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October 10, 2012 at 6:00 PM
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If you wait at any given train station on a certain date, a train will appear that isn’t on any schedule. If you board the train you will find that the interior, regardless of the battered exterior, will be very elegant and old fashioned.

Have a seat and enjoy the train ride. The steam engine is beautiful: plush seats, exotic decor, gorgeous windows and elegant color schemes.

The crew are refined and very eager to please. The ticket takers engage you in conversation. Every half an hour or so, a waiter comes by to offer you the most select dishes.

The landscape rushing by outside is incredibly lush and lovely. Lakes and mountains, deep forests and pristine beaches. Don’t try to recognize any of it. Not a single tree or peak or grain of sand corresponds to any known geography.

You are not alone. The train is full of passengers. Some are dressed like you; some are in clothing you recognize as ceremonial and foreign; a few are dressed very elegantly, in luxurious fashions as least one hundred and fifty years out of date. Others sport fashions you do not recognize, and carry items—electronics? accessories?—that you have never even imagined.

When the train makes its fourth stop (this will take several hours), get off.  If you disembark beforehand, you will disappear. If you manage to return—and some do—you will speak a different language, one completely unknown to our world. You will panic, and weep for days on end. You will not eat. You will pine for the world you left behind until you die.

If you disembark after the fourth stop?

No one knows.

Do know that every once in a while, a dismembered corpse is recovered from the rails near the boarding platforms. Typically these bodies are rotted masses only vaguely recognizable as human. Despite the advanced decomposition and the mess, they appear very suddenly, often in the time it takes to blink.

Many of the victims remain unidentified due simply to the appalling state of the remains. Those identified, however, all had stained and battered train tickets on their person, dated days, weeks, even months and years prior.

People will tell you the victims tragically fell or even threw themselves into the rail wells.

But surely you know better.

Credit To: lilmissbean

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Doppelgänger Ritual IV

October 9, 2012 at 6:00 AM
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Department of Parapsychology, London.

Item no. 1282. 15/03/1996.

Found in the sub-basement of Gallowsditch House, Highgate Village, London .

Item is a box containing papers and broken shards of mirror. The box is made from oak, measures exactly 11 inches by 11 inches and is fitted with a brass lock which appears to have been forced open. All four sides and the lid are ornately carved with detailed faces, the eyes have been inlaid with ivory. The papers within are foxed with age, most are water damaged. One page of interest, the most intact and better preserved, is marked with the date 24th September, 1966 and is titled,

“Doppelgänger Ritual IV, Invocation of the Double Self by Edmund Gray”.

In handwritten form the rest reads as follows:

Here I shall transcribe the secret ceremony of invoking the double self. All procedures prior to this are to be disregarded as no successful results were made by my past attempts. Here is the perfected ritual in detail. I have documented this for posterity only and strongly advise against practising the following without a sound mind, the proper knowledge and the tools for protecting oneself against malevolent forces that may manifest themselves because of deviation or carelessness.

Part 1. The Ritual.

Objects required:

A tall free standing mirror.
A small sharp blade.
Large quantity of iron filings.
Large black sheet of fabric.
1 Gram of Psilocybin mushrooms (optional).

It is preferable that this ritual be performed late at night so you have complete peace, free from any unwanted interuptions.

Prepare an empty room. This room must be used only for the purposes of this ritual, kept locked at all times and the windows must be blocked out completely.

Stand the mirror at the north wall.

“Seal” the room by pouring the iron filings in a continuous line all around the room making sure to encompass the mirror in this protective space.

Consume the dried psilocybin mushrooms, (the hallucinogenic effects of the fungi will “break down” the walls of reality between this and other hidden planes of existence, it will also heighten your awareness of the elusive and arcane forces that secretly reside in all things).

Wait 1 hour 30 minutes for the mushrooms to take effect before proceeding further.

Now remove all items of clothing and stand before the mirror.

Arrange the candles in a circular manner around yourself and light them.

Take the small blade and make a deep cut along one finger. When the blood is flowing annoint all around the edge of the mirror.

Now stand very still and stare at your reflection; study every inch of your body, starting with the feet first and work your way up. When you’ve reached the head look deep into your eyes and say,

“Spirits of the veiled realm, beings of the looking glass world, speculum speculorum, I invoke you now to assist me in my quest.  From the night world beyond the borders of reality and time, ancient ones  aid me now and give me your blessing”.

