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New Comment System + Other Features

September 26, 2014 at 10:26 AM

As most of you have no doubt noticed, a new comment system has been implemented. We are now using the DISQUS commenting system, which will add the following features:

  • You can set up and customize your own Disqus profile – my hope is that this will satisfy those of you who kept asking for user profiles while allowing me to avoid the higher server cost and security issues that would manifest if we implemented user profiles via our blogging platform.
    • You do not NEED to register for Disqus; anonymous/guest commenting is still enabled.
    • However, having a Disqus profile will allow you to utilise the new comment system to its fullest extent: you will be able to subscribe to comment threads, receive notifications when people reply to or vote on one of your comments, follow other commenters (there’s a Disqus dashboard that acts in a similar fashion to a Tumblr dash or Facebook feed for the people and posts that you’ve followed).
  • You can edit and/or delete your comments without having to “request” deletion by me (this function was glitchy and slow as I frequently didn’t receive the deletion requests for hours after they were sent, often resulting in the comment being approved long before the deletion request showed up).
  • You will be able to easily upload and insert images into comments.
  • I will be able to appoint comment section moderators without actually having to give them access to the site’s backend; this will allow comments to be approved more frequently.
    • I already have some long-time and frequent commenters in mind for mod positions; please do not volunteer or sent me contact requests begging for mod access. I will only be recruiting a few mods at first, and if we end up needing more down the line they will be chosen by the mod team based on who we see contributing to the site’s discussions in a mature and useful fashion.
  • If a comment gets through the mod queue and you feel it’s over the line, there is a ‘flag’ function that will bring it to the moderators’ attentions.
  • For those of you who are very active and just like the acknowledgement of how much you’ve contributed to site discussion, there will be a ‘top commenters’ box on the sidebar.
  • Very long comments will be minimized until YOU personally choose to expand them. Similarly, the comment section will only load ‘batches’ of comments at a time, so you can tell the plugin to load more comments when you’re ready. This should make things less intensive for those of you who were complaining about having too many comments loading at once on your phones.
  • Clicking the “Creepypasta” heading on the Disqus form will show you the comment threads that are currently most active on this site.
  • There are some back-end benefits as well: the spam filter for Disqus is free, so I will get to save $$ on that front if it works properly (I currently pay a monthly fee for our spam filter – we get around 1000 spam attempts per day between the two sites, so believe me, it’s necessary to have some sort of filter). Additionally, having the comments hosted off-site should help with the site load.

I hope that you will all enjoy the new system! As of this writing, the comment import is about 80% done. If you find some posts where comments aren’t displaying yet, do not be alarmed. We’ve got about 6 years worth of comments that are being imported into the new system, and it can take up to a day on average, more if we run into any weird errors.

Two other new functions have been added over the past month (these aren’t related to the new comment system, but I realised that I haven’t yet made a post introducing them):

  • Hiding Content: You’ve probably noticed the (hide) link appearing next to tags and categories. This allows you to ‘hide’ a specific tag or category that you dislike. If you absolutely haaaate Ritualpastas, for example, you can ‘hide’ them and – as long as you don’t clear the cookie – you will not see any posts tagged as Rites & Rituals when browsing the site. To be clear, these preferences are not stored server-side; it uses cookies on your computer/tablet/phone/whatever. Just like the ‘add to favorites’ function, this means that you will need cookies enabled to use this function, and clearing the cookie will result in your ‘hide’ preferences being removed. Additionally, as the cookie is stored on your device, contacting me and asking me to clear it for you will not accomplish anything. You will have to do this yourself using your browser’s settings.
  • For those of you who wanted to know which pastas were the most popular each month, the sidebar now displays the top ten socially active posts. It’s currently set to display the top posts for the past 30 days, and it uses a combination of comments and social media shares to decide its rankings. Since the “all-time” top-ranked pastas are rarely dethroned, I thought that this would be a nice way to give attention to some of the newer pastas that are causing buzz.

Lastly, in regards to the Disqus system, we have a few decisions to make.

Please click the ‘read more’ link to view the rest of this post.

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Two Community Promos & Introducing a Beta Reader Contact Page

August 11, 2014 at 6:42 PM

As those of you who visit the site regularly already know, I sometimes like to help promote projects that involve members of our community. Today I have two such promos for you – a book and a film – as well as a request for some input on a new part of the site.

First, let’s talk about the community projects.

