The Vacation

April 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM
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A few years ago, a group of college kinds were getting ready for spring break. One informed the rest that his uncle who owns a cabin in the woods would be gone for the weekend, and gave them permission to use it as they wish.

Though one or two weren’t interested to stay in a run down old cabin for a weekend, they reluctantly agreed and took the trip.

They enjoyed their weekend and returned safely.

Credit To: Max C

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It Came Back!

April 1, 2013 at 10:00 AM
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Ok, I’m trying to calm down at the moment, but its locked in the next room bashing against the door. If it makes it through, I’m going to die. I’ll start at the beginning, and I’m hoping someone might be able to help me.

About a month ago, I submitted a creepypasta to this site, and didnt hear back from anyone, nor was it published. ‘oh well’ I thought, ‘either it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, or they just haven’t accepted it yet. It’s not like if it gets ignored for a month, it will come back as a reanimated zombie corpse of a story and try to eat my brains…’ yeah, I bet that’s what you would think too!

Less than an hour ago, my desktop exploded and the tangled mess of words that formed my story burst out, lunging for my throat. Now, being the paranoid, zombie survivalist I am, I’ve always got a loaded handgun, and a baseball bat close by, just in case it turns out I’m right, and an undead army really is going to kill us all. So I shot it! I shot the first paragraph, I shot the second paragraph, I bashed every last word, and crushed every bit of pronounciation! But it didn’t stop. It just kept coming!

I lured it into the next room with my tasty tasty flesh, and have managed to lock it in there and bar the door, and I’m now writing this on my dodgy old laptop. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold that bad, zombified story at bay, and if this one comes back to life as well, well, I fear for humanities sake!

Credit To: Uforia

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The Mistake

April 1, 2013 at 6:00 AM
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I was awoken by a low thumping sound. Startled, I sat up in bed but I could see nothing in the darkness of my room. No odd shapes. Thinking it was my imagination, I went back to sleep. But a few minutes later, the low thumping happened again. I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock next to my nightstand, it read 12:00 am.

Midnight, the witching hour. I snorted at the silly saying. I didn’t believe in such nonsense. I believed the thumping was probably an animal on the roof, all sorts of night animals tend to get up there. Especially at this hour. The sound had to be coming from above, and just sounds like it’s in my room.

I was about to close my eyes again, but suddenly the thumping happened again. Louder.

Ok, so now I’m a little creeped out. I never heard something so loud before. I shut my eyes tight and tried to fall back asleep. I wish my parents were home, they left earlier today to visit my sick grandma. And my older brother is spending the night with his girlfriend.

I almost wished Ashley was here. She’s this annoying airhead from my school, can’t stand her snobby attitude and it sucked she lived next door. At the moment though, I started wishing even she was here with me.


Oh god. I pulled the covers over my head and tried to ignore the sound. It has to be my imagination. Yep, just imagining it.

I shouldn’t have read so many creepypasta stories before falling asleep. Creepy stories from the site always give me nightmares.

An hour passed.

No more thumping. Good, starting to feel sleepy again. As I start to doze off, I hear the whisper.

“I have come for you…..”

My eyes shot open.

“I will feast on your soft flesh…”

I started to cry, that voice was real. There was something in the room with me.

“I will enjoy the sounds of your screams while I slowly peel off your skin…”

I didn’t want to look, but I felt like I had too.

My eyes tried to locate the smooth deep voice, the voice that was threatening horrid things.

I quickly spotted it.

He was at the foot of my bed. Even in the darkness, I could see how tall he was. And very pale.  His large black eyes glared down at me with such intense hatred. Why was he angry at me? I don’t understand, but did I even want to?

“Tonight, Ashley, you will die…” He whispered angrily.

I was about to scream, but then I realized something….did he just say Ashley?!

“I…I’m not Ashley!” I managed to shout at the pale man.

“…..You’re not?”  Asked the pale man, with a puzzled expression.

“Um, no. My name’s Erika, Ashley lives in the house next door.” I explained nervously.