Close your eyes and in your mind imagine the mirror as a doorway. Breath deeply in through your nose, hold for three seconds then out through your mouth counting down from ten with each exhaled breath. Step through the mirror door.

Above, around and below you is complete and utter darkness; you’re suspended in an infinite black void. The air is buzzing with static energy which permeates every fibre of your being.

Now envision a bright blue flame materialising from the centre of your chest; concentrate on its glow, see it burn brighter and brighter.

Now it grows in size until it is encompassing your entire body. In your mind say,

“I am a beacon, I summon you. I am a beacon, I invoke you. I am the key and I have opened the way. Follow this spirit light and enter this earthly realm “.

Next, in your mind, turn around and face the mirror door, do the breathing exercise again; this time counting from 1 to 10 then exit. Open your eyes.

The next step requires your upmost concentration and diligence.

With all your being will your reflection to move by its own accord.  Ask it in your mind to move a hand or blink, whatever you choose as long as you focus intently on your reflected self. Do this for at least thirty minutes, if you feel stronger push it to a full hour.

Do not expect to get immediate results, this takes some time to master.

If you are successful you may at first see your reflected self glimmer or twitch ever so slightly; with continued perseverance you will see more dramatic movements, do not be disappointed if you see nothing at all, this takes time, patience and plenty of practise.

This ends the ritual.

Perform this ceremony again twice a week or more. At the end of each session cover the mirror with the black cloth, extinguish the candles and give thanks to the spirits.

When exiting the space be careful not to break the protective seal. Lock the room.

Part 2. On the Arrival of the Double Self.

(The rest of the document is missing; it has been torn away).

Searching the property we found the room described in the ritual guide. It was located on the second floor and had been locked with two locking bolts, each with heavy padlocks. On the removal of these we discovered inside a tall free standing  frame which was the mirror, the glass had been removed; on the floor beneath it were a few small fragments. Haphazardly scattered about were the pages of what seems to have been a diary. Assembling these in order, the last entry is dated 7th October, 1966 and reads,

“He is here! He is me! He has locked me in this room and has taken my place, I’m fading away. I have made a terrible mistake and I am now paying the price for my meddling and my arrogance. I  cannot tear myself away from the mirror. I have no reflection. My skin is crawling with unseen things, it’s driving me insane! The mirror is watching! That unearthly horror that is the black void beyond fills my dreams and relentlessly haunts my waking hours. I have tried to break the mirror but some great force has its hold over me. My body is not my own, I am changed but I am the same. I can’t take anymore of this, I’m losing my mind! Don’t look at the mirror!”

Attatched is a black and white photograph of a blurred face, on the back is written,

“yarG dnumdE si eman ym”

Inspecting the mirror frame we found traces of blood, deep scratch marks and, embedded in the wood itself, several torn fingernails.

Credit To: Marc Green.

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So Cold

October 8, 2012 at 12:00 AM
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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Bartholomew Jackson and I desperately need to get this story out by any means necessary. Your belief on the matter that follows is not required, but I would indeed appreciate it if you were to bear with me. I’m afraid I must inform you that your convictions on the paranormal may be challenged throughout my tale, but I assure you that all of it is quite true.

I was born on the southeast side of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky in a mining town that has long been abandoned since then. On the exact hour of my birth a large portion of the coal mine on the outskirt of town collapsed. Fifty-seven men died that day, including my grandfather and two of my great uncles. The reason for the collapse was undetermined and declared an act of God by the local church.

As unimportant as this anecdote may seem, keep these facts in mind as we continue. Once I was released into my mothers care our family packed up and headed to a cabin on the opposite side of the mountain range that was inherited from our family patriarch’s untimely demise. A few uneventful days passed at our new home until the night of December 21st.

It was an especially cold night, snow was falling in legion outside and had all but blocked the road into the nearest town. My mother was cradling me in the crook of her arm while she slept, as per usual, and awoke to the sound of tapping. Attempting to rise and glance at the window my mother found that she could move nothing more than her eyes, as I’m sure you can imagine this fact alone was terrifying. The tapping continued until her gaze found the source, on the adjoining doorway that led into the living area was a set of fingers darker than the night around them gracefully tapping alongside the wooden frame.