The Thing That Stalks The Fields Film

With author David Feuling’s permission, a group of filmmakers is working on taking the popular pasta The Thing That Stalks The Fields from a story to a full-blown movie. I feel this is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just let the project-runners themselves do the talking:

The Story
The film follows a young man, John, who inherits a farm from his estranged father. Soon, John begins to learn more about the man who abandoned him, as well as a malevolent presence that seems to haunt him at night. The film explores John’s relationship, or lack there of, with his father as he is psychologically tormented by a creature that seems to have a particular interest in him.

What We Need & What You Get
We are prioritizing the authenticity of the story, so most of our budget is going towards our location and actors. Luckily, Ithaca College PPECS is providing equipment, which allows the rest of our budget to be used towards set essentials such as travel, food, and lodging as well as essential post production work.

As of this writing, they are 47% to their goal of $2,500 – so if this sounds like a film project that you’d like to see come to fruition, please do consider kicking a few bucks their way if possible. You can find their indiegogo fundraiser here, or use the widget below.

Alone in the Woods: Scary Stories, True Tales, and Other Disturbing Things

Brenden Dean, host of the Never Sleep Again Podcast, recently released an eBook compilation of creepy stories. He sent me a complimentary copy (thanks!) and asked me to consider promoting it if I liked it enough. Well, I did – so here I am, passing on the word to the rest of you.

You can read his blog post about the book release here.

Get ready for 242 pages of original horror tales featuring ravenous creatures, perverse psychopaths and malevolent demons, as well as true stories and popular articles from around the web. This is a cocktail of horror formulated to get you thinking about what might lurk in the dark, what truly haunts us, and what could be just around the next corner. Enjoy the sleepless nights to come.

The book is already available for purchase on Amazon here. If you’re interested but want to read a sample of the book first, you can either download a preview directly to your Kindle via the Amazon page, or you can download directly from his site in one of two formats: PDF or ePub. Those links go directly to the files, so you can right-click save-as on the links to start the download.

Available Beta Readers Page


Next, I’d like to talk about a very good suggestion made by Nessa:

Hey Derp,
Might it be possible to create a post on Crappypasta where readers might post their emails in the comment section (of course I would suggest not using a personal email address and rather one specifically for Creepy purposes)if they are willing to be Beta readers for Creepy authors? Authors could use these if they know their pasta is not quite up to par rather than just submitting and hoping for the best, or authors whose works have already ended up on Crappypasta might contact a beta to get in-depth one-on-one help with edits and improvements. Plus, this way when people send you “Can you edit my pasta plzzz?” emails/requests you can tell them no but link them to a post where they can contact people from within the community who would be happy to do so.
Or would this simply be redundant, and are there Creepy forums out there where this service already exists?
Thanks for your time and consideration, both in reading this, and in everything that you do for this site and community!

I think this is an excellent idea, and will go nicely with our already-existing Creepypasta Prompts page and the Crappypasta system. Of course, people who are interested in beta reading can also visit The Creepypasta Network’s forums as many aspiring pasta writers are already posting their in-progress works there, but I think that having a page where people can individually and privately access beta readers would also be valuable. I’m aware that not everybody feels comfortable with posting their unfinished work for at-large public consumption, and this more individual approach would probably be more comfortable for those people.

If you’re interested in having your contact information placed on the beta reader directory, please reply to this post with your information (how the author can contact you, any notes about how much free time you have or what types of stories you are/aren’t interested in reading, etc) and once we get a few available readers, I’ll create the page. After it’s up, it will work like the ‘More Creepypasta’ page where you can just comment on the specific page with the information that you want added/edited.

For now, I’m planning on calling it “Available Beta Readers” unless anyone else has a better idea. If you do, feel free to let me know.


Thanks for your time, everyone!

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July/August Submission Period – OPEN!

July 5, 2014 at 12:00 AM

The submission form is once again open and ready for your stories!

The July/August submission period will run from July 5, 2014 – August 20, 2014.

If you did not receive a reply to your submission from the April/May period, your story was rejected. Do not to submit comments or contact requests asking for your old submission’s status. Please take the time to look at your story with a critical eye and re-work any issues before resubmitting. Remember, simply re-submitting a rejected story without any edits will not accomplish anything beyond netting yourself a ban when I notice that you’re spamming the same rejected story over and over.

If you are having trouble discerning why your story was not accepted and your pasta was not placed on Crappypasta, I suggest joining The Creepypasta Network and posting your in-progress pastas on their forums. Specifically, their Story Area sub-forum is designed precisely for writers to share their work and receive feedback.

