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February 2016 Discussion Post: Your Favorite True Crime Stories

February 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM

This month’s subject was suggested by KingDeathMetal – he left a very long and detailed comment about why he wanted to see this particular topic discussed here, and it’s pretty interesting so I encourage you all to give it a read!

The timing seems right, given that Making a Murderer has been such a phenomenon and dragged the true crime niche back into the spotlight. Though I’m not sure the public’s fascination with the true crime genre ever really dwindled that much: Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries, the countless true crime documentaries floating around on pretty much any video streaming service – not to mention that it’s an incredibly populated subject for writers as well. You could pretty easily fall into a serious rabbit-hole of jumping from one true crime story to the next!

So this month, please share your the true crime stories that gripped you. I encourage you to give links to any documentaries or websites where people might be able to read more about your pick, but I do have a few guidelines that I need everyone to follow for this month’s discussion for it to be remotely workable here:

  • Above all: be respectful. Remember that true crime, by definition, involves actual people as the victims who don’t deserve shitty jokes or insensitive comments made at their expense. If the victim or their family have asked that people stop discussing their case, even if you find it fascinating, please don’t bring it up here.
  • DO NOT EMBED ANY NSFW VIDEOS OR IMAGES IN YOUR COMMENTS. While I understand that some true crime cases can be grisly, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to share any graphic images here. I’d prefer that you don’t link to anything that could be considered a shock site or explicit content, but if you’re linking to a legitimate documentary that happens to include upsetting imagery, please mention it in your comment. I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes right now, but as I’ve stated several times before, we’re not a shock site, and I don’t want people getting linked to potentially traumatic things without warning.
  • When summarizing the case, please try not to go too graphic. I know this may seem silly, but this is mostly for the sake of myself and other comment mods: we might not really enjoy reading some case details over our morning coffee, you know? I’m sure that you’ve noticed I tend to give gore warnings on the rare pastas that feature it in too much detail; try to use that as a barometer for what you can freely discuss versus what you might want to allude to with a link. If you’re not sure, you can give a warning before continuing so that any readers – both the mods and general community members – can decide if they want to proceed with reading your comment.
  • With all that said, this discussion is not limited to serial killers. Cults, corrupt policemen, organized crime, etc – true crime is a pretty far-ranging genre. I don’t want my emphasis on keeping things work-safe while discussing any murder cases to make you think that the only type of crime open to discussion is murder.
  • I hope that these bullet points all made sense, because I’m squeezing in writing this post before I’ve even had my coffee today.

If you’re somehow not familiar with true crime and don’t feel like hitting up Google, here are some relevant links to familiarize yourself with the genre:

I hope that this topic can be discussed smoothly, so as always – be excellent to each other!



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January 2016 Discussion Post: Favorite Creepypastas of 2015

January 1, 2016 at 12:00 AM

Yes, this is a carbon copy of last year’s January discussion post – but given how interesting and fun it was to see everyone’s choices, I’m thinking that this should be a yearly event.

I’ll repost the guidelines from last year, with some slight tweaks:

  • Please stick to stories posted in 2015. While we all know and love the classic Creepypastas, this isn’t the place to bring them up.
  • Creepypasta is a massive community; there are countless sites, tumblrs, subreddits, YouTube channels and beyond where new content is being generated. Since this site only hosts a fraction of the work that’s being produced in this genre,  I don’t want to exclude other sources from this post – so do feel free to pick any new-in-2015 pastas that were published elsewhere as your 2015 favorite(s).
  • If the pasta that you’re talking about wasn’t posted here on, please include a link to the story in your comment if possible. This way, anyone who hasn’t read the pasta in question can enjoy it as well!
  • Please give us some detail as to why you picked the story/stories that you did – don’t just drop a name and hit send, tell us what you liked about each story, why it stuck in your brain after reading, and why you felt it was deserving of recognition above all the rest.
  • If you can’t settle on just one pasta, consider giving us a list of your monthly picks – for example, January 2015 Favorite, February 2015 Favorite, etc, etc, etc. If you need to jump-start your memory, check the monthly archives on the sidebar.
  • Remember that you can edit your replies if you have a Disqus account, so if you’re wanting to do a list of your monthly favorites, feel free to take your time while you look back at the archives and refresh your memory – you can change or update your picks at your leisure.
  • As always, please be polite. Don’t insult each other if you disagree, and please don’t say rude things about authors or stories just because you don’t think someone’s pick was top-tier. Don’t fall into the trap of bringing down one person’s work in order to boost up your favorites. This post is to celebrate and talk about the stories that we really loved over the past year; any comments mocking or bashing specific authors or stories will not be approved. Let’s not start 2016 with unnecessary negativity!

