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Halloween Giveaway!

Once again, is having a small Halloween raffle!

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Post-Its by Ciaran Lovejoy / CreepyPastaSr

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Discussion Post

Join us for the October 2014 discussion post - this month, we're talking all about Halloween!

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First, the obvious. Yes, we have a new layout going for Halloween! Consider it’s Halloween costume, if you will. I hope that everyone enjoys the look – it will definitely be up for a few weeks at least, and if the community likes it enough, we can easily keep it and just switch out the Halloween-themed banner for something less seasonal.

Just a few things of note about this current theme:

  • The mobile theme is unchanged – if you’re on a recognized mobile device, you should still see the mobile theme unless you click the “show desktop” link at the bottom of the page.
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As most of you have no doubt noticed, a new comment system has been implemented. We are now using the DISQUS commenting system, which will add the following features:

  • You can set up and customize your own Disqus profile – my hope is that this will satisfy those of you who kept asking for user profiles while allowing me to avoid the higher server cost and security issues that would manifest if we implemented user profiles via our blogging platform.
    • You do not NEED to register for Disqus; anonymous/guest commenting is still enabled.
    • However, having a Disqus profile will allow you to utilise the new comment system to its fullest extent: you will be able to subscribe to comment threads, receive notifications when people reply to or vote on one of your comments, follow other commenters (there’s a Disqus dashboard that acts in a similar fashion to a Tumblr dash or Facebook feed for the people and posts that you’ve followed).
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As those of you who visit the site regularly already know, I sometimes like to help promote projects that involve members of our community. Today I have two such promos for you – a book and a film – as well as a request for some input on a new part of the site.

First, let’s talk about the community projects.

The Thing That Stalks The Fields Film

With author David Feuling’s permission, a group of filmmakers is working on taking the popular pasta The Thing That Stalks The Fields from a story to a full-blown movie. I feel this is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll just let the project-runners themselves do the talking:

The Story
The film follows a young man, John, who inherits a farm from his estranged father.

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The submission form is once again open and ready for your stories!

The July/August submission period will run from July 5, 2014 – August 20, 2014.

If you did not receive a reply to your submission from the April/May period, your story was rejected. Do not to submit comments or contact requests asking for your old submission’s status. Please take the time to look at your story with a critical eye and re-work any issues before resubmitting. Remember, simply re-submitting a rejected story without any edits will not accomplish anything beyond netting yourself a ban when I notice that you’re spamming the same rejected story over and over.… Read the rest

Just a few things!

First things first, apparently the rumour mill somehow activated and started spreading that all the Creepypasta websites were closing down. I’m really not sure who started that rumour or where it’s being spread, but as far as I’m aware it has no merit. I’d already stated that I wasn’t shutting down, just taking a break from posting new stories – both out of respect for the victim and out of concern for the authors. While the incident attracted plenty of people who were merely concerned or checking out what the whole Slenderman panic was about, it also brought in a LOT of trolls who were attempting to leave really obscene, nasty comments on pretty much whichever story they happened to land on first.… Read the rest

I’ve been asked to help spread the word about what I hope will be a very successful and important charity project. I think that the primary organizers have done an excellent job expressing their motivation and goal, so without further ado:

On June 1st, a young girl was stabbed in the Wisconsin community of Waukesha. This terrible act was perpetrated by two of her peers and alleged friends.The assailants claimed that the attack was attributed to summoning Slender-man in the nearby forest and wanting to become proxies. The horrific crime has left the girl in stable condition in a hospital. This was a terrible tragedy and should not have happened.… Read the rest

I’ve recently been alerted to the horrific events that took place in Wisconsin.

I’ve received both messages of concern and blame, and while it seems that the Creepypasta Wiki is bearing the brunt of media attention and finger-pointing, I feel it’s necessary for me to make a statement.

First and most importantly, my condolences go out to all the families involved. I cannot even imagine how painful and confusing and awful this has to be for them. I don’t have children, but I can imagine how my mother would feel if something like this happened to me, and it absolutely breaks my heart to even consider her having to go through that.… Read the rest

First things first, since people have been asking me this non-stop since the instant that submissions closed last month: the next submission period will be from July 5th to August 20th. So everyone please focus on your exams and other end-of-school responsibilities, you’ll have most of summer break to get your submissions in!

Also look for the book club we discussed in this post to go live somewhere in mid-June, along with (finally) another give-away! While the raffle prizes have already been chosen, feel free to weigh in with suggestions for “inspiration” book sources for the club in the comments either here or on the original post.… Read the rest

Hey everyone! I have a couple things that I wanted to get community input on, so let’s get right to business.

First: When is summer break for most of you? Just like last year, I don’t want to reopen submissions until everyone is finished with final exams and all the other end-of-the-school-year business. If you guys are even a quarter as distraction-prone as I was during school, I figure it’s just better to not have “I need to get this story finished before submissions close!” as a temptation or excuse to put off studying. I’d appreciate some idea of when school lets out this year for most of you as well as when it starts back up at the end of summer.… Read the rest

If you were around on April Fool’s Day, you probably noticed that – in addition to a large amount of parodypasta showing up – commenters were temporarily given the ability to ‘modify’ everyone’s favorite Crappypasta spin-off fodder, Jeff the Killer himself.

As promised, here’s the round-up of everyone’s submitted Jeff edits. I don’t believe that I missed anyone, but if I somehow skipped your image, I’m sorry!

Click on a thumbnail to see the full size; the name in the caption is the handle of the commenter who posted the image in question.