The contact form has also been re-opened. As always, please limit use of this form for issues that are not already handled in the FAQ. If you submit a contact request asking for support with something that has already been explained in the FAQ or on the submission/contact pages themselves, you will not receive an answer. Please just use the already provided information rather than expecting an individual response – I took the time to create the FAQ specifically to avoid having to constantly hand-hold people through some of the more basic aspects of the website and submission process.

Due to recent events, both the submission and contact forms will now track your IP address when you use them. If you submit anything abusive or obscene, expect an IP ban from the entire website, not just the submission form. The form will also note your user agent/browser version in order to help me see patterns when the form inevitably refuses to work for some people. This information will only be visible to me and will not be shared or used for any purposes beyond what I just mentioned, but I wanted you guys to be aware that this data was now being collected.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your submissions!

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Admin Update 6/22/2014 & Games Done Quick Stream

June 22, 2014 at 9:16 PM

Just a few things!

First things first, apparently the rumour mill somehow activated and started spreading that all the Creepypasta websites were closing down. I’m really not sure who started that rumour or where it’s being spread, but as far as I’m aware it has no merit. I’d already stated that I wasn’t shutting down, just taking a break from posting new stories – both out of respect for the victim and out of concern for the authors. While the incident attracted plenty of people who were merely concerned or checking out what the whole Slenderman panic was about, it also brought in a LOT of trolls who were attempting to leave really obscene, nasty comments on pretty much whichever story they happened to land on first. It wasn’t even attacking only me – it was also targeting the authors specifically. I was worried that, while the story was still in the news cycle and some outlets were still attempting to attach Creepypasta to various stories both new and old, posting any new stories would result in an inordinate amount of harassment directed at the authors.

Things seem to have calmed down well enough, and stories will resume on July 1st. The reason for the slight delay is that so any authors who may have changed their mind about wanting their work featured here will have time to reply and let me know before their stories go live. Same goes for any authors who want their credit link altered for the same reason (this applies to authors new and old, by the way – if anyone has followed your credit link in order to bother you, feel free to reply to your acceptance email and let me know if you want the credit changed/removed).

Authors who have been accepted for the main site or who are slated for Crappypasta postings will receive their emails within the next week or so if they haven’t already.

The book club and summer giveaway will also start in July. There is no change to the expected submission period dates.

I also want to congratulate the Narrators u-NIGHTed project for raising over $8000! Awesome job, guys.

If you need something to do during this last bit of downtime because you’ve already read every single pasta here, may I suggest Games Done Quick? It’s a fun video game stream project for a good cause, and since so many of you seem to be fans of Let’s Plays and the like, you guys might enjoy this. Here’s the basic rundown:

Games Done Quick is a bi-annual charity gaming marathon. Volunteers play games at incredible speed (“Speedrunning”) for entertainment. The event is streamed live online, non-stop, and all donations go directly to the charity Doctors Without Borders. This is the summer event, with a winter event every January (“Awesome Games Done Quick”).

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) delivers emergency medical care to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, malnutrition, natural disaster, or exclusion from healthcare in more than 65 countries.

The streams will also feature incentives and prizes. You can see their FAQ here, as it does an excellent job of answering most common questions. For a schedule of the games and when they’re streaming, here is the schedule. For a detailed look at the prizes and incentives and donations, you should go here.

Visit the official Twitter account here.

I’m embedding their Twitch stream/chat below, but if it’s not working for you for any reason, here is a direct link to their Twitch page.

Watch live video from SpeedDemosArchiveSDA on

Twitch chat rules apply even if you’re accessing from this widget:
Please be respectful of everyone and treat them equally. We don’t tolerate prejudice around here.
While twitch emotes are cool, gigantic walls of them, ascii emotes, and walls of text are not.
No porn/spam links and url shorteners like tinyurl.
Be a cool person and you should be fine.

Enjoy the streams and thank you for your patience!

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Narrators uNIGHTed Charity Drive & Streaming Project

June 5, 2014 at 9:17 PM

I’ve been asked to help spread the word about what I hope will be a very successful and important charity project. I think that the primary organizers have done an excellent job expressing their motivation and goal, so without further ado:

On June 1st, a young girl was stabbed in the Wisconsin community of Waukesha. This terrible act was perpetrated by two of her peers and alleged friends.The assailants claimed that the attack was attributed to summoning Slender-man in the nearby forest and wanting to become proxies. The horrific crime has left the girl in stable condition in a hospital. This was a terrible tragedy and should not have happened. And while there are a myriad of factors beyond the urban legend of Slenderman that are attributed to this terrible incident, it is a duty to be vigilant and provide a respite for the victim and to assuage concerns about the concept of literary horror and urban myths on the internet.