The pale man stared at me for a moment, and then he pulled out a piece of paper from a pocket and studied it. With a look of annoyance, he stuffed the paper back in his pocket and smiled at me. Oh god, his smile. His mouth was too wide, and his teeth were sharp. Maybe even razor sharp.

“My deepest apologies. I was given the wrong information. Sorry to have disturbed your rest.” He said politely, and then I watched stunned, as he crawled out my bedroom window.

“Oh!” He popped his head back inside and grinned at me with that large scary grin. “I know this is rather strange, coming from me, but…would you like to maybe…catch a movie one of these days…or dinner perhaps?”

“…..I’m kind of already seeing someone…” I said.

“Oh, pity. Well have a good night!” He said as his head pocked back out.

I stood frozen for a bit. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Nobody would believe me!

Well it was gone now, whatever the hell he was. I finally breathed a sigh of relief, I was brave enough to finally move and went to close my window and lock it securely.

As I settled in to sleep, I realized something.

It was going to get airhead Ashley!

I was about to dart out of bed, but stopped.
Eh, she was pretty nasty to everybody. Not like she was somebody I cared for too.

Oh well, I thought, as I snuggled back into my warm blankets and went back to sleep.

Credit To:

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April 1, 2013 at 4:00 AM
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I was playing with a couple of my friends, walking down the empty streets of small town Bennettsville, South Carolina, when I noticed something out of place in a small alley way beside the town café. I paused, “Hey, is that a computer?” I asked, pretty much talking to myself but earning curious glances from my two friends. “I don’t know, go check it out Bun.” Emmy replied looking at the pile of electronic just inside the alley. I sighed, of course she would make me go look…

I walked carefully (as not to fall and bruise something like I always manage to do) and squatted beside the computer looking it over. That’s weird… The computer was completely unscathed, and seemed to be in pristine condition, even having all of its parts. I picked it up slowly and walked back to my friends, “Let’s go to my house and see if it works.” I said breathing a little deeper because of the effort of holding the computer. My other friend, Jeff laughed at my strained expression. “Let’s get something to carry it first.” He said looking around. Being a small town it wasn’t hard to find a small shopping cart rolling around in an abandoned shop.

We piled the computer into the shopping cart and headed back towards my house where we hooked it up and pressed the power button. At first there was nothing but the soft tap of rain against my roof and the whistle of wind across the rusty storm door. Emmy sighed, “Guess that is why they threw it away” She said disappointment apparent on her face. I was about to reply when suddenly the computer let out a soft hiss, like an angry animal, and the screen slowly began to fade white. There was no start up screen, only a white page with nothing else on it. Then a small file popped up in the middle of the screen, but we knew something was wrong when we saw it. Instead of a small manila folder like it usually has for files, this file was just a bunch of papers lying on the screen, covered in some rusty red color… I stared at the file for a moment… Under it there was a simple title “Blue.”

Emmy spoke uncertainly from where she watched over my shoulder, “I don’t like this…” I nodded silently unable to speak. Jeff on the other hand just grinned, “I wonder what it is!” He chirped excitedly. I could never understand how Jeff was always so happy about everything! His grin just widened as he saw my confused face “Click it!” He said leaning down closer over my shoulder. I bit my lip in apprehension but followed his orders double clicking the small file.

The file opened and showed two text documents with unreadable names and an mp3 file simply named “Blue” just like the folder. I looked at the weird text documents, trying to decipher a secret message in the symbols somehow. “This is really weird, click the song Cassie…” Emmy murmured softly, sounding unsure even to me. I rolled the pointer on to the songs icon but paused. “This doesn’t feel right …” I said feeling the urgent need to shut the computer off and to run away as fast as possible. Jeff just rolled his eyes and put his hand over mine on the mouse double clicking the mp3. I shivered at his cold touch and looked at the screen.

