April Fool’s Day Art: Jeff the Killer “OCs” Edition

April 2, 2014 at 6:21 AM

If you were around on April Fool’s Day, you probably noticed that – in addition to a large amount of parodypasta showing up – commenters were temporarily given the ability to ‘modify’ everyone’s favorite Crappypasta spin-off fodder, Jeff the Killer himself.

As promised, here’s the round-up of everyone’s submitted Jeff edits. I don’t believe that I missed anyone, but if I somehow skipped your image, I’m sorry!

Click on a thumbnail to see the full size; the name in the caption is the handle of the commenter who posted the image in question.

I hope that you guys had fun making these, and Happy April Fool’s Day!

Submissions Re-Opened & The March/April Open Period Has Been Extended – UPDATED 4/14

March 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM

The backlog has been fully processed. If you did not receive a reply and you checked ‘yes’ on Crappypasta, it’s likely that one of the following things occured:

  1. You entered your email address incorrectly/your email account was full when I tried to email you and let you know of your submission status. Please do a search with some text from your pasta to see if it was uploaded to either site before you resubmit. The search bar is at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Your pasta was deemed over the line and rejected entirely. To play it safe: if your story involved abuse of any kind, pornographic content, racist/homophobic/sexist themes and language, obvious trolls or attempts at targeting myself or another community member, or anything else that we cover in the FAQ as possibly overstepping the bounds of what I’m willing to consider, DO ME A GREAT FAVOR AND DO NOT RESUBMIT THAT STORY. I don’t know if it was something in the water or just part and parcel with the bigger than usual submission count, but I estimate that about 300 submissions fell into this category during the last period.
  3. Your story simply didn’t go through for whatever reason. If I don’t actually receive the story, there’s nothing that I can do.

It was pointed out to me that it was somewhat unfair to do a massive Crappypasta posting spree with all ~600 stories posted within a few days – doing so would basically ensure that some of the stories were completely overlooked by the community as they got buried in the sheer volume of posts. To get around this issue, I tried to leave a day or two in between each batch. To make amends for the longer processing time that this tactic created, I’ve extended the open period once again – you now have until April 30th to submit your pastas.

There will be a ‘rest period’ of several days on Crappypasta to let people catch up on the massive number of stories looking for feedback.

To read the original content of this announcement, please click the ‘read more’ button.

Admin Update 3/6: Crappypasta Changes

March 6, 2014 at 1:32 PM

First off, submissions will re-open on March 20th and remain open until April 15th. I’ll make another announcement when I’ve completed scheduling and replying to all the sorted submissions, as per usual.

Please note that if you have chosen to hold back your parodypasta submissions until the last possible moment for whatever reason, if you want ANY chance at getting your story included in this year’s April 1st Parodypasta collection, you must submit your parodypasta BEFORE the end of March.

Now, on to the actual meat of this post:



I think that’s pretty clear. However, for those of you who are curious about the reasoning for this change and don’t mind an epic TL;DR situation, read on.

Admin Update 12/15/2013: Submissions Opened & September/October 2013 Submissions Processed!

December 15, 2013 at 12:00 AM

It’s December 15th, and that means that submissions are now open! I apologize for the longer-than-usual closed period, but it was a combination of factors: I had more submissions to go through than ever before, and I wanted to keep submissions closed during final exam season so that I didn’t add to the pressure in any way.

Submissions will remain open until January 10, 2014. If you don’t get your story finished by then, please don’t rush and submit it before you’re completely happy with it – there is no real deadline here, since we will have many more open submission periods in the future.

All submissions from the September/October 2013 window have been processed. If you did NOT receive a reply and you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that you checked “yes” on the Crappypasta option, you are now free to resubmit. You do NOT need to check with me or ask for permission; at this point, if you checked yes on Crappypasta and received no reply, it’s safe to say that the submission form ate your story. It tends to do this on days where the plugin receives an upgrade, as sometimes that can cause data loss. Unfortunately, for now this is just something we have to deal with as the plugin we use, despite its issues, is still our best option. Connection issues on your end or on the site’s end can also cause submissions to not actually go through yet still generate a success message on the form, but this is rare.

  • The only exception to resubmitting: if your pasta dealt with graphic abuse (animal or human), suicide, and/or featured explicit pornographic situations – do me a great favor and do not resubmit. Your pasta was most likely completely rejected; you can see the part of the FAQ here that explains how some submissions can be considered over the line and are not eligible for Crappypasta or resubmits.

The only other request that I’d like to make is this: if you are going to check yes on the Crappypasta option, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE VISITED CRAPPYPASTA AND UNDERSTAND WHAT BEING POSTED THERE ENTAILS. We’ve had a huge upswing in people getting posted on Crappypasta and then having meltdowns and/or attacking anyone who leaves them feedback, and I am getting sick of seeing the people who take the time to critique people’s pastas for free getting harassed because the author didn’t understand that Crappypasta was a website explicitly for receiving criticism. Do not check the option just “so my story gets posted somewhere at least” and then get angry that said posting garnered negative feedback. If you cannot handle criticism and feedback that can be sarcastic and/or blunt, save us all the hassle and DO NOT CHECK THE CRAPPYPASTA OPTION.

