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THE CONTACT FORM IS TEMPORARILY DOWN. I have reason to believe that the form plugin we have been using is responsible for recent site crashes/slowness, and I am temporarily disabling it to test this theory.

If this turns out to be the culprit, I will need to find a new form plugin.

Please use this form to give us your suggestions, questions, link trade requests, bug reports (please be detailed, otherwise I cannot help you), and anything else that you think you need me to see. If you want a reply, please make that clear and ensure that you’ve entered a valid email address in the email field!


  • SUBMISSION STATUS REQUESTS: As per the rules, they will be ignored and your submission will be removed from the queue. No exceptions.
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ASKING QUESTIONS THAT ARE ALREADY ANSWERED (CHECK THE FAQ, SUBMISSION PAGE, AND RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS BEFORE YOU USE THIS FORM, PLEASE):  I took the time to write out answers to such questions, the least you can do is to read them before sending me a contact request. I no longer reply at ALL to questions that I’ve already answered in the FAQ. If you don’t get a response, this is likely the reason.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PASTAS HERE. THEY WILL BE DELETED. I’m going to just start IP banning people who do this.
  • DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO TRY AND CONTACT ANYONE BUT THE CREEPYPASTA.COM ADMIN. I am not the owner of every single Creepypasta-related website, tumblr, youtube channel, forum, etc. If you need to contact Mr. Creepypasta or the Creepypasta Wiki admins, for example, I CANNOT HELP YOU AND THIS FORM IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOUR ATTEMPT.
  • REFRAIN FROM SENDING ME INANE, POINTLESS DRIVEL. You don’t need to tell me that you’re the president of your school’s Slenderman fanclub. I don’t want to roleplay Jeff the Killer with you. I don’t care about your chain letters. I will not reply to this type of thing. Stop.
  • ABUSIVE MESSAGES ARE NOT TOLERATED. I won’t waste my time replying, I’ll just delete the message and ban you.

Emails may not be checked daily depending on my schedule, but I will read them all eventually.