Happy New Year to all and have fun!

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December 2015 Discussion Post: Unusual Fears & Yeti Heated Slippers Giveaway! – Contacting Winner

December 3, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Share Your Unusual Fears

Happy December, everyone! Since submissions are closed, I thought it might be nice to have a discussion topic that will be – I hope – conducive to inspiring new pastas. Closed submission periods are intended not only to give me time to catch up on the backlog, but also to give you guys time to work on new stories without any “pressure” from the open period’s timeframe.

We’ve discussed our biggest fears before, but this month I want to put a little spin on that same topic.

What do you fear despite said fear making absolutely no sense?

I’m not talking about classic fears like being killed or looking into mirrors at night or the zombie apocalypse. I mean little things that most people wouldn’t consider scary, yet still give you a deep, true chill.

Here’s an example – this is my own, and yes, I know it’s very silly: When using Google Earth or any sort of constellation/night sky map program, if I zoom in too close and stray too far from any landmass (or mapped star), I get a really uneasy feeling. So zooming in and accidentally pausing somewhere isolated in the middle of the Pacific, or somewhere with no known/visible celestial objects – I get seriously creeped out and have to scramble my cursor back to the safety of known, mapped places/objects.

So yes, I get creeped out by maps! I expect it’s more the isolation and unknown (to me) territory that is truly affecting me, it’s just interesting that it manifests in such a silly way. I’m also sure this is why I’m so fond of submissions that deal with similar themes like exploration, deep-space travel, creepy sea beasts, and the like.

I hope you see what I’m going for with this question now that I’ve revealed my slightly embarrassing fear! I’d love to hear your own next; if you have any thoughts or analysis about why [insert mundane thing] unsettles you so much, please share that as well! It’s my hope that we both have a fun discussion as well as plant some seeds of inspiration for some new, unique creepypastas.

As the raffle period has expired, I am putting the contest portion of this post behind a cut.

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November 2015 Discussion Post: Real-Life Glitches

November 1, 2015 at 12:00 AM

This month, I’d like to discuss a topic that caused me to fall into a pretty deep reddit rabbit-hole (you know, you start reading one thread and suddenly it’s hours later and you’re in some weird subreddit several degrees beyond where you first started) a few weeks back. If any of you paid attention to the “Berenstain VS. Berenstein” debate that popped up awhile back, it’s likely that you ended up reading about this phenomenon as well.

I want to talk about glitches. No, not the Haunted Cartridge cliché ‘glitches’ that have launched a thousand crappypastas – I’m talking about small, inexplicable occurrences in your day-to-day life.

/r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix/ defines a ‘glitch’ as such: a personal, everyday-mode experience for which you have no explanation.

For actual examples, sixpenceee has compiled a nice sampler pulled from various reddit threads: read it here. I think they’ve done an excellent job of grabbing examples that display the whole ‘glitch’ phenomenon better than any explanation, so please do check it out if you’re not already familiar with the idea of real-life glitches.

Here is the OG thread that spawned the subreddit, with even more glitchy anecdotes.

Other subreddits that are not specifically ‘glitches’ but are still related enough to be mentioned:
/r/MandelaEffect – A Mandela Effect is where you realise that something you knew to be a general fact of the world, no longer seems to be true. The Berenstain/Berenstein debate is a prime example of this phenomenon.
/r/DimensionalJumping – Taking things one step further, what if ‘glitches’ were simply evidence that you’d shifted dimensions at some point?

