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December 5, 2012


I have just escaped death, and from what I can tell I am one of three to do so at this point in time. I have had to re-live one year of my life in order to do so, thanks to The Teacher. You see, I was dying. I had a tumour in my brain, and had been living in a hospital for the last three weeks. Doctors had discovered that it had gotten too large to surgically remove without killing me or having severe brain damage, so I accepted dying without operation.

As I was lying there, I thought about how I was going to die, so I tried to make the best of the situation.… Read the rest

Poem of fractured mind
Doctors and nurses digging through my head
Stitching through psyche like needle through thread
Picking through all of the places in mind
Searching for something that they’ll never find
Looking for feelings and workings and cures
They think they can help me…
But they can’t, I am sure.

They think ink blots and head shocks will break down my chains
But these only bring physical, additional pain
I can’t understand what they hope to achieve
My confessions and stories that they won’t believe
And if they won’t listen then what shall I do?
The voices in my head provide no help to.… Read the rest

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