Frozen in place my mother flinched as the fingers slammed onto the frame with enough force to cause the wood to creak and groan. Time slowed to a halt as a tall, lanky figure stepped into her bedroom. It’s body was entirely… black does not do it justice, the entity’s form seemed to be the antithesis to light itself, except for the eyes. Luminescent glowing pools of amber regarded her dismissively and focused upon my tiny form, my mother fought against whatever force was paralyzing her with all her might at this point but to no avail.

It shimmered out of focus and reappeared , standing silently next to my mother and I. Hours, minutes, seconds… my mother cannot recall how long the entity stared upon my sleeping form. Suddenly the creature moved with incredible speed , grabbing her arm (my mother shook involuntarily at this recollection when she told me, “So cold, so cold” she said) and almost gently placed it on her chest staring into her eyes.

It waved an arm in the space above me, and the moonlight that had been streaming in through the windows was blotted out. At this point my mother blacked out, and did not wake until the next morning. Finding herself able to move she threw back the covers and checked to see if I was still among the living and without harm. I received a single scar from that night in the shape of a five pointed star.

It has been twenty-five years to the day since that terrible night. Over the course of my entire life I’ve been experiencing harrowing nightmares and hearing murmuring voices when I’m alone.

The nightmares and I’m starting to have holes in my memory, whatever this is I think I’m running out of time. Anyone with knowledge on pagan or satanic rituals please contact me at bartjackson@ ohmy,whathavewehereacryforhelpthereisnohelpforthisvesselwearelegion.

Credit To: Will H.

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The Ritual

September 14, 2012 at 8:00 AM
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I don’t think there’s a college that doesn’t have its share of legends. Stories range from the ghost of the girl who was pregnant with the football coach’s child to the creature that roams a building at night. And everything is said to kill you in the most horrible fashion if you run into it, of course. My school, Miskatonic University, up in Maine, was no exception.

In addition to the obligatory ghost stories of the suicides and murder victims still haunting the grounds, there was a story of an evil creature that liked to torture its victims by scaring them for days on end before killing them. The thing is, you have to call this monster, invite it to hunt you. The monster is called Achildes and it feeds on the terror.

Yeah, that’s brilliant, call up an otherworldly horror to come and torture you.

But there were tons of people who did this and they didn’t die. It was some sort of rite of passage. Frats and Sororities had it as part of their initiation ritual. They would take the new kids out to the old run down building on campus.  Despite its sorry state, it still was usable, there just weren’t any classes being held in it. That wasn’t common knowledge, though. The members would send the pledges in and have them call up Achildes. The pledges would do the ritual in the men’s bathroom and then someone in a mask would jump out and scare the bejesus out of them. Most of the time the kids would run screaming out of the building, sometimes they would go deeper into the building and get lost. Which meant that all the lights would have to be turned on and a search would go on until they were found.

What a great way to get people into your frat, give them heart attacks and/or mental issues.

Then my friend Tiffany told me and my girlfriend, Alexia, that she had found the actual ritual and where it was supposed to be done. I didn’t really want anything to do with it, and neither did Alexia. We told Tiff not to do it, that it’s not a good idea to mess with things that aren’t of this world. Of course, she didn’t listen. I remember when it happened, it was at the end of November…

It was a dark and stormy night…

I was lounging on the couch in the apartment that Alexia and I shared just off campus, playing Mass Effect for the twenty-eighth time. Alexia was sitting at her desk nearby, playing some Facebook games on her laptop.

“Remember that ritual Tiffany told us about?” Alexia asked me,

“Vaguely,” was my muttered reply.

“She has a status saying that her, Mark, Tonya, Steve, and Jeff are going to perform it tonight. That was about 3 hours ago.”

“What time is it now?”


“Wonder if they’re still alive.” I wasn’t taking it seriously.

“Probably not.” She said in a similar tone to mine.

A while later the phone rang. It was right next to me, but I was shooting people, so obviously I couldn’t answer it. I quickly checked the caller id. “It’s Tiff,” I said as I tossed it to Alexia and went back to shooting people, but with the volume down a bit more. I didn’t really pay any attention to the call, I was too busy trying to snipe some mercs, and Alexia had gone into another room. Not sure how long the call lasted but it was long enough for me to get out of that area in the game.

“Find a save point,” Alexia called out to me, “We’ve got to go get ’em.”

“Why?” I asked, saving and shutting down the system.

“They did the ritual and are scared out of their minds.” She replied as she put her coat on and grabbed her purse.

“Okay, so where are they?” I grabbed my coat and keys.