Now that I’ve given you a lot of backreading, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing – have you ever experienced something small that seemed completely out of place or unnatural in your everyday life? What do you believe such occurrences actually are – simple tricks of the mind, or something actually paranormal? Share your own glitches, discuss others’ stories, theorize about why/how such things happen, have fun with the topic! Just remember, as ever, to keep things polite and respectful.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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October 2015 Halloween Discussion Post + Creepy Funko Pop Pack Giveaway [Contacting Winner]

October 1, 2015 at 5:11 PM

As some of you have already noticed, the ratings stars have once again turned to pumpkins. This means that it’s finally October again, and thus time for our annual Halloween discussion post and giveaway!

Just like in 2014 and 2013, the October discussion post will serve as a sort of catch-all for any Halloween chatter. What are your Halloween costume plans? Will you be trick-or-treating, throwing a party, or otherwise celebrating the spooky season? Which pastas are your favorite to re-read around Halloween? You can even tell us what your favorite Halloween candy is, if you’d like. The only rules are as follows: no stalking/harassment, no offensive speech, no outright bullying/rudeness, and do try to stay on the topic of Halloween and the giveaway. In other words, keep it relevant and keep it civil. Be excellent to each other!

Now, as for the contest…

This year I’ve purchased a little “paranormal pack” of Funko Pop figures. I tried to get a decent mix of fandoms, so hopefully my choices will appeal to most of you!

ONE winner will receive the three following Funko POP! figures, brand new and in box:

Ash from the Evil Dead series:

Dana Scully from the X-Files series:

Weeping Angel from the Doctor Who series:

You may enter through this widget:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rules & Legal Stuff:
The contest will run from October 2nd to midnight on November 1st. Note that you can repeat the Twitter entry once per day for more entries, however you must send the tweet with the link to this post included for it to be a valid entry! Seriously, guys, this applies to the other bonus entry methods: follow the rules, because I do actually, manually, really, truly double-check that the winner has done everything correctly before I contact them. Even if the RNG machine spits out your entry, if I look and see that you’ve somehow cheated, I’ll just disqualify your entry and pick a new winner. Cheating/lazy entries do nothing but waste your time and mine.

Please pay attention to the terms and conditions. For legal reasons, this giveaway is only open to legal residents of USA & Canada who are 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. No exceptions.

There are affiliate codes included in the links to the Funko POP! figures. This means that if you visit the site through my link and purchase anything, I’ll get paid back a tiny kickback which then gets funneled back into site expenses and funding more giveaways. Thanks to anyone who uses my affiliate links, I appreciate it!

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September 2015 Discussion Post: Fan Cast Your Favorite Pastas

September 1, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Of all the discussion posts we’ve had across the years, November 2012’s “Which Creepypasta Would You Like to See as a Movie?” is one of our most popular: it still receives comments and has breached the 1000 comment milestone (a feat only shared by March 2013’s “What Do You Most Fear?”).

Given that enthusiasm the community clearly has for imagining their favorite stories as movies or television shows, let’s indulge ourselves a little bit further: how would you fan cast your favorite Creepypastas?

For those of you not familiar with the concept of fan casting, it’s something particularly common in book, video game and comic fandoms – basically, a fan comes up with a list (usually accompanied by snappy graphics/gifs and/or some thoughtful reasoning for their decision) as to which celebrities they’d want to see portray their favorite characters from the series in question. You can see some examples here and here.

A few of you did venture into this territory on the movie post, but let’s jump in fully to the topic here. Let us know who you would personally cast as the characters in various creepypasta, and please tell us why as well! If you want to include pictures as well, that’s fine, just make sure that they are work-safe.

Please don’t limit yourself to the ‘big name’ pastas – if there are any lesser-known stories that have resonated with you enough that you can imagine them fully played out on film, please share your thoughts! I’d like for this post to be more than 5000 Jeff fan-casts, so let’s expand our discussion beyond the predictable, cookie-cutter Creepypasta character roster, please.

As always, have fun and keep things civil!

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