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A Perfect Pair

October 31, 2012 Strange and Unexplained
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  1. The Favor – Part One ★ 9.53 Rating (19 votes)
  2. Oppression ★ 9.5 Rating (14 votes)
  3. A Sailor Without Two Coins ★ 9.44 Rating (18 votes)
  4. The Fort ★ 9.41 Rating (22 votes)
  5. What Do You Like About Playing Under the Bed? ★ 9.3 Rating (37 votes)
  6. Bedtime II: The Aftermath ★ 9.29 Rating (24 votes)
  7. Red Lights ★ 9.29 Rating (17 votes)
  8. Hide ★ 9.28 Rating (18 votes)
  9. Bedtime III: My Fears Realised ★ 9.28 Rating (18 votes)
  10. My Face ★ 9.28 Rating (18 votes)

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    I’m so tired of this. You are in and out, sometimes completely ignoring me, sometimes just staring at me for extended periods of time. You study me, like I’m the one who will give you answers; I’m the one who will save you. The thing is, I think I can. I want to pull you in to my world and take you away from all the things that hurt you. I can’t count the number of times I have seen you weep, and I can’t help but do the same. When you are sad, I am sad…..when you smile, I smile. No one knows you the way that I do, and no one has seen what I’ve seen. Who else could watch you throw up and still want to be with you? You even squeeze pimples when I’m around. That is an indication of intimacy, of true loyalty, of pure companionship. Before you left this morning, you spent a long time looking into my eyes, and not saying a word. Your eyes…..they told me everything I needed to hear. You feel the same, I know it. You adore me the way I adore you, on the border of obsession. Your eyes do not lie. We are kindred spirits; in essence we are twins, deserving of a lifetime together, an existence devoid of harsh reality. I can take you there. In fact, I have decided that tonight is the night. Tonight is the night that I come to set you free, to set us free. I have waited long enough. Tonight, as you sleep, I will slide out from within the mirror and bring you back with me into my beautiful oblivion…..

    Credit To: Anonymous

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  11. They Just Won’t Move ★ 7.97 Rating (146 votes)
  12. I Believe in the One ★ 8.28 Rating (170 votes)
  13. Monstruo ★ 8.25 Rating (128 votes)
  14. The Valentine House ★ 5.16 Rating (112 votes)
  15. Box Fort ★ 8.87 Rating (261 votes)
  16. Give It Everything ★ 8.1 Rating (125 votes)
  17. Trailer ★ 8.46 Rating (240 votes)
  18. Drippy ★ 6.68 Rating (195 votes)
  19. I Hunt Down the Government’s Mistakes ★ 8.94 Rating (260 votes)
  20. Patron of the Arts ★ 7.99 Rating (149 votes)