“The old mental hospital.”

“Why am I not surprised?” We went out to the car and started towards the old mental hospital that was just outside of the warehouse district of the city. Alexia reminded me what Tiffany had told us about the ritual.

The location for the ritual has to be a place where great fear has been felt – the mental hospital was perfect for that – and at night with no lights on. You have to have 27 black candles and, after arranging them in a specific pattern, light them. Then everyone who is participating in the ritual has to stand in the middle of the symbol that the candles form and start chanting a challenge to the demon. And you have to use its actual name, not Achildes, which is the bastardized version of it.  It takes 27 times of saying the chant for it to work. If it works, then the candles are supposed to go out and then you have to run for your life because the creature/demon/entity/thing is now hunting everyone who took part in the ritual.  Supposedly this thing feeds off of the fear that is generated by its hunt and it will try to terrorize you for days before finally killing and eating you, not necessarily in that order either.

From what Tiff told my girlfriend, it succeeded.

I didn’t believe that some creature had been summoned from the ether to wreak terror on these dunderheaded college students; I figured that someone was playing a prank on them. I mean, they posted it on Facebook, for crying out loud!

It didn’t take long to get there, only about 15 minutes and that was due to hitting every – single – stoplight on the way. It was still raining hard when I parked in the old asylum’s lot. No lights were on in the parking lot and the big building was completely dark. The only sources of illumination were the street lights and the occasional flashes of lightning. We got out into the cold rain, using the small umbrellas we kept in the car as protection against the weather. I pulled our flashlights out of the back of the car. A 3 D Cell LED Mag-Lite for Alexia and a big 6 D Cell Mag-Lite (called Bessie) with the ultra-bright Xenon bulb for me. With our flashlights in hand we headed to the building.

The front entrance wasn’t locked so we stepped inside to the lobby. Alexia tried to call Tiffany but the reception was horrible. The only thing that she could make out was, “It’s coming for me.”

After hanging up, Alexia looked at me and asked, “Time to search, shall we split up?”

“Sure,” was my reply, “That way it can eat us easier.”

“Good,” She said. We both looked around, “I feel like I’m walking into a horror story. Shall we skip to the end and just go down to the basement and-”

A scream from upstairs cut her off. We both headed up the stairs that were in the main lobby of the asylum. There was another scream, one filled with even more terror than the first one. It sounded like it was on the third floor, so we ran that direction. It took a moment on the third floor landing for us to catch our breath. Neither one of us was in good enough shape to really run, much less run up 3 flights of stairs. As my girlfriend and I were wheezing on the landing, my light hit something big and odd looking, but it vanished just as quickly as I saw it.

Tiffany was on the floor against the wall right next to where I saw whatever it was. Alexia went over to her as quickly as she could. Tiff grabbed Alexia and sobbed against her. I continued looking around; keeping an eye out for whatever it was that had run off.  Finally after a few moments, Tiffany regained some composure.

“What was that thing?” I asked,

“It was Arke…” Tiffany started to say but was cut off by Alexia.

“Don’t say its name!” She said to Tiff.

Tiffany nodded and continued, “It was the creature that’s summoned by the ritual.” She managed to finally stammer out. I looked at Alexia and she had a very concerned expression.

She looked up spoke in the tone that she uses that I knew better than to argue with, “We need to leave, now!”

“Got to find the others.” I stated. “No way we can leave ’em here.” We both helped Tiffany to her feet, “Alright, we stick together and search for the others.”

We began searching, Alexia staying right next to Tiff. The beast already knew we were there so there was no need to remain quiet. We moved through the halls of the 3rd Floor calling for our friends.

We heard the sound of someone running from down the hall; I shined my light and hit Steve right in the eyes with the bright beam. His face had no color and his shirt was covered in blood. I caught him as he reached us and practically collapsed.

“It got Mark,” He stammered out between breaths. “Ripped him in half.” Steve grabbed me and started screaming, “WE’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

“We’ve got to find Tonya and Jeff.” I told him, “Calm down, we’ll get them and then get out of here.” I tried speaking to him in a calming tone.

“They’re probably dead already!” Steve shouted, “Let’s just go!”

“We’ll be fine if we stick to-” Alexia started saying but was interrupted by a blood curling scream that came from below us. “That’s Tonya!”

I was already starting to run towards the stairs when Steve grabbed me, “NO, IT’LL KILL YOU!”