Narrators u-NIGHTed is a group of narrators, authors, artists, musicians, and fans alike whose hearts pour out for the victim. As members of the Creepy Pasta community, we’d like to come together as exactly that, a Community. A community who will pool their efforts to raise donations for the victim and for the broader charity to aid other children, adults and families recovering from violent crimes via Furthermore to bring forth some light to the understanding of the Creepy Pasta genre.

In regards to the charity, Narrators uNIGHTed will be hosting a donation for the victim and to prevent horrific events like this in the future. In addition, there will be an awareness video generated narrated and performed by the members of Narrators uNighted. This video will be ran explaining the purpose of this donation and charity. The run of the drive will culminate on June 13th 2014. On that friday, a 24 hour there will be live stream on MrCreepyPasta’s youtube channel where several narrators, authors, artists, and musicians will showcase for entertainment and education. All ad revenue generated by both video and live stream will be donated to the charity drive as well. We are well aware that there are others out there performing a symbolic deed of awareness and while we applaud them, we also feel it is necessary to reach out in a broader scope. As such, we have arranged a symbol that respects the fight against violence and abuse. For this we have selected a thornless yellow rose wrapped in a blue ribbon. A symbol that bears in mind what is important: yellow and thornless for pure friendship and true compassion. And blue for the support of victims of abuse, bullying, and violence.

In the wake of this cruel event, many people have begun pointing fingers at the Slender-man mythology and by guilt of association, the Creepy Pasta sub-genre of horror. It is creativity at its root. A set of stories written by some and enjoyed by others. Much akin to our urban tales of old and the books written by our literary giants. It is imperative to understand that these things, like almost all works of the horror literary genre, are fiction. Many of these stories yes, are filled with an illusion of reality to them in an effort to make them much more unnerving. However, that does not change the fact that they are concoctions of fantasy. Sure, some of these stories are based on historical events or based upon a well documented case whose elements are terrifying. But these accounts are again: for educational entertainment and are well documented for their truth and real life consequences.

It is considered by many that common sense is applied to fantasy and history. We do not repeat the actions of real life monsters. We do not attempt to replicate the fantasy. We do not in any way condone those who fail to realize the line between fantasy and committing an atrocity. Nor do we condone a lack of security on the parts of the minds of those who read them. Many times when accountability is called into question, the blame is placed not on the perpetrators, but on the supposed fictional root causes. In most cases, the accountability and responsibility is to the teacher who failed to impart the wisdom of what is real and right, and most importantly, failed to pay attention. Please take this moment, if you haven’t, to remember that many things can be avoided, if you teach and to listen.

A long time ago, we used to gather around campfires and tell stories to spook ourselves. We used to gather around each other at sleep overs and dare each other to go into the bathroom and chant Bloody Mary. We did these things to entertain ourselves and creep each other out. However we always remembered that the sun still rose in the morning in the woods, showing natures splendor and breathing warmth and life. The darkness of the bathroom was quickly banished by the flick of a light switch, and what was once a silent black room would quickly be replaced by the smiling and laughing faces of you and your friends. Please, come together to help the warmth of that sunrise be felt by everyone. Please come together so that those who are struggling to smile, can find those smiles and friendly feelings again.

Thank you.


To find out more about the incident, click here for the cnn article.

All proceeds from the stream will be going to the girl and her family to aid with any fees that may have come with this horrifying event and to SafeHorizon, an organization dedicated to aiding children, adults and families that are victims of crime and abuse.

To find out more about Safe Horizon, check out their website.

For more information on how you can participate, please visit this post at the Creepypasta Network.

Other relevant information and ways to get involved:
Narrators uNIGHTed Facebok Page
Narrators uNIGHTed Twitter Page

Of course, even if you cannot donate or participate in any other way, it would be appreciated if you can help spread the word about this initiative. I think that most people around the world are aware of how crippling medical bills can be in the US, even with insurance, so I hope that we can help the family with this burden.

Any inquiries, media requests, or concerns should be directed to the contact information provided in this post, not myself.

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Statement on the Wisconsin Stabbing

June 3, 2014 at 3:08 AM

I’ve recently been alerted to the horrific events that took place in Wisconsin.

I’ve received both messages of concern and blame, and while it seems that the Creepypasta Wiki is bearing the brunt of media attention and finger-pointing, I feel it’s necessary for me to make a statement.

