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Rain fell in small silver pools in the bottoms of potholes that lined the city roads, and bejeweled the apartment windows with tiny liquid beads. On her wooden desk, old turpentine-soaked rags and crusted paintbrushes cluttered the space. The room was dim, except for a light that was clamped on her easel, pointed toward an empty canvas. As her paintbrush danced across the canvas, leaving behind thick globs of color, she began to feel disheartened. On this day, she was particularly uninspired by the still life of plastic fruits and glass bottles she had set up on the window sill. Art was the coals that fed the flames in Julianne’s soul.… Read the rest

I really need to let this out. I can’t bear to live with what happened that night anymore. Every time I close my eyes I can see the death in her eyes, and the malice in his. I had just recently moved out to Scotland with my fiancé. We had moved to a beautiful town in the North called Elgin. We were two weeks in. Everything was going well, we had settled in just fine. We thought we were going to live a long, happy life here. Oh how wrong we were.

On the third week, strange things started happening to us on one night that would change our lives.… Read the rest

I was usually the type to stay out of trouble and away from danger but Jim on the other hand, was the rebellious type. Usually a long-time friend can pursued you into doing pretty much anything, and Jim was the master when it came to that.

Jim and I had been friends since we were two years young, now a decade has passed and we’ve stuck by each other’s sides ever since then. We went on adventures just about every day. Sometimes they got us into trouble but for the most part Jim respected and understood my “play it safe” way of life.… Read the rest

Funny how things can change, isn’t it?

I’m a careless person.  I leave things for weeks at a time, and sometimes never come back to them at all.  There are things I’ve lost in my own bedroom that I gave up searching for years ago.  It’s not that my bedroom is particularly big or messy, just that I really have a hard time keeping track of anything.  Sometimes my losing things seems to be almost supernatural.  Once, as a test, I placed a fork (something easily noticeable) alone in a cardboard box on the floor of my room.  I didn’t pay it any mind for a week or so; then, upon checking the box, I was startled to see it had vanished.  … Read the rest

Vincent Cox turned off the lights in his hardware store. He zipped up his black, fleece jacket and walked out into the cold, lonely night. He fumbled for the keys in the pocket of his jeans shivering slightly. He finally fished a rusted, copper key and locked the front entrance door. He sighed and started to walk home.

As he was walking down the sidewalk something in the sidewalk glinted dully catching his eye. Next to a sewage drainage was a small black ball. He curiously shuffled over to the ball, knelt down and touched the ball. There was gust of cold wind and Vincent shivered and glanced nervously behind him.… Read the rest

The following is based on true events.

On October 31th 2004, it was reported that 6 young adults had perished on the Uhkaava mountain pass in the northern wilderness of Finland. News reports excerpts stated “… four males and two females tragically lost their lives following an expedition… made the discovery 50km southeast of Ivalo… [believed] to have perished following unfavourable [weather] conditions…”.

The news reports did not delve into details regarding the specifics of the tragedy. Grieving family and friends of the deceased were informed by investigators that the group had got into difficultly during the early hours of Wednesday 27th October after a small avalanche descended onto their camp.… Read the rest

You’re working alone in the office late one night when you hear the old fax machine start running. Surprised, you go to check what has printed to see a photo of the building you are working in taken from across the street with your office light the only one on. The photo is time stamped at one hour ago. Unusual, but easily explained you thought as you return to your desk to finalize your work so you could get home soon.

Back at your desk, you hear the sound of the fax machine starting up again. Annoyed by the interruption you go over to check it only to see a photo of the inside of the building, time stamped 30 minutes ago.… Read the rest

First of all, I want to stress the fact that this is a real happening. This is not some story written to get what I write on to a public medium. I am only doing this because I think the story needs to be told. The events that I am about to describe took place by the account of my brother in law. All I have is his story and the fear on his face when he entered my house that afternoon in the fall of 2007. The story is as follows.

My sister, along with her new husband and child, had just moved into a house about a half a mile down the road from my own.… Read the rest

It was 9:30 P.M on a Sunday night and I had only just left work. There was a mountain of paperwork sat at my desk that had to be completed for Monday morning, but I knew that it couldn’t be done. I’d already given up my entire weekend, so it was difficult to find the energy to worry. I had grown bored of my job now anyway, so I didn’t really care what my boss said; I just needed a beer. I wandered out of the office doors, through the car park and made my way down the darkened road. Then like that, I was free.… Read the rest

It had started in the farthest corner of my apartment; first as only the slightest hint of coppery red, before oozing from the ceiling and down the wall. I stumbled towards it, tripping over a laundry hamper and knocking it to the floor. It was funny looking, really. Against the yellowing wall paper, it looked almost like a rookie’s graffiti, still fresh and drying. I lifted a hand to touch it, but thought better. Up this close, the stench was overwhelming like when the sink clogs and you pull out the stopper to find an enormous glob of hair. A smell mixed between bile and ammonia, a nauseous wave swept over me attempting to pull up last week’s dinner.… Read the rest

I tense up at the sudden noise from my headphones that breaks the silence in my dorm room. It takes a while, but I adjust to the noise, letting the video play out with mild interest. My stomach growls harshly, I should get something to eat from the basement. I glance at the clock; 3:06 a.m. About bedtime, Kyle. I think to myself.

