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Once again, is having a small Halloween raffle!

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Discussion Post

Join us for the October 2014 discussion post - this month, we're talking all about Halloween!

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Discussion Posts

Last year, I replaced the October’s normal discussion post style with a general Halloween chat post. As it was pretty active and fun to read, I didn’t see any reason to change things up this year. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to usual discussion posts next month!

The basic idea here is simple: give the community a place to talk about Halloween in general. It’s basically Creepypasta’s Christmas, after all, so it deserves its own post!

So tell us all about your Halloween plans! What are you doing for your costume? Are you going trick-or-treating, or are you staying in with a scary movie marathon, or something else all together?… Read the rest

This month’s topic was suggested by Demonicus. If you have ideas for future discussion posts, please share them by commenting here.

We’ve all experienced irrational fear from things that simply shouldn’t be scary. Children’s shows and toys, for example, are a pretty common culprit when it comes to being innocent-yet-freaky, and this month I’d like you to tell us what stories, shows, movies, etc, have somehow triggered your scary-sense despite being supposedly innocuous.

If you have any idea as to the hows and whys of your particular reaction, please do share your theories! I can see it being helpful for aspiring authors – both as a way to get a better idea of how fear can work, even when dealing with things that aren’t overtly scary, but also as a way of garnering possible inspiraiton for some fresh, non-cliché stories.… Read the rest

This month’s topic was suggested by Mockingbird and ties in with the August 2014 Book Club post (this month’s selected reading is The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel) quite nicely, I think!

General Cryptozoology Chatter is the name of the game this month. For example, what are your favorite cryptids? Which beings and creatures in the realm of cryptozoology do you find the most interesting? Do you believe in any cryptids? Have you ever tried to hunt them yourself?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of cryptozoology, here are some introductory links:
Cryptozoology @ Wikipedia
Cryptid @ Wikipedia
List of Cryptids @ Wikipedia

If you’d like to go a bit more in-depth into the world of cryptids, of course the most obvious suggestion is to partake in the August book club post.… Read the rest

Previously, we’ve talked about the best creepy video games, your favorite scary movies, the top paranormal podcasts and radio shows, and, of course, your best-loved books in the creepy/horror genre. This month we’ll be continuing the community recommendation series, with the spotlight on creepy anime and horror manga.

So please tell us (with links if possible!) about all of your favorite creepy, horror-themed, or paranormal anime and manga series. Suggestions left in the comments will be added to the main post. As I’m personally not very familiar with anime/manga, you can help me out a ton by giving links for where to find your suggested anime or manga – otherwise, I’ll just do my best to find it with a quick Google search.… Read the rest

This month’s topic was suggested by Ahriannah. You can suggest future discussion posts (as well as find links to old posts) here.

It’s true that we’ve already had a discussion post called How Did You Discover Creepypasta?, however I do believe that this month’s question deals with a different angle of the same basic concept. Rather telling me how you found out about the overall concept of creepypasta, I’d like to know which story in particular was the one to seal the deal, so to speak. Was there a specific story that, even though it might not be your all-time favorite, you can pick out as being THE story that set you off down the rabbit hole of internet horror fiction?… Read the rest

This month’s topic was suggested by Hawlucha – please leave any suggestions for future discussion post topics here if you have ideas, and thank you!

I see many comments come through with the author complaining that real life is so boring – they wish that [insert pasta ritual/creature/place] was real! Of course, similar to the people who pray for a zombie apocalypse but would probably be one of the first eaten, this always kind of makes me laugh – can you imagine how some of our favorite Creepypasta characters would react if they truly existed and were exposed to their internet fandoms?… Read the rest

If you’ve never heard the term “urban legend” or “urban myth” before, it refers to – in a definition shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia – “a form of modern folklore consisting of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true. As with all folklore and mythology, the designation suggests nothing about the story’s veracity, but merely that it is in circulation, exhibits variation over time, and carries some significance that motivates the community in preserving and propagating it.”

You’ve probably been told some form of urban legend as if it were a truth at some point in your life – I remember the whole “pop rocks and soda will make you explode AND DIE!!!” legend going around my elementary school (complete with dares to try it, of course), and as recently as last month I’ve seen people circulating – seemingly in earnest – the absolutely ancient myth about gang initiations and car headlights.… Read the rest

One frequent discussion in the comments both here and over at Crappypasta is what, exactly, makes a good character. Some people seem to eschew any detail about the character’s traits or life, preferring them to be a blank slate for the reader to imagine as their own proxy within the story. Others like characters to be their own developed beings, not necessarily needing them to be a vehicle for the reader’s self-insert. With such different views causing people to bicker back and forth about which details and writing POVs are acceptable, I thought it might be helpful for any aspiring writers if we had a discussion about fictional characters that we love.… Read the rest

We’ve compiled our favorite scary movies, the best creepy video games, and a list of paranormal podcasts & radio shows thus far – and now it’s time for creepy/paranormal book recommendations! This has been suggested by a number of people, possibly because it was the obvious next step in our community suggestion series.

So please let us know what creepy/paranormal/horror books that you love! Anything remotely creepy works, whether it’s true crime, horror fiction, paranormal experiences, mysterious ancient cultures, conspiracy theories, etc. Just please make sure that your recommendation falls within the general site feel – this isn’t the post to suggest the Jack Ryan series, for example.… Read the rest

Last month, we talked about how to create good monsters. Some classic boogeyman from folklore and mythology were namedropped over the course of the discussion, which got me wondering –

Which already established mythological entities are your absolute favorites?