First and most importantly, my condolences go out to all the families involved. I cannot even imagine how painful and confusing and awful this has to be for them. I don’t have children, but I can imagine how my mother would feel if something like this happened to me, and it absolutely breaks my heart to even consider her having to go through that. The families of the young ladies who committed this crime also have my heart going out to them – I know this can’t be easy for them as well, and I’m sure they’ll have to deal with mistargeted backlash and anger even while they try to get through such a trying time themselves. So when I say that I extend my deepest sympathies and my prayers to those affected, I hope that you understand that I mean it. I know that words can seem hollow or come off as mere lip-service to the cynical, but it’s the truth.

Of course, the next thing I want to talk about is this site and the creepypasta phenomenon at large as I’m sure that many people are here because they want to know precisely what is being blamed for this event.

I’m going to edit in this point since it seems to be a very common misconception held by many of the people coming here to express their outrage. SLENDERMAN IS NOT A REAL PERSON/ENTITY. As far as I’m aware, most news outlets have done their due diligence and thus no media personality is claiming that Slenderman actually exists, so I’m not exactly sure where people are getting this misinformation. However, I’m still seeing quite a lot of comments from people who believe that A) he is a real person and B) he owns and is responsible for every single Creepypasta-related website, tumblr, YouTube channel, Facebook group, forum, and wiki. This is simply not true. Slenderman is not, nor has he ever been, anything more than a fictional character created by SomethingAwful user Victor Surge. As is the case with many other fictional characters, he has fans who indulge themselves by creating videos, games, and fanfictions about him, but this does not make him real any more than such fandom would make The Walking Dead or Batman real.

I am not Slenderman. I did not create Slenderman. This website is not, as some people have claimed, a Slenderman fan site. To put it in perspective, out of the almost 1600 stories hosted on this website, only 29 even tangentially relate to Slenderman. That means that only 1.81% of the posts on this website are Slenderman-related, so when I say later on in this statement that I’m not very familiar with him and in fact tried to discourage/reject stories about him, I mean it and I believe the numbers back me up. I hope that helps alleviate some of the confusion! If you are actually interested in learning more about Slenderman, the best I can recommend is the Marble Hornets wiki. To my knowledge (which, admittedly, is limited when it comes to this specific topic), that is the closest thing to a repository of “accepted” Slenderman lore as it gets.

I hope that edit sufficiently addresses some of the concerns and questions that people were raising in the comments.

Okay, moving on, and getting back to the original text of this statement:

Creepypasta comes from the word copypasta, which itself is a play on the “copy and paste” function. They were short, creepy stories that people spread around the internet for fun. This website is one of the many Creepypasta communities that accept submissions; people write their paranormal stories, I read them and decide which ones I personally like enough to post, and visitors read them and post comments – usually from the perspective of how the author can improve as a writer. I think that, more than other Creepypasta websites, we focus more on being a writer’s community. We have a spin-off site dedicated to getting feedback (don’t use so many ellipses, please don’t write romance stories about serial killers, please remember to proofread – that sort of thing) for authors who ask for blunt community critique and I try to do community promos for writers who self-publish or work on other projects like movies, anthologies, comics, and so on.

Creepypasta is not solely dedicated to horror and murder or revenge fantasies, despite what some media outlets claim. They come up, of course – but so do ghosts, zombies, angels, mythology, urban legends, conspiracies, lost civilizations, aliens and sci-fi, vengeful deities, as well as real-world struggles, sorrows, and dangers. It’s a wide umbrella of inspiration, to be sure, but I’m sure that anyone who has ever browsed the horror or paranormal or sci-fi sections of a library or bookstore has noticed just how vast the possibilities are within those genres.

I think that most of you will understand when I say it’s hard to justify pinning blame on an entire genre of writing. Unless you’re okay with blaming the world’s ills on Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft, I don’t believe that it makes sense to say paranormal writing or an interest in the macabre should be blamed or even used as an indicator of a “sick” person (as a few emails have already felt the need to call both myself and all the authors here). The human race has long held and encouraged a fascination with things that go bump in the night.