I hope that you guys had fun making these, and Happy April Fool’s Day!… Read the rest

The backlog has been fully processed. If you did not receive a reply and you checked ‘yes’ on Crappypasta, it’s likely that one of the following things occured:

  1. You entered your email address incorrectly/your email account was full when I tried to email you and let you know of your submission status. Please do a search with some text from your pasta to see if it was uploaded to either site before you resubmit. The search bar is at the top of the sidebar.
  2. Your pasta was deemed over the line and rejected entirely. To play it safe: if your story involved abuse of any kind, pornographic content, racist/homophobic/sexist themes and language, obvious trolls or attempts at targeting myself or another community member, or anything else that we cover in the FAQ as possibly overstepping the bounds of what I’m willing to consider, DO ME A GREAT FAVOR AND DO NOT RESUBMIT THAT STORY.
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First off, submissions will re-open on March 20th and remain open until April 15th. I’ll make another announcement when I’ve completed scheduling and replying to all the sorted submissions, as per usual.

Please note that if you have chosen to hold back your parodypasta submissions until the last possible moment for whatever reason, if you want ANY chance at getting your story included in this year’s April 1st Parodypasta collection, you must submit your parodypasta BEFORE the end of March.

Now, on to the actual meat of this post:


It’s December 15th, and that means that submissions are now open! I apologize for the longer-than-usual closed period, but it was a combination of factors: I had more submissions to go through than ever before, and I wanted to keep submissions closed during final exam season so that I didn’t add to the pressure in any way.

Submissions will remain open until January 10, 2014. If you don’t get your story finished by then, please don’t rush and submit it before you’re completely happy with it – there is no real deadline here, since we will have many more open submission periods in the future.… Read the rest

Submissions have re-opened as of this posting, but I just wanted to mention a few things:

  • This submission period will run from September 20, 2013 – October 10, 2013.
  • All submissions from the July 2013 submission period have been processed. If you received no response and you checked yes on Crappypasta, feel free to resubmit at this time – with one caveat:
    • If you did not receive a reply for your pasta, PLEASE check Crappypasta before resubmitting. It might just be the increased number of submissions skewing my perception, but it feels like a huge amount of you guys entered your email addresses incorrectly this time around.
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Two quick announcements – some community members have created some exciting new things that we all thought the general Creepypasta population might be interested in hearing about!

Some vets (StupidDialUp, Dave Taylor) and a group of excellent writers called The Assembly have released an e-book anthology of horror microfiction. Monday, August 12, they are having a free download promotional period on so let’s show our community members some support!

Link to book: Anecdotes in Ashes

Anecdotes in Ashes Cover

Here are all the authors involved (and their reddit profiles):

B.C. Lawson (/u/NobleCeltic)
Case by Case (/u/CaseByCase)
Straydog1980 (/u/straydog1980)
Grakmarr (/u/Grakmarr)
Mucalling (/u/mucalling)
StupidDialUp (/u/StupidDialUp)
IPostAtMidnight (/u/IPostAtMidnight)
Edwin Crowe (/u/ecrowe)
T.W.… Read the rest

First off: this post is ONLY related to those of you who were still waiting on a response from the April/May submission period. If you only recently submitted during the July open period, none of this applies to you and you do not need to do anything. I hope that is clear enough.

As of this morning, everyone who is currently in the crappypasta queue (just shy of one thousand of you!) has been sent the following form letter:

This is just a quick note letting you know that your pasta has been, as per your selections during the submission process, slated for posting on
Due to the high volume of pastas in the crappypasta queue, it may take a few weeks for your pasta to show up on the site.
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If you are waiting on a reply for a submission or are planning on submitting come July 1, please read this. JUMP TO THE BOTTOM TO SEE UPDATES.

As some of you have already surmised by what I’ve said over on Crappypasta and my limited activity in the various comments sections recently, I’ve been busy and haven’t been able to give the site as much attention as usual. That said, I’m still on here every day moderating comments and getting pastas scheduled, so on that front you guys won’t notice any difference.

For those of you who are worried, yes, submissions will still reopen on July 1.… Read the rest

After some recent suggestions, I’ve added some new features to the comments sections. I just wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know what exactly has been added and some details on how some of the functions work.

  • You may now preview your comment in real time as you’re writing it. This means that you can make sure your comment is formatted properly and that any html tags you’re trying to use are correct. Note that there’s also a spellcheck button (the green checkmark), which you are encouraged to use if you tend to struggle with that sort of thing.
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Since many of you seem to be confused: in my time zone, it is April 1st. This is known as April Fool’s Day in many countries around the world. As a number of you seem to find this a strange and new concept, here you go:

April Fools’ Day is celebrated in many countries on April 1 every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other.

The earliest recorded association between April 1 and foolishness is an ambiguous reference in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (1392).Read the rest

Here’s the current situation: due to certain circumstances, I am mostly reading submissions via a tablet right now. This makes it pretty easy to get through submissions, but getting them scheduled/pasted to crappypasta/replied to is definitely better suited to be done at a desktop. For the next few days, I’ll still be mostly using said tablet, so I’m focusing on just reading and sorting, reading and sorting – well, truthfully, there’s not much more to be done on that particular side of things.

In the next week, you should all expect to get responses if your pasta was approved or if it made it on to Crappypasta.… Read the rest

This website contains fictional content that may be too scary for younger readers. Please verify that you are either at least 18 years of age or have parental permission before proceeding.