Sunday, February 17, 2019
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  1. Creak ★ 9.56 Rating (16 votes)
  2. Colorado Fishing Trip ★ 9.54 Rating (24 votes)
  3. The Maid ★ 9.53 Rating (19 votes)
  4. Ubloo, Part Five ★ 9.47 Rating (15 votes)
  5. Nihil ★ 9.46 Rating (13 votes)
  6. The Well ★ 9.46 Rating (24 votes)
  7. Human Nature ★ 9.46 Rating (54 votes)
  8. Bedtime II: The Aftermath ★ 9.45 Rating (22 votes)
  9. Never Answer the Door at Night ★ 9.45 Rating (22 votes)
  10. Another Fairy Tale ★ 9.44 Rating (25 votes)

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    I watched the blood as it trickled across the slick wooden floor, as it began to hide under the furniture, as it began to spread and draw closer to me, inch by inch…

    I was always a curious man… Was it wrong to peek? I thought not. Maybe I had been wrong… What good has come of this corpse that lay here before me? Yet, I have no regrets… I’ve regretted everything. I no longer wish to let myself become lost in such emotions. The deed has been done.


    No, I must have been right. It was not wrong to peek… It was wrong to open the door as I have now. The door of knowledge has always been there, waiting for me… Who knew it could cause this? Still, I will carry on… This sudden insight is confusing. I will learn to master my knowledge…

    The blood that has been shed by my hands is no longer relevant. Nothing in this physical realm is relevant. I must understand what is yet to be understood by any other being. I will be patient and carry on…

    I let the blood reach me… I watched it while it dried and ceased its journey across this unfamiliar place. The blood’s journey was irrelevant, unlike what I must soon experience. I left him there, to make my own journeys across these many unfamiliar places…

    Am I mad?

    Possibly. Although… I could never quite say what madness was.

    Credit To: Mitchell

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  11. They Just Won’t Move ★ 8 Rating (10 votes)
  12. I Believe in the One ★ 8.04 Rating (75 votes)
  13. Monstruo ★ 8.18 Rating (83 votes)
  14. The Valentine House ★ 5.32 Rating (91 votes)
  15. Box Fort ★ 8.89 Rating (213 votes)
  16. Give It Everything ★ 8.07 Rating (111 votes)
  17. Trailer ★ 8.53 Rating (219 votes)
  18. Drippy ★ 6.69 Rating (180 votes)
  19. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 9.02 Rating (233 votes)
  20. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.99 Rating (144 votes)