, don’t get mad. Learn from the comments. If you have the drive and patience, take the advice given by the readers here and rewrite your story and re-submit it to the main site; we have no objections to upgrading a crappypasta into a creepypasta if you put in the work and truly make it better, or if the vast majority of readers think that it was not, in fact, a crappypasta in the first place.

There’s also a function to get pastas that we may have passed over but the community at large enjoys posted onto the main site, detailed here:

So enjoy the crappypastas, and we hope that this is an entertaining and educational experience… or something like that.

  • Angela

    I’m so glad my pasta isn’t crappy…

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  • Anonymous

    So trying earns a gold star these days? No wonder kids have no wits about them anymore. Tsk, trying never *USED* to get you anything, a little green dude whose name rhymes with Soda once told me “Do or do not, there is no try!”.

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  • anony mouse

    You mean Yoda right? And also: anything scary is so 2000 lame. let’s not do anything scary anymore k?

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  • D

    Well this website sure has changed a lot.

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  • Oven lady

    This was really long to read…. But rock on! This is so true!!!

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  • Eyes_of_Fire

    I just submitted two stories. One I’m not so proud of, I wouldn’t be surprised to find on Crappypasta soon, but one I am proud of. I’d be pretty embarrassed to find it there…I feel bad for the people who worked really hard and ended up on Crappypasta.

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  • derpbutt

    Well, here’s the thing. If you don’t want it to show up on Crappypasta, simply check no. It’s weird to me that people act like we’ve done something horrible to them when they’re the ones who checked “yes for crappypasta”. Nobody is forcing your hand.

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  • Eyes_of_Fire

    No, I wasn’t saying that it’s bad, it’s just embarrassing, like a rejection sort of feeling. I know nobody forces us to check ‘yes,’ but I think most people do it for the chance to have their stories thumbed up enough to get into the main site.

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    • LeV-Lee


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