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*If you want your creepypasta-related website or YouTube channel listed here, reply to this post with a comment leaving your site’s URL and name.

*Only sites that specifically deal with writing, performing, discussing, or archiving creepypasta are eligible for this directory. If you’re a generally paranormal/horror related site looking for a sidebar link trade, please use contact us.

*For the “frequest creepypasta contributers” section – if you’ve had at least TWO stories approved for the main site and have a writing blog that you’d like to have linked here, leave a comment with a link to your site, the pen name that you go by, and the pastas that you’ve written.

General Creepypasta archives:
Creepypasta Index
Inu’s Creepy Stuff
Creepypasta Wiki
The Holders
SCP Stories Wiki
King of Wolves
Creepy Stories For The Young & Old
Ward’s Creepypasta

Creepypasta in other languages:
Spanish Creepypasta
Creepypasta from the Crypt (French Creepypasta)
Pavorem – French Creepypasta Forum

Creepypasta-themed YouTube channels*:
Cockney Pasta
Faceless’s Story Time
Midnight Marinara
Kill the Killers
The LSB Organization
Otis Jiry’s Creepypasta Crypt
Fandom Theatre
Michael Whitehouse’s Ghastly Tales

Creepypasta & Paranormal Podcasts:
Midnight Marinara
Welcome to Night Vale
Anything Ghost Show

Frequent Creepypasta contributers:
Michael Whitehouse
Violent Harvest / Drew Wilcox
Josef K / entropyblues
Emilie Magnus
Kevin Sharp
Salman Shahid Khan

Creepypasta Forums and Communities:
Creepypasta Network
Terror Tortellini Forums

Creepypasta/Horror Tumblrs:
Terror Tortellini
Kill the Killers
Forbidden Creepypasta

*We have removed MrCreepypasta from our listing due to receiving complaints from authors that he changes and then reads/reposts their work against their wishes. Please do not suggest that we re-add him. Remember, guys, just because it’s posted online doesn’t mean that the author has given up their copyright. Please be careful and remember that the authors do have rights, and that without these authors, sites like this one or channels like MrCreepypasta’s would NOT EXIST.

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