Sunday, February 17, 2019

Fresh Food Just Tastes Better

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    The thing about fresh produce/meat/seafood is that you never know who, or what, touched it between the seed to the cooler. Would washing or cooking these items ever be enough if you really KNEW what and how something was contaminated?

    After all, the seed sprouts from decay. The fruit and veggies hang at heights that cannot escape excrement and fluids from the large and small things that move. The farmers hands, laced with cuts and dirt, pick and rub in between their own feedings and “breaks.” The wheelbarrows and transport beds have carried things worse than oranges. Minimum wage factory workers have problems paramount to the trivial cleanliness of the food in front of them. The fish and meat was, at one point, fertilized or birthed with the necessary fluids. And let’s not forget the grocery/restaurant manager that has a thing for the new help…and counter-tops.

    Is “knowing” better than ignorance? Of course not, or humans would starve. And it’s hard to argue against the notion that fresh food just tastes better. Thankfully it is the ignorant gluttony of humans that will make the implantation of our species so much easier. Like the salmon dusting the eggs, so have we, on all your crops.

    Credit To – StupidDialUp

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