The screen stayed white for a moment, and then suddenly burst into color as pictures of a young boy played alongside a chilling song. I couldn’t understand the lyrics of the song and they seemed to be in a high pitched, almost vocaloid style voice. It had a sad, lonely, and melancholy tone to it, one that reminded me of my grandma, the one who died 5 years ago. Tears came to my eyes and I took a shuddering breath paying attention to the images, how is this possible? It was an mp3 file wasn’t it? Why are there pictures? I watched as the screen flipped from frame to frame. The first picture was that of a young boy smiling at the camera, next to him stood a woman whose eyes seemed to be dimmed… Almost as if she was, dead… Then it showed him sitting in the lap of a man who looked to be in his late 30′s. This man’s eyes held the same dimness as the woman’s, and his hand seemed to hang limply off the side of the chair. The last image was that of the young boy, he stood eyes dimmed just like the two before him, he looked around the age of 7 or 8 and he had a defeated look on his face. His pale eyes held nothing but an empty longing as he stared at us from the computer. This image had a static like texture and I realized it wasn’t an image, but a video… I heard Emmy and Jeff gasp from behind me as the boy blinked but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it… I couldn’t even breathe while I looked at him.

The boy took a step towards me and I just sat motionless, just barely hearing Emmy and Jeff’s screams to run; I watched as his hand reached towards me, that song playing in the background. I felt something warm drip down my face as his hand touched the screen. Just as I thought he would jump out of the computer out at me the screen turned pitch black and the song faded out with one last note. Everything was silent in the room except our breathing, suddenly a roar of clapping was heard coming from the computer and I jumped back, finally breaking away from the trance and back into reality. Jeff and Emmy seemed to have been pulled back as well because they ran from the door and back to me, I sat at the computer screen in confusion barely hearing anything. Their words were muffled and weak and yet they still hurt my ears. I turned and noticed that Emmy was crying; I looked at Jeff, “Why is she crying?” I asked taken aback at how low my own voice was. Jeff looked at me and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the bathroom. He dragged me to the mirror and pointed, I looked at the small mirror in shocked horror. My face was pale, almost as white as Jeff’s but not quite; My ears were still there but they had a small river of blood running down them, explaining how hard it was to hear; and My eyes held the same dead feeling that the boys did… I stared in terror at myself in the mirror; my reflection looked back no emotions passing through the thick wall of my eyes. “This can’t be happening…” I said touching my cheek. Jeff nodded “It’s happening alright…” Emmy walked in just then, “Guys… You might want to see this…” She said looking weary and frightened. Jeff and I followed her back into the spare bedroom where I put the computer and I noticed the computer had switched back on, but now the screen held no files. The only thing on it was a small timer slowly counting down the minutes… To what I don’t really know…

Current Countdown Time: 01Hour 39Minutes 03Seconds

We looked at each other uncertainly and then back at the timer. “What is it counting down to?” I asked the most obvious question. Jeff shrugged “Count down til self-destruction?” He asked chuckling lightly at his own joke. I shuddered and noticed something else… “What the hell! It’s not even plugged up!!” I said picking the energy cable up and holding it where they could see. Emmy shuddered and stepped back, “We need to get rid of this computer…” She said shaking her head. I nodded and noticed her usually tan skin was a pale white and her entire body seemed to be shaking. “I think you need to take a nap Emmy…” I said softly touching her shoulder. The second I touched her she collapsed. She fell limply to the ground and a pool of blood spread around her as she paled even more and all of the emotion drained from her face. All that was left was her eyes now a dim green color as they stared off into the distant nothingness. I let out a croaked scream and backed up, straight into Jeff. I spun and noticed that his features had contorted; he was no longer the happy go lucky teen I had known before. A huge grin spread across his pasty white skin and his wide eyes were bordered with black. He chuckled darkly and I stepped back tripping over Emmy’s body. “W-What the hell are you?” I asked, tears streaming down my blood stained cheeks. Jeff let out a small gasp as he realized I could see through his mask. But I didn’t give him any more time to react. I jumped up and ran towards the door slamming it behind me and running towards the woods next to my house. What the hell am I doing? I always get mad because in scary movies they run to the woods but now here I am and I do the exact same thing!? My legs burned with effort as I pushed myself onwards trying to run as fast as possible. Suddenly I swerve to the left and run smack into a large tree. I feel everything swirl around me and then… it was dark.

