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Derpbutt Annoyance Level 10/10: Admin Update Jan 4, 2013

January 4, 2013 Announcements
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  1. Detention ★ 9.67 Rating (15 votes)
  2. The Blaganschlor ★ 9.67 Rating (18 votes)
  3. I Found a Dead Girl’s Diary ★ 9.65 Rating (31 votes)
  4. Someone in the House ★ 9.63 Rating (24 votes)
  5. Abomination ★ 9.6 Rating (10 votes)
  6. Dead Man’s Rights ★ 9.6 Rating (15 votes)
  7. The Tollman ★ 9.6 Rating (20 votes)
  8. Another Fairy Tale ★ 9.6 Rating (20 votes)
  9. Mr. Leaves ★ 9.57 Rating (23 votes)
  10. Scorpion River ★ 9.56 Rating (18 votes)

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    As many of you are aware, I use a blogging platform called WordPress to run this site. This means that I use an externally created plugin to process certain aspects of the site. For example: the rating system and submission forms are both operated by plugins.

    The author of the plugin that we use for the submission and contact forms updated it today, and after that update was applied, the forms have completely disappeared. I wasn’t warned of this, so I’m more than moderately annoyed about this development, trust me.

    I’m poking around the “new and improved” control panel of this plugin, and I’m having trouble actually creating a new form or getting anything to function at all. I’ll be looking into this more over the next few days, but submissions may be down for a few days while I get this worked out. Once everything is up and running again, I’ll add time on to the submission open period to make up for this downtime.

    Luckily, I have a backup of the submission queue, so you don’t have to worry about your submissions being part of the vanished data. We dodged a bullet there, though, because if I wasn’t annoyingly control-freaky and didn’t have all the submissions emailed to a special account as well as added to the queue, we would have been screwed. Like I said, really pretty frustrated about how this “upgrade” came with an unexpected total data wipe. But to reiterate for those of you who get easily confused, your submissions ARE safe, because I took an extra step to preserve them.

    There are currently 950 submissions in the queue, and I do have to focus on reading those as well. I’ve mentioned this already in the comments and on twitter, but though we have a higher VOLUME of submissions than ever before, the amount of postable submissions is incredibly low. Because of this, we are only scheduled a couple days ahead, which means that I can’t abandon the submission reading process to fix the form – you guys would be without any new pastas to read if I took a break, and I feel that having daily pastas posted is the more important of the two.

    All that is to say, it may be a few days before the form is up and working again. Of course, it might also be just a few hours, or I might find something else that works better and has an author that makes sure their upgrades don’t nuke all data before they make it go live. I don’t really know yet, as I’m still having my morning coffee and need to look into this mess a bit further (shh, I know it’s the afternoon, but I’m on a heavy round of antibiotics right now and they make me sleepy). I’ll keep you guys updated and will try not to rage TOO hard.

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  11. Monstruo ★ 8.11 Rating (19 votes)
  12. The Valentine House ★ 5.33 Rating (66 votes)
  13. Box Fort ★ 8.94 Rating (168 votes)
  14. Give It Everything ★ 8 Rating (98 votes)
  15. Trailer ★ 8.5 Rating (206 votes)
  16. Drippy ★ 6.6 Rating (168 votes)
  17. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 8.96 Rating (208 votes)
  18. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.91 Rating (137 votes)
  19. Don’t Follow the Men in the Sunglasses ★ 7.57 Rating (125 votes)
  20. Burning Down the House ★ 8.67 Rating (159 votes)