I roll over after laying my laptop aside and cover my tired eyes, only more tired by the effects of the glare from a computer screen that has shone into them for hours. The covers are warm against me, and my roommate’s steady breathing adds more white noise to the air conditioning unit above my bed.… Read the rest

We recently moved into this little house in a small, quiet town in Maine. It’s not like I wanted to go, but I guess it was okay because I think I needed a change from the city life.

The day we arrived at the house, I was actually pretty excited. It was a small cottage-type house, and it felt really cozy. My parents had bought the house without letting me see it, so this was my first time inside it.

My mom immediately showed me over to one of those large fireplaces that older houses used to have in the kitchen for cooking and warming the room.… Read the rest

…until January 15th, 2013. Then the form will be closed again (I am not sure how long the closed period will be next time, as it will depend on how many submissions have come through and how far in advance we’re scheduled at the time of closure).

The new submission form is up and running, and after a small hiccup where I discovered it was actively removing formatting from submissions (so everything was looking wall’o’texty – I mentioned it on twitter, but if you were one of the few who submitted in the first 30 minutes after midnight EST, please resubmit as the form totally broke your submissions and made them ugly), it seems to be functioning properly now.… Read the rest

A thousand miles away, there is an attic. No one knows about the attic, for a very good reason. If you were to stand outside the building the attic is in, you’d be hard pressed to find the courage to enter the crumbling, ragged building. Outside, on a plaque that’s been torn at and faded by wind and water, is the origin of the reason no one enters. “Quiet Acres Mental Institution,” it reads. Many of the letters are gone. If you were to walk inside the creaking, boarded up door, you’d be met with darkness. A single candle lights by an unseen hand, and the wind blows the door closed behind you.… Read the rest

“The world is indeed comic,
but the joke is on mankind.”
–       H.P. Lovecraft

My town has gained some notoriety in recent weeks. Maybe you’ve heard about the strange electrical storm that showed up in Charlottesville, N.C. overnight and then disappeared just as quick, or maybe you’ve read in the paper about the sudden outbreak of mental illness and cerebral aneurysms. Don’t worry though if you haven’t been keeping up with the crackpot news outlets, I’ll fill you in. How do I know so much about this? Well, let’s just say I was there.

For starters, the only reason I moved to this God awful backwater hell in the first place was because my career choice made employment somewhat difficult to find.… Read the rest

I’ve always gotten scared of the dark easily. Maybe it was the stories my older brother used to tell me when we were little. Always explaining in-depth how there were monsters under my bed, and how if I left my closet open at night, I would be dragged screaming into the darkness.

Looking back now, I can see how foolish I must have looked to my parents. Such as peeing in the bed, the first time my night-light had burnt out. Or the time I had gathered all the pillows in the house to build a fortress, which I then defended with a flashlight and plastic hockey-stick.… Read the rest

I love creepy pastas. And chances are that if you are reading this so do you. I’ve been into them for about a year now and like most the community enjoy the sudden jolt a well-cooked piece of pasta can provide. The way a perception can be built up in a mere couple of sentences, then be violently smashed down. I’ve appreciated all the classics, from “Noend House” and “Candle Cove”, to the secrets of the Holder series.

I heard about a group of guys recently that kept talking about wanting to take their pasta to the “next level”. The kind of story that changes you as a person, gives you a new outlook on life.… Read the rest

It’s that kind of evening. The foggy, humid winter evening. It’s the kind where everyone else curls up in their blankets next to the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate, or gathers around the table, laughing and joking, with glasses of mimosa.  Except for me. This evening, for some reason, I need to be alone.

The only sounds I hear are my own footsteps, plodding slowly, one after the other, through the slushy mixture of snow and mud, as well as the constant, irregular pitter-patter of water droplets falling from the tree branches.  Other than that, the air seems utterly still, silent, and dismally cold.  … Read the rest

It was a regular Friday night and I was up late chatting to my friend Bradley on this virtual chat room we had found online. He told me and the other guys who we had just met, that he was able to stay up as late as he wanted, because his parents were away until the weekend and he had the house to himself. We stayed on there for a few hours having fun with these random people, and I noticed Bradley had taken a liking to one girl in particular. Soon enough, my mum began calling out for me to go to sleep.… Read the rest

It was July the 2nd, 1998 when she first appeared. A slight, pale woman with large black rings around her eyes, thin, hollow cheek bones and hair like matted wire. I watched from the front desk everyday as she flitted up to the window, stared into the police station and repeatedly tapped her bony fingers against the glass.

I’d been drafted to the small seaside town of Gentry less than a month ago and not a day had gone by without the woman appearing at the window, sometimes for hours on end. I’d asked a couple of my superiors what she was doing but they merely avoided my eyes and told me not to pry into private affairs.… Read the rest

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