Current Countdown Time: 00Hour 09Minutes 23Seconds

I wake up a few minutes later and hear a crack from the woods around me. I sit up and terror runs through my veins like glass. Tears roll down my cheeks as I press my back to the tree and I close my eyes simply waiting for my end to come. I have no god to beg to, even if I did believe in him what were the odds I would make it to heaven with all the sins I have committed? I am sure that I have somehow managed to commit all of the 7 seven sins at least 5 times. Suddenly my heart began to pound loudly, so loud in fact that it drowned out all the sounds of the forest. BADUMP BADUMP BADUMP BADUMP… I listened to the sound of it as I slowly began to feel sleepy. I opened my eyes and saw Jeff standing right in front of me. I couldn’t think straight as I smiled at him, I felt so light and dreamy; almost like mist… Jeff gave me a huge smile and leaned down close so that his cheek touched mine and his breath tickled my ear. “That’s right…” He said softly, like a father tucking in his child. “Go to sleep…” With those finally words he plunged a knife into my stomach. But I didn’t even feel it as the countdown meter struck 0 and my eyes became dull. A ghost of a smile touched my face and I looked at Jeff with a chillingly dead expression. “Goodnight, Jeff…” I said my voice a hoarse scratchy sound. In the last second of my life I saw a look of shock fly across Jeff’s face as he looked at me. But then everything went dark…

Current Countdown Time: 00Hours 00Minutes 00Seconds

Credit To: Cassie G.

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The Hitchhiker

March 28, 2013 at 12:00 AM
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“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said solemnly as I pulled up in front of my friend’s house. She dug her phone from her purse and waved it at me.
“Call me now, and I’ll stay on the phone with you until you get home. Don’t be scared. There isn’t anything in the dark that isn’t in the light.”
I had always hated driving from her house to mine at night. We both lived on the back roads. There were no streetlights, and the trees masked the moon. I nodded and gave her a half-hearted smile as she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the passenger side door. She waved her phone at me again with a smile as she slammed the door shut, leaving me alone in the car. I hurriedly fished around in my purse for my own phone as she disappeared into her house. Once I found it, I called her and pulled away.
“Heeyyyy!” She chirped.
“I hate my life.” I moaned.
“You’ll be fine. Why do we have to live on such creepy roads?”
“I don’t know. Maybe we should both move into town.” I joked.
“Maybe we should just move in together and not worry about driving at all.” She replied with a giggle.
I sped along the curvy road, narrowly missing an opossum that was lounging on the shoulder. We spent a good ten minutes talking about random things to keep my mind off of the drive. I kept checking behind me in the back seat periodically which, in hindsight, wasn’t a wise thing to do while speeding down a dark, curvy road while on the phone.
I turned a sharp curve, and approached a piece in the road we referred to as “the roller coaster”. It was a straight stretch with large bumps that made your belly flip when you went over them at a certain speed. My friend was in the middle of explaining her television show to me when my phone cut out. This was not a good time for me to drop a call. “The roller coaster” was dark and uninhabited with a large tree covered hill on one side, and a dark drop off on the other. I knew I wouldn’t keep service through the entire trip home, but loosing service at this particular location was a worst case scenario. I waited hopefully for her to call me back, since it was more dangerous for me to shuffle through my contacts on this road.
I glanced at my phone to see if she was calling yet. I still didn’t have service. When I glanced back up at the road, I saw a tall dark figure. I cursed, swerved, and slammed on my breaks to avoid hitting what I believed to be a man. I stopped my car completely and looked around. Not seeing anyone, I decided it was my eyes playing tricks on me after looking at a bright phone screen, and I continued driving.
Once I got passed “the roller coaster” my phone began to vibrate. I answered and it was my friend.
“Sorry, I lost service.” I said.
“It’s all good. Where you at now?”
“Just passed the roller coaster. Almost on the main road.”
There was a stretch of road that was maybe a mile long that I considered a main road, even though it was really just a more populated back road. I prayed silently to encounter another car, although that was unlikely at two in the morning.
“You’re almost there. You got this!” She said encouragingly.
I drove across a bridge, and reluctantly turned and crossed the train tracks onto my road. My road was another dark, uninhabited back road that was about four miles long.
As soon as I took the first curve I lost service again. This time, however, I shouldn’t have dropped the call quite yet. I didn’t want to glance at my phone again after my last experience, so I hoped that my friend realized that I shouldn’t have lost service yet. Apparently she didn’t. I waited and waited but there was no call.
I was to a point in the road that was always overly dark. Even during the day, it made me feel uneasy due to two obviously vacant trailers situated overly close to the road.
With my peripherals, I saw another tall shadow by the road not even two feet from my car. I glanced in my rear view mirror, and saw nothing. When my eyes darted back onto the road, I saw him. He was the size of a taller gentleman, cloaked in shadow. The only features I could see on his darkened face were the glimmer of his eyes. He stood close by the road in the curve that I was about to inevitably pass through. He slowly lifted a dark arm and I could see that his thumb was pointed upward.
I tried my best to focus on the road as I sped like a bat out of hell around the curve. I could have swore I heard a low, deep, monotone voice behind me say, “Drive carefully.” I looked in my rear view mirror, and briefly thought I saw a dark shadow in my back seat. I whirled around and saw nothing but a bunch of old clothes and empty McDonalds bags that I had tossed back there carelessly. I turned back to face the road, and sped the entire way back to my house.
I haven’t driven alone at night on those roads since.

