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Crappypasta Roundup for 3/28/2016

March 28, 2016 Crappypasta Round-Ups
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Today is the last day of Crappypasta Week! Starting tomorrow, normal posting will resume for the main site. However,  since I do like the increased attention that the round-ups have been generating for Crappypasta, I will continue making Crappypasta round-up posts in addition to the normal daily Creepypasta posts.

We have about ~3 more days worth of Crappypasta in the queue from the prior submission period (if you are in said queue, I already emailed you and let you know last week), so expect to see more round-ups alongside normal Creepypasta posts over the next few days. After that’s settled, I’ll try to do round-ups on a weekly basis – assuming, of course, that we have potential stories worth being posted there. On weeks where only one or two or no submissions at all have been marked for Crappypasta, I’ll probably just skip the round-up for that week and save up Crappypasta until there’s at least five postable stories. I’d like to avoid any one author feeling singled out by being the only link in a round-up or something, if that makes sense!

Anyhow, here are today’s stories:


Comments on the roundups will be closed – if you have feedback on any of the stories linked here, please use their own individual comment sections.

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  • The Rodderson Experiments ★ 8.5 Rating (4 votes)
  • My Son Committed Suicide, and My Wife Blames Me ★ 8.65 Rating (123 votes)
  • The Convention ★ 6.74 Rating (77 votes)
  • Gray ★ 6.56 Rating (84 votes)
  • I Kill One Person Per Year, It’s My Job ★ 7.86 Rating (174 votes)
  • The Signal-Man ★ 7.16 Rating (44 votes)
  • Systemic ★ 6.21 Rating (70 votes)
  • The Machine ★ 8.77 Rating (200 votes)
  • I Raised the Devil’s Daughter ★ 7.69 Rating (249 votes)
  • Aberration ★ 6.06 Rating (108 votes)


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