Thursday, January 17, 2019

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A Psychic Built Me a Soulmate

The flyer was stuck in my mailbox. Red paper with big black letters. ARE YOU UNLUCKY IN LOVE? ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW, EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH TO LOVE? FIND YOUR SOULMATE AT XX MAIN STREET… That’s all I needed to [...]

January 4, 2019 Rites & Rituals, Strange & Unknown

I Was a Christmas Elf

Mrs. Claus sat in her rocker, a half completed sweater resting on her lap. The alarm clock on the small table beside her rang its shrill alarm through the warm air of the house, announcing that it was now 1 [...]

January 4, 2019 Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals


Part 1 I work in restoration. Your house or business floods? My crew comes in, dries everything up, cleans the baseboards, preps the place, tosses the ruined stuff into a dumpster and hauls it away. We leave the place clean [...]

January 3, 2019 Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals


This story is part of the author’s Heavensville series of interrelated stories. If you enjoy it, the author invites you to click here to read the other tales in the series. Part 1 Heavensville was stunning to look at, with tall [...]

January 1, 2019 Locations & Sites, Rites & Rituals

A Very Special Christmas Supper

The first time you meet your girlfriend’s family is extremely important. Maybe they will become your family too. You have to be funny and charming, but not too funny or to charming that it seems unnatural. You don’t want to [...]

December 18, 2018 Murders & Deaths, Rites & Rituals


In silence, a final, tranquil silence the village of Kaledane sat. This wasn’t so remote, really, only miles from the seat in Lincoln. And near enough to the sea for the nice fog of misty translucence, a blue light. This [...]

November 25, 2018 Rites & Rituals
My Local Costco Has a Secret Basement

My Local Costco Has a Secret Basement

My husband is dying. Despite his good prognosis after the accident, he gets weaker every day. When he became unable to even say my name, I got desperate. I posted details of his condition on every forum I could find. [...]

October 29, 2018 Locations & Sites, Murders & Deaths, Rites & Rituals, Strange & Unknown
My Roommate Joined a Cult

My Roommate Joined a Cult

  I’m a student at Bridgewater State in Massachusetts. I share a dorm with my roommate, Wallace. We both major in computer science, and that’s all we’ve ever talked about on the rare occasions that we actually speak to one [...]

October 6, 2018 Rites & Rituals
The Laughing Prophet

The Laughing Prophet

The following article was sent by journalist Roberto Costa Campos, expert in criminal investigation, for the writing of “Na Hora”, a tabloid newspaper in São Paulo. Roberto was known for his daring and his lack of fear in investigating anything, [...]

September 20, 2018 Murders & Deaths, Rites & Rituals
Putting an End to The Psychic Knock Game

Putting an End to The Psychic Knock Game

    Okay guys, let’s get some things straight. I’m on horror sites pretty often, and a friend told me about what’s been happening here on creepypasta. I’ve been looking through the last few days worth of posts, and I’m [...]

September 19, 2018 Beings & Entities, Rites & Rituals