“We have to get Tonya!”

“SHE’S AS GOOD AS DEAD!” Steve shrieked in my face. Then we heard Tonya scream again. I grabbed Steve’s arm and started dragging him along with me as I began the decent down the stairs.

“If we stick together we’ll be fine!” I told him. Steve tried to fight against me, but I’ve got quite a bit more muscle than he does, so I was able to drag him down the stairs. I let him go when Tonya came into my light. She was still screaming and was trying to get up from the floor, which was covered in blood, as was she. She managed to get to her feet when I saw her, but a leg came out of the darkness and slammed into her legs causing her to fall back to the floor. I noticed that the leg wasn’t attached to anything. I managed to run over to Tonya and shine my light down the hall where I saw it.

It stood over 7 feet tall and its skin was dark and shiny. The thing’s mouth was large and vile looking. Its eyes held a terrible presence, burning terror into my very being. In one of its grotesque hands was Mark’s body, what was left of it, and its other hand pulled the last limb, an arm, and threw it at us. I ducked under the arm and grabbed Tonya, hauling her to her feet.

“RUN!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, shoving Tonya toward the stairs. I heard the thing laugh as we ran down the stairs to the first floor. The exit, we just needed to get out of the building.

I was the last in line as we hit the first floor. Steve was first to the door and tried to open it, it wouldn’t move. Alexia shined her light on it revealing a glob of black goo stuck to the doors, preventing them from being opened.

We heard the laughter of the creature. It was on the stairs, coming for us. Steve took off down one of the hallways that went off of lobby and the rest of us followed. I looked back behind me and shined my light; the creature was following us, scuttling on the walls.

That was not what I wanted to see.

I turned back to make sure I didn’t get separated from everyone else, but I knew that this thing was going to catch us soon if we didn’t manage to get outside. Steve ducked down yet another hallway, continuing to run at a breakneck speed with Tiff, Tonya, and Alexia right behind him, and I was at an ever increasing distance behind them. I heard Steve hit something before I rounded the corner, a door leading outside!

“It’s locked!” Steve wailed, franticly trying to get the door open. “I can’t get it open!” The girls caught up to him and started trying to help get the thing open. The door had a window in it, one with the metal netting in it to keep people from breaking in, or out. Somehow we had made a few turns and I could see into the parking lot, our cars were just a little ways away. Salvation was just one door away.

I skidded to a halt as I reached them and looked back behind us; the monster was nowhere to be seen. “I don’t see the thing.” I called out.

“Maybe we lost it?” Tiff sounded hopeful, almost pleading.

“No, it knows where we are.” Alexia replied. I took up a position to be able to keep a look out as they worked on getting the door open.

The door was at the end of a short hallway, with rooms to both sides and the crossing hallway a little ways away, so I knew that it only had one way to come to get us. I stood, shaking with fear, watching for this thing to come for us.

Mark’s head rolled into the intersection and stopped, his lifeless eyes looking at me, his face frozen in an expression of sheer terror.

I screamed.

So did everyone else.

I heard Tonya and Tiff start sobbing, Alexia was whispering something, and Steve just started pounding on the door.

As I stared at Mark’s head the bulb on my flashlight popped, plunging the intersection into darkness. Looking back I saw that Tiff and Tonya had dropped to the floor and were holding each other, crying uncontrollably. Steve had stopped pounding on the door and also went to the ground, curling up in a ball. Alexia was staring at me with wide eyes, her flashlight still on.

“LOOK OUT!” she yelled.

My gaze returned to the intersection and no more than 8 feet away from me was the creature, illuminated by Alexia’s flashlight. It was unlike anything I had seen before. Seeing it from a distance had spared me the full view of this thing’s horrific features, but this time I saw the whole thing in detail. The creature’s shiny black skin was stretched taunt over its skull and its mouth was full of vicious looking teeth.  I could smell its breath, the scent of death.  Its arms were misshapen, unnaturally long, and too thin for its size, with large claws at their ends.

But its eyes were the worst, vile dark pools of malevolence. I stared at them and saw what this monster was going to do to us; I could see the horrors it was going to inflict dancing in them.

I screamed in terror and it screamed in joyous laughter. It stepped towards me, its tongue sliding over its thin lips, dripping sickly green bile. Fear shot through my entire body and my mind no longer worked. I was so filled with terror that I could no longer think and this creature knew it, its evil grin broadened.

Then its head violently snapped back.