That’s all – as always, thank you for your submissions and I look forward to reading what everybody’s cooked up this time around!

Admin Update 9/20: Submissions Open & New Tags

September 20, 2013 at 12:01 AM

Submissions have re-opened as of this posting, but I just wanted to mention a few things:

  • This submission period will run from September 20, 2013 – October 10, 2013.
  • All submissions from the July 2013 submission period have been processed. If you received no response and you checked yes on Crappypasta, feel free to resubmit at this time – with one caveat:
    • If you did not receive a reply for your pasta, PLEASE check Crappypasta before resubmitting. It might just be the increased number of submissions skewing my perception, but it feels like a huge amount of you guys entered your email addresses incorrectly this time around. This means that I couldn’t notify a lot of you of your submission status, so I’d appreciate it if you guys all do a quick search for your pasta title on Crappypasta before you resubmit, just in case you were one of the many people whose email addresses gave me errors when I tried to message you.
  • Since Crappypasta is still backed up, I’ve done the same thing where I’ve sent emails telling people that they’re in the Crappypasta queue so they at least know their status. The email fully explains this, as did the previous announcement about this topic, so I don’t feel the need to go into detail about it here.
  • I’ve added two new tags to the submission form.
    • Seasonally Spooky: Please use this if your story is specifically tailored to a holiday like Halloween, Christmas, etc. This will make it easier for me to try and time these seasonal submissions with the relevant holidays.
    • Audiopasta: If your pasta is in an audio format rather than written or video, please use this tag.

Now send me some delicious pastas, everyone!

PS: The Halloween raffle will be up soon – probably around the 25th. Just in case anyone was wondering!


Two Community Announcements: Micropasta eBook & Peer-Review Website

August 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Two quick announcements – some community members have created some exciting new things that we all thought the general Creepypasta population might be interested in hearing about!


Some creepypasta.com vets (StupidDialUp, Dave Taylor) and a group of excellent writers called The Assembly have released an e-book anthology of horror microfiction. Monday, August 12, they are having a free download promotional period on Amazon.com/Kindle so let’s show our community members some support!

Link to book: Anecdotes in Ashes

Anecdotes in Ashes Cover

Here are all the authors involved (and their reddit profiles):

B.C. Lawson (/u/NobleCeltic)
Case by Case (/u/CaseByCase)
Straydog1980 (/u/straydog1980)
Grakmarr (/u/Grakmarr)
Mucalling (/u/mucalling)
StupidDialUp (/u/StupidDialUp)
IPostAtMidnight (/u/IPostAtMidnight)
Edwin Crowe (/u/ecrowe)
T.W. Grim (/u/theworldisgrim)
Illustrator: Slade Adams

And here is a sample from the book:

The Whimpering Hole
by IPostatMidnight (D.G. Collins)
A flash of lightning from an oncoming storm reveals a frozen scene: a moonless October night, thick roots of gnarled trees, and a boy crouching next to a hole.
Before the thunder arrives, whimpers can be heard – the boy’s sister. She’d bravely crawled into the opening when, after searching for hours and getting lost themselves, they’d finally heard the whimpers of their scared little dog trapped down that dark, muddy hole. Once she was inside, her brother heard her let out a terrified scream. A scream cut short, like a radio snapped off. He had yelled. There were no replies. Then, after many tense moments, the whimpering had resumed, this time the sounds of a scared little girl down a dark, muddy hole. No words, though. Only whimpers.
But the boy is hesitating to go to her. A minute ago, as he was about to squeeze inside, their dog had come trotting out of the trees behind him, not muddy at all. So now he remains there, paralyzed at the edge of the hole, clutching the dog as the lightning fades, the thunder rumbles, and the woods go dark.
The whimpers continue.

The Whimpering Hole

The second announcement concerns a  recently launched peer-review website. To clarify, this website is NOT directly affiliated with us – it is run independently by one of our frequent visitors. This is a service offered at his discretion;  I have no authority or responsibility over it. This means that you should not bother him with complaints or inquiries about creepypasta.com/crappypasta.com, and vice versa. Also, remember that he is doing this for free and in his spare time, so please be polite and gracious when requesting his help – don’t flood him with spam or fake submissions, please!

You can see more details on his website here:  http://seeifimeh.weebly.com/

He’s also given me this short statement to pass along -

Well, for starters, I really do not have any rules or regulations other than I do not accept spam or practical jokes when submitting a creepypasta. The very first time this happens I will send the submitter a warning, if it happens again after that I will ban that submitter from the website.

As for the general idea: The website is simply for creepy pasta authors to send in their pastas, so that I may read them over and provide feedback on any errors or changes needed to be made in the story line, ect.

I hope that you will all take advantage of this new service and wish him the best of luck!

This website contains fictional content that may be too scary for younger readers. Please verify that you are either at least 18 years of age or have parental permission before proceeding.