Unlike last month, please don’t limit yourself to just monsters or malignant characters. Any mythological, religious, or folkloric being – from the Lady of the Lake to Ishtar to Kappas – is fair game. When you name your favorite, please give us some detail as to who they are and why you find them more interesting than all the others. Of course, you could just leave a one-word answer, but it will be much more interesting if you actually explain yourself!… Read the rest

This month’s discussion post was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME!

Humans have been making monsters seemingly from the dawn of our species. Every culture has their own army of bump-in-the-night creepies, terrifying mythological beasts, and fearsome folk tales. Some are part of oral history and creation legends, others exist to relay morals or lessions, while some exist solely because people just love a good scare.

Obviously, here at Creepypasta, we tend to be primarily motivated by the latter. So let’s talk about the process of making monsters!

What do you think makes a good monster? Are there any particular traits that make one monster creep you out more than others?… Read the rest

This month’s topic was suggested by Predhead. He may not be an official co-admin anymore, but he still lurks and (kinda) loves you guys!

We’ve had posts about creepy video games and movies, and this post is similar – but not entirely. We want to hear about your favorite “creepy” music, but with some specific questions thrown in to the mix:

  1. What do you listen to (if anything) while you read and/or write Creepypastas? Do you have a specific playlist or band that you feel helps to amp up the creepy atmosphere and/or give your creepy creativity a boost? Tell us about it!
Read the rest

This month, we’re breaking the discussion post pattern. I knew that I wanted to ask something about Halloween, but I was having a hard time settling on the topic. So I’m going to take the easy road out and make this month’s post a place for all-encompassing Halloween chatter. After all, it’s the closest thing we’ve got to an official Creepypasta holiday, so why limit ourselves to talking about just one aspect?

So, let’s hear it, guys:

  • What are you planning on doing for this year’s Halloween costume, if you’re dressing up at all? Are any of you going to be Creepypasta characters?
Read the rest

We’ve already touched on favorite overall creepypastas in the June 2013 and September 2012 discussion, but this month I’d like to focus specifically on the characters.

Of course, there are some huge fan favorites like Jeff the Killer and Slenderman, but I notice that some people champion and roleplay lesser-known (or even their own original characters) in the comments of various pastas. This got me curious, so this month I’m asking:

Who is your favorite Creepypasta character? I’d also like to hear why your pick stands out to you; give us details and your reasonings behind your choice! Consider this an opportunity to both go full fangirl/fanboy as well as give aspiring Creepypasta authors ideas about what you feel makes a character particularly engaging and compelling.Read the rest

I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I like listening to paranormal podcasts or radio shows. I’ve mentioned Anything Ghost with Lex Wahl and Welcome to Nightvale before, and while the main show has gotten a bit too New Agey for my tastes, I still listen to Coast 2 Coast AM’s “special” Halloween and New Year’s Predictions shows. I’m also looking forward to Art Bell’s return to paranormal radio with the new Dark Matter show that should be launching this fall!

So with all that said, I’d like to ask: what are your favorite creepy/paranormal podcasts and/or radio shows? Link us if you can, tell us a bit about the show and why you love it!Read the rest

Remember a few months ago when I asked for your favorite creepy video games? I’d mentioned that I planned to do similar posts for books, movies, and maybe even television shows and music – and since July means that a lot of you have the free time of summer break to spend watching creepy movies, that’s what we’ll talk about this month.

Just like last time:

As people suggest their favorites, I’ll turn this OP into a master list of the community’s favorite spooky movies (with links to download or buy said games if possible).

Thanks for the help, and have fun!… Read the rest

This month’s discussion topic was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME!

I see a lot of comments that carry the theme of, “I don’t understand how this pasta has such a [low/high] rating” – so for all you people who love to rage against the ratings, here’s your chance to enlighten the masses.

First, which pasta do you think is criminally underrated? Is there a pasta on the site that you think deserves far more attention and praise than it has actually received?

Second, on the flip side – are there any pastas that you think are incredibly overrated? What pastas do you think simply don’t live up to their hype and why do you feel that way?… Read the rest

I’ve had some people ask that I set up a page with recommendations for scary books, movies, video games, etc – but since I’d surely leave out some quality stuff if I compiled the list completely on my own, I figured that the best way to do this would be via discussion post!

So please, this month, tell us about your favorite creepy video games! Zombies, general paranormal, horror, murder mysteries, psychological thrillers – if you can conceivably consider it a “creepy” game, feel free to recommend it and please do tell us why you chose that game in particular!

As people suggest their favorites, I’ll turn this OP into a master list of the community’s favorite spooky video games (with links to download or buy said games if possible, so if you’re recommending an indie or fanmade game that can’t be easily found on Amazon, please leave a link to its official website/download page to make things easier for me, thanks).… Read the rest

This month’s discussion post is a two-parter. Yours truly has been reading World War Z (rereading, to be honest – it’s one of those books that I find easy to pick up over and over again for some reason), and now I’d like to hear everybody’s thoughts on the undead.

First part: Do you believe that there is, in fact, any chance that a “zombie apocalypse” could ever happen? Why or why not? What do you think would be the cause – or, conversely, what do you think prevents this from ever actually occurring?

Second part: In the event that the big Z-Day actually did occur, how would you react?… Read the rest

This month’s discussion post was suggested by YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE USERNAME!

What do you most fear? It’s a question that, I hope, should spark some interesting comments as well as serve to inspire some of the writing community.

As with last month’s discussion post, anecdotes and slightly longer comments will be allowed as I understand that this question may prompt some detailed and involved responses. However, if your comment appears more like an attempt at a stealth-submission and less of an honest response to the question, prepare for it to be hit with the spam button.

Read the rest

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