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About The Site

CREEPYPASTA.COM is a collection of various paranormal/scary short stories. I didn’t write any of these; many of them were anonymously published on the 4chan imageboards. Eventually, the site began accepting direct submissions, and now we only post content that has been sent to us by its author.

If you would like to submit your own creepypasta to be archived here, I’ll be more than happy to credit you when I post it.

This website exists as an archive of my personal favorite creepy stories; while a few other collections of “creepypasta” exist, I wanted to try and make a more comprehensive collection that would be searchable and easy to navigate.

Site-related contact info is as follows – Any suggestions, submissions, and comments are all welcome, though keep in mind that I will not open submissions sent as attachments:
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This website contains fictional content that may be too scary for younger readers. Please verify that you are either at least 18 years of age or have parental permission before proceeding.