The creature brought its face back down level with mine and I could see that it was angry. I shrieked again as sheer horror filled me. This time the beast was struck down as my nonworking flashlight slammed into its forehead. It reeled backwards from the blow and came at me, trying to rake me with one of its large claws, and it fixed me with its terrifying gaze again. Terror flooded me again, causing my mind to step out of the way one more time and let my body take over. Ducking under the misshapen limb, I smashed its wrist with Bessie, and grabbed the creature with my free hand. Kicking thing’s leg out from underneath it, I took the monster to the ground.

That was when the terror turned into rage.

This time when its eyes met mine, I saw fear and confusion in them. I’m sure it saw the rage in mine. I brought Bessie down onto the beast’s shoulder and Alexia smashed the thing’s knee. Repeatedly, we pummeled the thing, using our flashlights as clubs, until I brought Bessie down onto its skull one final time, cracking it open like an egg.

I don’t know how long we stood there, but when I finally regained my senses the police were there. All of us were questioned and I know they didn’t believe our story. A group of Federal agents arrived and took over the investigation. They convinced the police that it was an emaciated gorilla that we had killed and I wasn’t going to argue. Heck, Steve, Tiffany, and Tonya actually believed the story after a bit. Only Alexia and I remembered what happened. They found Jeff; he had been strapped down in one of the electroshock therapy rooms. Guess the thing was going to save him as a snack for later.

Alexia and I were given the option of assisting this Federal agency. I can’t go into the details, but we said yes.

Credit To: Don McCullough

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The Scariest “Story” Ever

September 8, 2012 at 8:00 AM
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Transcript taken from a video found under the link: SCARIEST “STORY” EVER

The video feed turns on in night vision mode. A teen girl, pale in the greenish light, stands in front of a leathery black backdrop, rods running through it. Her pupils glow as the light hits them, turning the same pale green as her skin while her irises stay black. She begins to speak in a calm, clear voice.
“My life has been a living hell. I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t afraid, and even that seems like it was years ago. But I know it hasn’t been years since this started. It started three days ago. It started with the video.

“The video was much like this one is. A cute teen boy filming himself on one of those cheap video cameras, making a home movie at dark. His voice was calm and sweet, completely the opposite of what he was saying. What He was saying was dark and cold. I should never have watched that video. You shouldn’t be watching this one. This is your last chance to turn back, to turn off the video, to save yourself from the terror that awaits you. Turn it off now.

“I see you didn’t listen. I don’t blame you. I didn’t listen to His warning either; I thought I could handle the story that was to come. I was dead wrong. I applaud you for your bravery, but you were stupid. Oh well. No turning back now.

“I suppose I should tell you what you’re in for. He never did that for me. He didn’t do anything for me. Everything was for himself. He said that they were looking for recruits for the group He was a part of. I was to be their newest recruit, having seen the video. That confused me. How was he supposed to find me? And what If I didn’t want to be part of their group? The latter obviously didn’t occur to Him. He said it with such finality it was as if no one in their right mind would refuse to be in the group. Or that you had no choice in the matter. He explained that special abilities and rewards were granted to those in the group. Granted. As if I had a choice. I suppose the abilities aren’t that bad. You’ll find out soon enough.

“At the end of the video He said They were coming for me, to be ready for Their arrival. That freaked me out. His voice was soothing but firm as he said that, and I had no doubt in my mind that They would find me. They did. That night.

“I was half asleep when they came, roused by an eerie silence and an odd, frightened feeling. Suddenly, I heard a rustling from outside my window. A whoosh followed soon after. I ran to the window and there They were. Five of them, beckoning. They were smiling, but Their eyes were cold, menacing. I screamed and ran toward my parents’ room on the opposite side of the house. I passed a hall window just as something huge swooped past it, too fast for me to make out. I glanced out the window as I sprinted down the hall and there They were on the front lawn, still beckoning, looking slightly annoyed. I made it to my parents’ bedroom and shoved them out of bed and to their window. Nothing. I pushed them to my bedroom window. Nothing. They were gone. Annoyed, my parents scolded me, saying I was too old for these kind of nightmares. If only that were true.

“They were everywhere the next day. On the drive to school They were standing at the edge of the forests that border the road. Standing. Staring. My mom saw nothing. During classes, They were in the forest circling the school, just visible from the classroom windows. They darted in and out of sight, too fast for a normal human. I was the only one that saw them. By this time they were visibly agitated. A few looked furious. I was a nervous wreck. It was only a matter of time before they got to me.