So while I understand and accept that some people will blame us as a way to channel their anger and grief, I simply cannot agree. While I cannot speak for the owners and operators of the hundreds of wikis, websites, and YouTube channels that exist in the Creepypasta fandom, I believe that the community members here are aware that as the admin of this specific website, I truly care about the people who visit this website. It’s for that reason that I’ve tried to take steps to keep this from becoming a mere shock site and turn it into a place where we could foster the interest of reading and writing. Obviously, we cater to people who find interest in the paranormal and all the weird and creepy things that exist in the universe, but I believe placing blame solely on an interest in reading/writing about horror, paranormal, myths, urban legends, etc for a tragedy would be off the mark. Hundreds of thousands of people read scary stories, play horror video games, watch TV shows about ghost-hunting and all other varieties of the macabre and creepy (Hannibal and Dexter come to mind as recent wildly-popular shows that one could argue romanticized killing far more than this site ever could) and if we could truly blame any violent crimes solely on one specific form of entertainment as the trigger – well, I suppose it would be a relief as we’d be able to expunge said cause and clear the world of such awful happenings.

However, the fact of the matter is it can’t be that simple. Most people don’t watch Hannibal and turn into serial killers. The popularity of the Paranormal Activity franchise did not cause a spike in violent crimes. I play Skyrim as a pickpocketing rogue, but I’ve never so much as stolen a pack of gum, nor have I murdered anyone. You can insert countless examples here of people enjoying popular culture without acting it out in real life, so I hope that you see my point.

This isn’t to say that I believe that anything goes with regards to entertainment. I’ve mentioned it quite often in the comments here, as well as in the FAQ and on our writing review sister site, but I do draw the line with what I’m willing to accept and post as entertainment on my website. I’ve tried to contact writers who sent in things that troubled me – particularly teens who were clearly writing out their own unhealthy, violent revenge fantasies – and tried to direct them to websites or hotlines where they could find someone to talk to if they were having trouble. For the sake of both my own sanity and that of my readers, I have policies about flat-out rejecting things that I believed glorified abuse or suicide. I know that we live in a culture where, for example, sexual violence is considered so entertaining that one of the top-rate TV shows is entirely dedicated to a new assault every week (Law & Order SVU) and I believe it would be dishonest to say that things like that don’t contribute to people becoming desensitized. We recently had a conversation in the comments about “fridging” women in stories – the tendency for authors to violently kill off a woman in order to give a male character a backstory or motivation – and I absolutely believe that such a phenomenon, for example, does betray the internalized misogyny that tends to be prevalent in entertainment. I know that I’ve derailed a bit, but I suppose my point here is that I do believe any entertainment creators do have a responsibility to look at their work and decide what attitudes they’re normalizing or even promoting. So please don’t take what I’m saying here as my dismissing entirely any concerns about the premise of this website!

In this specific scenario, I’ll be honest: I have tried to keep Slenderman stories limited here. I’m aware that he and Jeff the Killer have become absurdly popular recently, with fans expanding upon their origins (in Slenderman’s case, he was created on the SomethingAwful web forums many years ago in an attempt to cooperatively create new folklore – an experiment that has apparently been quite successful). Stories about Slenderman and his proxies are not the central focus of this website. I am not intimately familiar with all the various additions and expansions to his “legend” that have cropped up all over the internet – to be frank, I did not find him particularly interesting and as such I’m really not going to be very helpful with explaining the details of his popularity and stories to all the people who most certainly have questions. I know that might seem ridiculous given that I run a website dedicated to a meme that’s become – for some – synonymous with Slenderman, but it’s the truth. I’ve been trying to encourage writers here to break out from the serial killers and Slenderman cliches that tend to overrun the Creepypasta fandom, though my motivation was less that I believed Slenderman was harmful (the Jeff the Killer fangirls and spin-offs, I did find somewhat troubling – I’ve mentioned before that I feel romanticizing serial killers is not really something I feel comfortable with promoting via publishing all the Jeff love stories and self-inserts that people tried to submit; the only Jeff spin-off I did let through was one that I felt had a decidedly non-romantic view) but more because I view this website as a place for people to become better writers and readers. You can visit the post where I talked about wanting to start an ‘inspiration’ book club to spur originality and creativity in our writers (via reading stories about things like the women who successfully climbed K2 and what that sort of experience both required from them as people as well as giving the readers exposure to the fascinating world of mountaineering), or maybe some of the comments where I’ve scolded kids for not wanting to improve their vocabularies. I’ll admit it: I have an agenda here, and that agenda is to get people to read and write!

But if I may be so bold, I don’t believe that it’s the fault of Slenderman or horror writing in general that this happened. I remember reading scary stories and watching slasher movies when I was a child and young teenager and while they certainly gave me nightmares, they did not instill within me a desire to murder my friends. For someone to make the jump from reading a creepy story that is – at least on this website, once again, I can’t speak for all creepypasta websites – being presented as 100% fiction into actually using it as a motive to plot and murder another human being – something else has to be going on there.