I will tell you now, this story is true. You can say it was my imagination, but I’ve driven those roads at night scared out of my wits more than once. That was the first time I saw anything abnormal, and the last time I will EVER drive those roads in the dark. My friend can drive herself from now on. I am done. I should also tell you, and this may very well be unrelated to what I saw that night, but the next morning my husband was walking up the road, and saw a large crudely sharpened butcher knife at the end of our driveway.

Credit To – TheRadHatter

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Facebook Chat

March 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM
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I met James Vickers when we were both about 12. We were next door neighbours, and I had been out in my back yard playing soccer by myself, kicking the ball against the fence. It was at this point I met James. It took me a little while to notice his little spectacled face peering down at me from his bedroom window. When I spotted him, I waved. He waved back and opened his window to talk to me.

We spoke about lots of things. Interests, favourite food, favourite video games- all sorts. I asked James if he would like to come to my house and play soccer with me. He politely declined, and told me that he suffered terribly with Asthma- among other illnesses, and that his parents absolutely refused to let him out of the house, or let anyone in. He instead asked me if I had a Facebook account and said he would add me on that.

I checked my Facebook later that night, accepted James’ friend request and we got chatting. And from that day, that’s pretty much how our friendship went. I would head off to school in the morning, finish up, come home and get straight on Facebook to speak with James. That’s the way it was for about 5 years. Unfortunately though, James’ illnesses got the better of him one day, and he grew very sick.

The inevitable happened though. I hadn’t spoken to James on Facebook for a few days. I had spent some time in my back garden too, waiting for him to open the window and let me know that he was fine. He never did. Instead his father came to my house one evening and presented me with a small invite to a funeral. “He told us about how much you both had in common.” His father told me. “You were his only friend as far as we know.”

The funeral was very touching. I did my best to hold back my tears, but completely lost it when Fields of Gold by Sting was played as they took James’ casket away. After the funeral in his honour still dressed in my suit, I had a bit of a kick around with the same soccer ball I had when I first met James and had a beer in the back garden. It felt weird knowing that the room he used to speak to me from was now empty and unoccupied.

As sad as I felt, I knew he was in a better place. A place where his afflictions would no longer bother him. His death had come so sudden though. The funeral just hadn’t done it for me. Perhaps I needed some kind of closure just to let me know that James was truly gone, and wasn’t coming back. So that night, I logged on to Facebook once more, opened up a chat box to James’ account and typed “Hello James”. At this point I realised how silly I was being, and promptly deleted the message before settling down in bed. I left the computer on, just in case any of my other friends sent me any messages.

Something then happened that sent a chill up my spine. The only light in the room was being emitted from the computer screen, and as I peered across the room at James’ still open chat box, I saw the words “James is typing…”

Credit To – Cooperwithacamera

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