“They got me that night. I didn’t stand a chance. I stayed awake, lying in bed, trying not to look out the window. I didn’t want to know where They were. I should have checked. A hand burst through the window, shattering the glass. I ran for the door, but He was too quick for me. He got there before I did. His sweetness was gone. Rage poured from his body and out of his bright, red eyes. I shrank to the floor, terror taking its hold. I felt two sharp needle pricks and lost consciousness.

“When I woke up, They explained my new abilities. I liked them. I liked being able to run so fast people saw only a blur. I liked being much stronger than all of the boys at my school. I didn’t like that I wasn’t permitted to leave. There is no one here that I can relate to. Everyone else has been here so long that they’ve forgotten how to be human, how to be a teenager. Oh well, I’ll have you here soon. We can be friends.” The girl adjusts her position slightly, stretching and getting more comfortable. The backdrop moves with her, stretching out slightly and then folding in on itself. It attaches to the girl at her shoulder blades. It is a pair of wings. “Good luck trying to escape. You’re going to need it. They have been doing this for centuries. They know exactly what you’re going to try. You’ll see me tonight. We’ll be watching.”

The girl smiles slightly, then turns to look at the buttons controlling the camera. The feed ends.

Credit To: Ace

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Listen To The Clock

September 5, 2012 at 12:00 AM
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If you want to lose your grasp on reality, and destroy your complete sanity, just listen to the clock.

But this will not be easy let me tell you right now. This is not something to mess around with. It’s just an easy way to lose your mind within the confines of your own home. But there are a couple guidelines to follow. First, pick a room with no windows. It can be a room for anything, but it just can’t have windows. Second, you can start at any time in the day, even if you wish to start at night, for the process will take exactly 24 hours to complete. Third, cancel all appointments you have for that day, turn off your phone if you have to, for there can’t be any distractions for you to focus on. Fourth, make sure it is a calm and quiet day outside, and not windy or storming outside. Lastly, to start the process, you must go into the room you picked, put a clock inside (the clock must make the distinct ‘tick-tock’ sound when every second passes), turn off the lights, and light a candle. That candle will be your only source of light. Once you have done all of that, I honestly want you to ask yourself one question, “Do I really want to do this?” If your answer is yes, then may God have mercy on you. I’m here to merely prepare you on what to expect. Alright, let me tell you a little bit of information about the procedure. Back in the mid-1800’s, radical members of the Christian, Muslim, and Islamic faith used it as a way to “connect” with God. It was kept under wraps due to its extreme nature and unusual method to connect with the supernatural. The clock represented life on earth, and how short it can be, and the candle represented God as the only way of guidance through life. Most often than not, each person that would go through the procedure, would lose their minds and within a day and due to their insane actions, would kill themselves from what they claim to have seen. But if you were one of the lucky ones, you can keep your sanity, like me. Ok, now here is what to expect.

The first 3 hours are the least eventful, mainly because nothing really happens, but prepare yourself in these hours. These are the only hours in which you may choose to leave the procedure.

In the 4th hour, you will not be able to escape by any means. The lock on your door will lock by itself and you will have no way to move it.

In the 5th hour, you will start to sweat profusely, and will start to have feelings of anxiety. You will start to look behind you many times, and every time, there will be nothing there.

In the 6th hour, you will hear noises. Not noises from the house or from outside, but thuds and thumps throughout the hour in ten minute intervals. With each noise getting louder.

In the 7th hour, you will pass out, and dream. But this will be the only pleasant hour throughout the process. You will dream about the best moments in your life. Every great accomplishment, wonderful memory, and friend you have made will appear before you. It will have been the best dream you have ever had in your life. Even events from the future can appear.

At the beginning of the 8th hour, you shall wake up. But when you do, you will feel an extreme sense of elation and comfort, similar the effects of smoking marijuana. Now for some this could be considered another pleasant hour, but what comes after will be the start of your suffering.

In the 9th hour, you will, in a sense, go from one drug, to another. Your feelings of elation will change to that of extreme adrenaline and energy. Similar to the effects of any stimulant drug. But a warning, you must try your hardest to keep yourself under control. You’re unpredictable, there is no telling what you will do in this state.