We live in a culture with a very unhealthy relationship with mental illness. People with mental health issues are frequently dismissed (people who deal with anxiety, depression, etc have almost certainly experienced people telling them that their problems don’t exist and that they should “bootstrap” and just “get over it”), shamed and bullied (consider Miley Cyrus’ tweets where she mocked Sinead O’Conner for acknowledging her own struggle with mental illness and asking for help), and often ignored or denied necessary treatment because people either choose to look the other way when they see symptoms or their attempts to help are met with resistance because the sufferer has internalized all the negative cultural messages about having and admitting to mental illness.

I’m not going to make any judgement here about the culprit’s families, teachers, etc. I am obviously not privy to their daily lives and interactions and I don’t believe that the suffering families should have their privacy violated in order for the rest of the world to write pithy Facebook statuses about what the families should have/could have/would have done in their place.

My point here is just this: if you are finding yourself suffering from any sort of mental health issues – depressing, extreme apathy, anxiety, etc – and/or having trouble dealing with anger, violent/destructive impulses, self-harm, the desire to hurt others, and so on – please know that there is no shame in admitting this to people and asking for help. It’s not fun to deal with issues like that, and you don’t have to go it alone. There are so many people out there who won’t judge you or hate you for having problems and will do their best to help you find the treatment that will help you feel better! Sometimes it’s enough just to have someone who cares enough to listen so that you don’t have to bottle everything up. Some issues are caused by simple chemical imbalances – nothing you could possibly be blamed for – and finding the right medication and/or therapy under the guiding hand of a trained professional will help so much that you find yourself feeling like the weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders. Disordered thinking can be terrifying and stressful and I just want to reiterate: if you think you might be suffering from any sort of mental health issue, know that you are not alone and that you can find help. I encourage you to take that step and talk to your parents, a guidance counselor, your favorite teacher, your doctor, a friend that you trust, family members, even a friend’s parent if you don’t feel comfortable talking to your own – reach out and do your best to find the right solution for YOU. Don’t worry about the people who think mental illness is a joke or not real; they’re not the ones who matter in this situation – YOU DO. Your mental health is of higher importantance than the other people’s ignorance!

If you’re worried that someone you know may be suffering from such issues, please talk to them. Many mental illness sufferers do so in silence because they feel too suffocated by the cultural stigma surrounding therapy or counseling to take the step on their own. If you’re a parent, pay attention to and listen to your child. I know that, as adults, it’s so easy for us to write things off as “silly teenage issues” or “phases” that will pass, but it’s important to remember that kids and teenagers are people too and not exempt from all the issues, problems and emotions that come with it. Make sure they know that they can come to you about anything – I remember having friends that were afraid to go to their parents when they were depressed because they thought they’d get in trouble! If you believe that your child is having problems and is unwilling to talk to you, consider asking a trustworthy friend or theirs or a teacher that they trust to help look out for them. Basically, build a support network and make sure that it’s functional so that people don’t fall through the cracks when they’re having problems.

For all the readers who are school-age, please do the same for your friends. If you have a friend who you feel might be suffering from disordered thinking – whether it’s the extreme anger, racism and misogyny that the UCSB shooter displayed on YouTube or some friends that are so obsessed with Slenderman that they start talking about killing for him – please tell someone that you trust about it.

I suppose my overall message is this – look out for one another, and please don’t partake in behaviors like shaming people for admitting to their problems or trying to get help. I also want to say that if I phrased anything here in a way that is offensive to people who suffer from mental illness, I apologize as that was not my intention – I am just struggling to clearly express how badly I want people who are hurting to get help and feel better.

Lastly, I’ll admit that my intention for this website was not to cater to young teenagers. I discovered Creepypasta right after highschool myself, and sort of assumed (and was backed up via Google analytics) that the audience here was generally highschool, college, and above. To me, I feel that’s an age range where reading creepy stories shouldn’t really pose a problem – moreover, it seemed pretty normal as I remember lots of nights in highschool with a group of people watching scary movies together, or going camping and telling each other ghost stories. For me, that produced a lot of fun memories.

