Monday, February 18, 2019

I Chose to Sleep the Days Away

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    I chose to sleep the days away
    chose comfort in dreams, safe from a world so grey
    My mind gave me comfort my life could not
    so as I dreamed, I could not stop

    I was happy at first, with my daily sights
    European castles with thousands of lights
    the king of everything, from ground to sky
    I did anything, without reason for why

    I dreamt, little by little, more each day
    and, little by little, my body decayed
    I did not notice from my throne of thought
    that my throne of flesh was beginning to rot

    That was when my throne fell
    dreams became nightmares as I slipped into hell
    marble became brimstone, wine became blood
    a mountain of flesh where my castle once stood

    I tried to break free of my prison, these hellish chains
    but my body was as still while my mind was in flames
    and as the ambulance carted my comatose shell away
    my thoughts were caged for a long term stay

    My only escape is the sound of saline
    a cacophony granted by various machines
    and my soul is left to writhe in my sleep

    I know now, what I sow, I reap

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