In the 10th hour, hopefully you have minimal injuries from the last hour. But now you will start to feel normal, and your feelings you previously felt will subside. Now you will hear screaming, but the screaming can vary from what it sounds like, from a little girl, to a full grown man. You will hear screaming at six minute intervals throughout the hour. This hour is going to feel like an eternity to pass.

At the 11th hour, the light from the candle will go out. That’s it. You are left alone in the darkness. You are free to think to yourself, most likely regretting the decision you have made.

At the 12th hour, the light from the candle will reappear. But do not worry, this is another hour of silence. But mentally prepare yourself for what you about to experience next.

In the 13th hour, you shall pass out, much like you did in the 7th hour. But don’t expect happy memories. In this dream, you shall experience every painful moment, suffering, and unpleasant thing in your life all over again. Even suffering in the future, including your own death. This will be the worst dream you will ever have in your life.

At the 14th hour, you will wake up. This is another hour of silence. But the silence will be broken by your own sobbing. Your tears shall continue until the hour is over.

In the 15th hour, this is putting it very bluntly, is when things start to get weird. You will talk to someone. He’s not visible, but he is there. He doesn’t have a name, but I’m giving him one. He is your guardian angel, but you can call him ‘Watcher’ or ‘Protector’. But for me, I call him ‘Asshole’. This may seem funny, but trust me, it’s suits him. The first thing he will say to you is “Ask me anything, and I shall give you an answer.” You can ask him anything about your life, what will happen in the future, and why events occurred when they did. He will give you an answer, but extreme and graphic details, and give reasons for things will not understand, whether it be a tragedy or a death. By the end of the hour, he will say “Farewell” and leave.

In the 16th hour, you will talk to your parents. But they do not make a physical appearance mind you. Now it’s your turn to answer questions. They will ask you questions about what you have done with your life, and if you do not answer one of their questions, they will press on for an answer until you can’t take it anymore. At the end of the hour, they will go away.

At the 17th hour, you will talk to the most important guy in your life, whether it be your significant other or your best friend. He will ask you why and how you became friends. But keep in mind, he is not looking for friendly conversation, he is questioning your friendship with him. Finding every mistake you have done to cripple your friendship with him. Reasoning with him will not work, and will act like your parents did in the previous hour.

At the 18th hour, you will speak to the most important girl in your life, whether it be your significant other or your best friend. She will do the same as the person in the 17th hour did, and ask the same questions.

At the 19th hour, you will talk with yourself. Meaning you will talk with your future self, and trust me, this is the least pleasant conversation. He will tell you things you will not want to hear about yourself, and will ask you questions you can and can’t answer. Soon it will be too much, and you will find yourself screaming at yourself, and anger and self-loathing will be the only emotion you will have.

In the 20th hour, following the events of the 19th hour, you will find any possibility to hurt yourself. Self-inflicting pain will be constant in this hour. Some have even committed suicide in this hour.

In the 21st hour, if you managed to survive the previous hour, here is what will await you. Music. Yes, music. It will be soft orchestral music, with a choir singing Gregorian Chant, similar to church music, but more beautiful. By the end of this hour, your wounds will heal. Don’t ask me why, even I don’t know.

In the 22nd hour, the music will stop. This is another hour of silence. But you have time to think to yourself. The light on the candle will change colors, all colors of the spectrum. This quite a sight to behold, it’s almost soothing.

In the 23rd hour, you will sing Gregorian Chant. But your singing will be the only sound in the room. You honestly don’t know what your singing, but it sounds beautiful, and you will actually want to sing more.

Finally, the 24th hour, this is the most interesting hour. Rumor says you talk to God himself, but here is how it goes. You are pinned to the floor by some unknown force, and someone or something asks you a question at ten minute intervals. Questions like “Are you happy?” or “Would you like to change?”. You must answer, you will feel the need to. The questioner sounds like a man, but at the same time sounds like an animal. Almost like the roar of a lion. His voice is terrifying but yet comforting at the same time. After the hour is up you will be able to get up, and the door will unlock. If you’re lucky, you still have your sanity.

Now it up to you what you shall do with this information. If you want to do this, I’m not stopping you, but I’m giving you fair warning. Some things are beyond the realms of human comprehension and sometimes we just have nothing to explain the unnatural. But whatever it is, at least we know we are not alone. Now remember what I have told you. If you want to lose your grasp on reality, and destroy your complete sanity, just listen to the clock.

Credit To: TheGuyNamedEd

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