Saturday, February 16, 2019

Instant Messaging

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  2. Dead Man’s Rights ★ 9.53 Rating (19 votes)
  3. The Sneak ★ 9.5 Rating (14 votes)
  4. The Girl Hiding in My Walls ★ 9.5 Rating (26 votes)
  5. The Well ★ 9.48 Rating (21 votes)
  6. The Night Springs Cemetery ★ 9.47 Rating (17 votes)
  7. Colorado Fishing Trip ★ 9.47 Rating (17 votes)
  8. Never Answer the Door at Night ★ 9.47 Rating (17 votes)
  9. Deer Yard ★ 9.47 Rating (17 votes)
  10. Ubloo, Part Five ★ 9.47 Rating (15 votes)

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    It all started on the fourteenth night of March, the night of my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary.

    It was a wonderful, sunny day, if memory serves. Surprisingly warm for before the beginning of spring. The beautiful weather was perfect for the atmosphere of the day – being married for twenty years is obviously a momentous occasion, so my parents had booked a table at our favourite Italian restaurant.

    Of course, this was a formal occasion, so I had my best suit on. It was 5:33, and I was just straightening my tie when my phone went off – I’d received a message. That’s strange, I thought, that never happens. I checked the message: it was from my mum. It was quite a jumble of numbers and letters, but through the vocabulary stew I could make out one legible phrase: “Please help me.” It should go without saying that this worried me greatly, so I immediately replied, “Are you okay?” Just as instantly, I got another text which read, “Oops. Pocket text!” I sighed with all the relief I had and continued to prepare myself.

    A few minutes later, I received yet another message, this time from my dad. I checked the text, and once again it was a massive mixture of letters and numbers, with the phrase “Please help me” concealed within. Creepy though this was, my dad was always a joker, so I presumed he was just joking around, until I was sent another text saying, “Oops. Pocket text!” Now this sparked panic. Pure, unmistakable panic. Exactly half a minute passed when I received the exact same two messages from my sister. This could not be coincidental. It just couldn’t.

    In a state of sheer anxiety, I started to run to the restaurant. I made it about a quarter of the way before I was stopped by a police officer. “Main road’s closed,” he said, “Huge car crash.” This was the exact moment I realised just what had happened. I demanded to see the wreckage, a request which I was surprised was allowed. When I got there, it wasn’t the remnants of the car that caught my eye, nor the flames billowing from the destroyed vehicle. No. I was horrified to see the lifeless corpses of my mother, father and sister. I asked for the estimated time of their deaths – all three of them were killed instantly by the collision, at 5:32.

    A minute before the very first text.

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  16. Trailer ★ 8.52 Rating (211 votes)
  17. Drippy ★ 6.63 Rating (176 votes)
  18. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 9 Rating (223 votes)
  19. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.94 Rating (139 votes)
  20. Don’t Follow the Men in the Sunglasses ★ 7.54 Rating (127 votes)