However, for the really young kids… while I don’t believe that creepy stories will cause them to become evil or sick, I do think it could scare them and/or make them very anxious! And if your child has issues with violent or destructive or depressive issues, it’s really important to make sure that they’re not interacting with things that will exacerbate that. I’ll quote the Chief involved with this case here, because I think he is completely right:

“Parents should not be allowing their children to have unrestricted or unmonitored internet usage –whether it be on their computer on their smart phone on their PlayStation. All of those accesses to the outside world,” Chief Jack said.

I grew up when the internet was still pretty new, and I had safe browsing and not giving out information and all that hammered into my head from the time I was allowed to start logging on. My mother was also very vigilant about my internet use and paid a lot of attention to what I was doing online, who I was talking to, etc. I know that nowadays it’s probably more difficult as so many more devices can connect to the internet beyond just computers, but it’s still really important to pay attention to what your kid is doing online. I’m sure that I’ll have some community members calling me a traitor for this, but I’ve talked to quite a few of your concerned parents who found the site in their kid’s browser history and, upon hearing their concern, I helped walk them through blocking this website. I don’t take offense to a parent deciding that this website is inappropriate for their kid in any way – you know your children far better than I do, after all.

I know that a lot of parents aren’t nearly as technology-adept as their kids, but here are some ways to make sure your kid doesn’t visit specific sites that trouble you and/or how to check up on what your kids are doing on their phones/computer:

How to block a website @ DigitalTrends
Information about checking up on your kids’ activities online @ PCWorld

Of course, technology is always changing and if your kids are creative or savvy, they may find ways to get around the tactics outline in the above links. They are not magic bullets by any means; the best thing you can do is stay involved and pay attention.

Out of respect to the victim and so that this statement can stay at the top of the page, I will take a break from posting new stories for awhile. People who had their stories scheduled for the next few days will be contacted and alerted of the situation; they will be first in the posting queue when things have calmed down.

To answer some questions that I’ve received: I do not plan to shut down this website as I completely believe that we as a community aren’t to blame here; further, I’ve received too many messages from readers, parents, and teachers who felt that this was a great place for age-appropriate reading and writing development to feel okay with stopping. For this reason, I do still plan to go ahead with the book club project this summer. If you plan on taking part in the book club aspect and you’re under 18, please do check with your parents to make sure they’re okay with the various selections. So far the line-up consists of Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer (with Savage Summits by Jennifer Jordan as secondary choice for people who have already read Into Thin Air or people who want to read multiple books on the topic), The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel (secondary option TBA), and Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies by Arthur Goldwag (secondary book to be TBA). I put these out there so that any concerned parents can look into them before deciding whether to allow their kids to take part in a summer book club/discussion with these books at the forefront. I think that most of these books should be okay for older teens on, but obviously that decision is really for the individual parents to make.

Additionally, I will be keeping comments closed on this post as well as taking the contact form offline for awhile. While I appreciate the supportive and concerned messages I’ve received so far, I hope that you will direct your positive thoughts, prayers and energies to the families involved in the actual incident. They deserve your empathy and support far more than I do. And please, please, please do not do anything that will increase their suffering via trolling or nasty comments – this is not an us against them battle. Even if you feel loyalty to this website or the creepypasta genre overall, keep things civil and respectful wherever you discuss this awful situation and don’t lash out at the victims because you feel that something you love is under fire. I’ve tried my best to keep the comments here a bullying-free zone and I hope you all know how much I would disapprove if any of you treated this event like a joke or an excuse to troll/harass people who are just trying to figure out why such a terrible thing happened. People will disagree and believe that this website did absolutely cause the attack, but just because you disagree with someone it doesn’t make it okay to troll them. I know I sound preachy here, but given some of the attempted comments that I’ve seen already, clearly some of you need a reminder that it’s not okay to behave like that.

The website may experience outages due to the higher traffic caused by the media reports, as to be frank we were already operating on the very edge of what our hosting plan allows for even before the increased attention. Please know that I’m not trying to pull a PUAHate-style scrub-and-deny if this happens; I think it’s important that people are able to see that Creepypasta isn’t actually a group of murder-promoting serial killer fetishists or a Slenderman cult in the hopes that, for once, people will pay attention to the actual issues surrounding this tragedy (given how much misogyny/rape culture has been downplayed in media coverage of the Elliott Rodger case or rock music and video games frequently became hot topics in the wake of school shootings rather than mental health and gun accessibility, such misdirection is unfortunately something that will almost certainly happen) rather than finding something else to blame so that they can bury their heads about the larger societal issues that these ever-increasing occurrences imply.

Once again, the families of those affected have my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that you will all join me in extending your sympathy, empathy and respect to them in their time of need and beyond.

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